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Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows 1.6.14
- Play through 90 levels! - Find out what happened to the cat. -Challenging physics based gameplay. - Beautiful and colourfulminimalistic world. - Only 8 ads in the entire game and no in apppurchases! Cats are Liquid - A Light in the Shadows is a 2Dplatformer about a cat with the ability to transform into liquid.The game has 90 levels, that are spread across 9 different worlds.It has a minimalistic but colorful style. Along the way the gameintroduces new mechanics, like flying and summoning bombs to breakdown walls. The story is about a cat whose owner locked her in aset of rooms. She desperately wants to get out, but the rooms justkeep continuing. Along the way the cat meets a new "friend" andgains new abilities. The story is told through small in game textpieces. The latest news about the game can be found on the@lastquarterdev Twitter feed. #CatsAreLiquid on Twitter
Cats are Liquid - A Better Place 1.1.6
Cats are Liquid - A Better Place is a 2D platformer about a liquidcat and her friends. You play as the cat, in a place created justfor you and your friends. You get to go on a nice adventure withthem where nothing goes wrong and everything is perfect, as long asyour friends stay there, right by your side. Over the course of thegame, you get to explore 120 rooms and discover new abilities likethe hookshot and light burst. A world editor is included. This gamecontains dark story elements, including strong feelings ofabandonment and detachment from reality. This game is not forchildren.