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TakeDown: Override 7.307.1
Legenetic Studio
TakeDown: Override, A successful 2d Topdownshooter that combines all elements of how a shooterplays.Perfect for both phones and tablets> Choose your weapon of choice> perks to give you a tactical advantage> Snipe Or UpClose Shooting> Beautiful 2d Graphics> ScoreStreaks, call in a airstrike , get in avehicle,Commandeer a TANK!> See how you progress> Fast Paced MultiplayerShoot your way to the top online immersive multiplayer, showoffyour skills, tactics and Guns.every thing is DESTRUCTIBLE, destroy entire buildings keepshootingat walls so bullets go throughtake cover and open fire with Online Playersgame is currently in beta to add loads of more guns, andbringOperators too give a more tactical advantagesGame modes and overall best experience.