100 Wrestlers - Trivia Quiz 1.07
Test your wrestling knowledge and see ifyoucan you guess the wrestler using just five facts:√ Height√ Weight√ Location√ Finishing Move√ Championships HistoryIncludes a wide range wrestlers from current SuperstarsandDiva’s to the Hall of Fame Legends.Need help with a answer?√ Use the expose a letter to show a letter that is part oftheanswer√ Use remove letter to remove a letter that is not part oftheanswer√ Ask friends for help via social network like FacebookorTwitterThis is a revolution in the classic 4 Words 1 Pic game stylelikeIconmania and Icontrivia that focuses on the stats of boththeclassic and current Wrestlers, Divas and Tag Teams. Covers thefullhistory of the universe from the immortals of 1969 to thecurrentchampions including their career wins. Each level show thekeyinformation just like a stats card. Try this alternative andreallytest you wrestling knowledge.Do you have what it takes to become a 100 Wrestlers 'Pro'?Please rate and leave a comment:Facebook: Games: