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Game Timer Release 1.71
The Game Timer was created (although not limited to be used) forenforcing timing rules while playing board games. The two mainfunctions allow the game to be timed on a per-turn or anaccumulation basis. In Per Turn mode, the user can set a time perturn and keep track of how many times a particular user goes over.The second mode, Time Bank, is similar to a chess clock. Eachplayer is given the same amount of time to start and, as they playtheir turn, the time is taken out of that player's bank. Once thatplayer is out of time, they are out of the game. The user can alsoturn off elimination mode meaning once a player runs out of time,they are not eliminated from the game. The app will track how farover time the player has gone. Please let me know if there areextra features you would like to see in the Game Timer. It wascreated for personal use but I decided to share the wealth. Itactually does improve the experience of some board games. Game itup! One permission required: Vibrate for vibrate notificationoption