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com.androbaby.voicechanger 2.6
- Robot, telephone, wolf, old radio and more interesting soundeffects. - Record your voice and apply funny effects! - Share yourmodified voice with friends. - Colorful and fun design - Save yourrecordings and listen them anytime. Funny Effects: - normal - lazy- echo - monster - chipmunk - helium - hexafluoride - alien - robot- old radio - chorus - trembling - fast - kid - smurf - bee -bathroom - death - backwards - underwater - telephone - spacestation - wolf
com.kidsappbox.kidslearninggame 1.8
Kids Learning Game is an all-in-one app for preschool andkindergarten kids! There are 10 different carefully createdcategories. The categories of kids learning app includes pre klearning games, nursery games and preshool educational games forkids. -Features of Learning Apps for Kids- - Numbers flashcards andcounting game: Pre-K kids will learn numbers up to twelve andpractice them with the counting game. - Alphabet flashcards: Allletters in the alphabet is presented with items havingcorresponding initial letters. Toddlers or kindergarteners canlearn English alphabet with alphabet teaching app. - Colors andshapes flashcards: Toddlers will learn basic colors and shapes withthese baby flash cards. This section is a part of KindergartenLearning Apps. - Memory matching game: Preschool kids will makebrain exercise by playing memory matching game with letters,numbers or shapes. Your child will love interactive learning gamesfor kids. - Practice items game: Toddlers will practice by tryingto find the correct letters, numbers, shapes or colors. Thissection is a critical part of early childhood education. - Monthsand days flashcards: 12 months and 7 days are included with cutethemes. This section is one part of nursery games. - Coloring book:Kindergarten kids will draw on empty canvas or on carefully createdshapes. They can use various colors for drawing and can save theirdrawings. This section is a doodle for kids. If your child loveskids games then will definetly love kids learning box, one of thebest learning games for kids. Coloring pages are from:
Kids Construction Puzzles: Mr. Bear & Friends 1.2
Who doesn't want to help such a cute bear?Join the journey of Mr.Bear and his friends and help them to construct a wonderful town inforest! Learning has never been so fun! Mr. Bear and Friends is apuzzle game, an educational adventure, for toddlers of age 2 andup.This game assists kids to practice the concept of searching,matching, and classifying.As role models in daily routine,characters in this game guide kids to obtain empathy, meanwhilelearn how to help others in a joyful way! Our cute friends, wholive in the forest, have all kinds of tasks; building nests,setting up houses, planting flowers, and gardening. In themeantime, they never forget to celebrate their hardworking withice-creams and jokes. As well, they enjoy their rest of day on aroller-coaster ride! Features: -12 deliberately designedinteractive mini-game boards -100% age proper environment; Noadvertisements -Fascinating story lines -Engaging cartoon graphicsand endearing characters -Developmental levels in game boardsStrengthening following skills: - Sorting and pairing objects bysize - Fine motor skills and coordination - Concentration - Visualperception
Kids Jigsaw Puzzles: Farm Animals & Vehicles 4.0
Welcome to the friendly farm! This is a very special "jigsaw puzzlestory" farm where only kids can go! All the characters in the farmwill come to life after kids complete the puzzle! They will meetthe most friendly animals here - cow, sheep, chickens, horse, cat,little piggies and more! They will visit an orchard, strawberrygardens, farm machines and explore the life in farm! The intricatecombination of animations and jigsaw puzzles and story lines makesthis App simply unique and educative! Features: - Charming farmrhymes after solving each puzzle - 13 Jigsaw Puzzles with amazinghand-drawn farm graphics - 3 Different levels of puzzles: 6, 12, 24puzzle pieces - Simple and easy interface for kids from 2 to 8years old - Lovely animations after completing puzzles - Real, highquality sounds of farm animals and machines - Kid-FriendlyEnvironment- No ADS, no time limits etc. - Easy and Hard puzzlemodes. - In-app purchases math lock - A great bedtime story forkids - Designed as an educational tool for kids Helps to develop:-Cognitive skills -Fine motor skills -Patience and ability to focusIf you have an idea to make "The Friendly Farm" a better app,please contact us. As parents ourselves, we take children'swellness and joy very seriously. All ideas and suggestions arewelcome!
com.e3games.numbercoloring.pixelart 1.4
Enjoy number coloring and creating anti-stress pixel art with PixelDraw! Color by number game is popular among children and adults andit is totally free! Choose a color from the palette and touch to adesired cell. You can recolor wrong color blocks. You can hold andswipe on a pixel to make a faster coloring. Zoom on the image tocolor the details. Whenever you want to relax and develop yourconcentration, open Pixel Draw and start drawing. You will find somany free and fascinating pictures in Pixel Draw, like flowers,mandalas, animals, and faces, which are for both adults and kids.Excellent features: - All Free: Hundreds of pixel images are freeto color. - Easy to color: color pages according to numbers and thehighlighted area. - Daily update: new pictures will be updatedevery day. Check the app for new arrivals and start coloring. -Share with others: share with family and friends on Instagram,Facebook or other social platforms.
com.kidsappbox.firstwordsforbaby 2.0
First Words Baby Games is designed as a baby book to help babies,toddlers and preschool kids expand their vocabulary and learn newwords, discover new sounds while they play. If your child likesbaby learning games you will love this educational baby app withmore than 350 carefully selected words in 32 categories designed asa baby book. 1. Baby learning apps with first words -> 10 babyflash cards and more than 120 words(Numbers, Shapes, Colors,Sleeping Time, What I Do?, Clothes, Food, At Park, Eating Time,Bath Time and Toys). 2. Games for babies with first animals -> 8animal flash cards and more than 80 animals(Baby Animals, In theForest, Pets, Creepy Crawlies, Safari Animals, Water Lovers, Birds,Farm Animals). 3. Baby learning apps with first vehicles -> 8vehicle flash cards and more than 90 vehicles(air vehicles, farmvehicles, space and military, emergency vehicles, water vehicles,street vehicles, sport vehicles, construction vehicles ). 4. Gamesfor babies with first foods -> 6 food flash cards and more than90 foods (fruits, vegetables, drinks, breakfast, meals, desserts ).Recommended if your are looking for: - Baby apps for 1 year oldsand games for baby 1 years old - Games for babies for 1 to 2 yearolds to and toddler games free for 1 years old. Preschool games forlittle kids are ideal for preschool and kindergarten learning!