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Free4u 2.9.5
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三國異誌 1.8
揉合嶄新陣法系統和策略為氣勢磅礡的三國史實背景注入神秘的魔幻元素,逾百名造型各異的人氣武將及魔獸頭目,加上細緻日式畫風及戰鬥特效。在GooglePlay Store 免費下載!遊戲特色- 九宮陣法:點連相同武器(短劍、蛇矛、弓弩或羽扇)發動攻勢,連結武器越多攻擊力越強!- 80+三國經典武將,各有不同主將技能及主動技能,必要時候發能動能助你逆轉乾坤!- 武將可三段進化,配備更強戰鬥裝備,領悟更多必殺陣法!- 逾140種不同造型魔獸,28位實力強大夢魘頭目,還有青龍、朱雀、白虎、玄武四大屬性,各有特殊攻擊技能- 劇情分為16個歷史章節48場戰役,等著你來挑戰!完成戰役獲得豐富獎勵,殲滅頭目還有機會獲得新武將!- 32種合成材料,強化和進化武將必備- 廣邀好友加入戰鬥,好友更會在任務中現身支援- 每星期開放五天限時任務,更可贏得稀有材料!- 超炫目戰鬥技能發動效果,日式細膩畫風完美融合三國波瀾壯闊的戰場背景- 穿越中國史詩巨著,匯合創新豐富的魔幻元素!Matrix method combinesinnovative systems and policies for the magnificent backdrop of theThree Kingdoms historical facts injected into the mysteriousmagical elements, over a hundred different styles of populargenerals and leaders of Warcraft, with delicate Japanese style andbattle effects. Download the Google Play Store for free!Game Features- JiuGongTu matrix method: point even the same weapons (dagger, YiMao, crossbow or lupine) offensive, the more links, the strongerweapon attack!- 80 + classic three generals, each with different skills andactive skills Lord, when necessary, can help you reverse the hairdynamic universe!- Generals can evolve three sections, with more combat equipment,tactical deployment kill comprehend more!- Over 140 different shapes of Warcraft, 28 powerful chieftainsnightmare, and Dragon, Red Phoenix, White Tiger, basaltic fourproperties, each with a special attack skills- The history of the story is divided into 16 chapters 48 battle,waiting for you to challenge! Completion of the campaign to getrich rewards, as well as access to new leaders annihilationgenerals!- 32 kinds of synthetic materials, essential to strengthen andevolve generals- Invite a friend to join the battle, but will show up to supportfriends in the task- Open five days per week limited task, it can win rarematerials!- Ultra dazzling fighting skills to launch effect, the perfectfusion of style Japanese delicate three magnificent battlefieldbackground- Crossing the Chinese epic masterpiece, the confluence ofinnovative rich magical elements!