LeftRight التطبيقات

Star Knight 2.0.2
Easy games are no fun! If you are tired of meaningless automaticactions, Star Knight is the perfect game for you! A fantasticbalance between gorgeous graphics, adventure, and action, challengeyourself to the high level action platform game, Star Knight! Thepeaceful planet Gaon is under attack by hordes of monsters, andDark Dragon Nidhogg took away the sun. Can the knight ‘Naro’overcome the challenges ahead and bring back peace? * Complete thebeautiful yet different stages! - Try again and again to reach theobjective of stages full of various terrain and unique traps. -Defeat increasingly powerful and diverse enemies. You will berewarded with satisfying hits during your attack! - Overcome bosseswith special and powerful patterns and claim your reward! * Collectand grow your character! - Purchase powerful weapons with the coinsyou’ve collected! Better swords can contain more skills. - Collectrunes to claim more powerful and impressive skills. - Find hiddenitems and jewel chests. Your character will become more powerful! *Participate in the competitive arena mode! - Fight as you wish inthe simple stages of arena mode, and claim coins! - Survive theendless wave of enemies as long as you can and compete with otherplayers!
Left Right 1.2.4
Simple but inescapable timing actiongameCollecting cute robots to save the earth, let's do left right!Timing action game touching left & right to overwhelmthevarious enemies!- Enjoy make it easier using items! Jump!- Allocate various robots of cheering with stronger items!CheerUp!- With exciting multi-kill, collecting coins andremovingstress!- Panta! Acheive some goals to level up and get some wantedrobotsfor free!The fierce battles of robots, to save the Earth, is started!If you want more Information, click this facebook page.https://www.facebook.com/lnrgame
Flip : Surfing Colors 0.5.0
Let's get started skateboarding in the famous cities in the world.The cities are beautifully colored and you can break the colors ofobstacles with full of thrills! Compete your ultimate speed withyour friends and, of course, win them over! Main Features: + Smoothand realistic skateboard-experienced based on physics of how actualskateboard works + Rich, fantastic and dreamy themes with full ofcolors inspired by global cities + Sophisticated challenges withcolor blocks, so overcome yourself! + Diverse skate-boards andcharacters Tips: + Check the pose of diverse characters when theyjump in the map + Collect more coins with combos and boosts (Findout how to combos and boosts!) + Collect the pieces of masterpiecesfrom every cities then make them all + Complete the mission thenreceive the rewards
Slam IO 0.1.3
Let’s get started, very Brand-NEW multi-play game with you friends!Control the wrestlers who become small balls, and compete yourfriends. Be the final and BEST in diverse theme maps!! MainFeatures: * Multi-play game based on real-physics * Bunch ofadorable characters * Play with your actual friends * Challengingfive maps * Compete with up to 10 players Tips: * Level-up andunlock more characters * Invite your friends then compete withglobal players * You can play it even in offline