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This Free Animal Farm Game for toddlers is a timed three roundmatching game, featuring farm animals including horse, cow, pig,sheep, duck, chicken, goat, chicken and goose. It is a fun game forpreschool children and toddlers to helps your kids develop matchingand motor skills including those with autism.The first round in theFarm Animals for Baby is 120 seconds and each after that is 10seconds less, so will have the time to improve each round. Anotherthrilling feature to the Animal Farm Game is that makes it evenmore awesome then just a matching game- you must find the iconsthat link together in some way! When you make a linked match theAnimal Farm Toddler Game will show the link if you press bothimages. You also get some help along the way. You can use the“Refresh” button 3 times, this mixes up the game cards so it iseasier to find linking matches. You can also use the “Find” button3 times, and this will find the matching links for you. This is adifferent take on the puzzle game using farm animalsAnimal FarmGame for toddlers is an addictive race to find the matching links,that gets harder each round. Have Fun!!!In order to provide thisAnimal link matching game for free we have included ads.★ Great fortoddlers and keeping them busy so you can get your work or choresdone.
Pictowords The Photo to Words 1.5.7e
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Pictowords : Tests your visual knowledge,guessthe photo? These hidden pics trivia quiz, gets harder asyouincrease in levels and currently over 56 levels. The word gameiseasy to play, but do not let that fool you. It's not as easy asyouthink with Pictowords or Pic to Word, what it is? You can gethelpby choosing to reveal letters or get the answer for Pictowordswithpay coins.To find out what's the images are, tap on the color squaretilesto reveal more of the photo pic. The aim is to remove as fewtilesas possible. You can also get hints by revealing letters orremoveletters. Last resort is to use coins to solve the question.Can youguess what's the word from the pic trivia quiz app?Can you figure out what is it Pictowords? an object,animal,location, landmarks, plant, flower and other areas You justneed toguess the images. Each puzzle has a hint, to help solvethepuzzle.
Tap Jump Spikes Fast 1.0
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Tap the character to jump and fly overandunder the spikes. Don't touch the spikesUnlock over 74 characters with increasing speed. As youunlockthe characters they become faster.See if you could beat your friends.Collect the red ruby and use them to unlock new characters!Get the highest score on the LeaderboardsUnique levels with increase difficulty.TAP your character to JUMP and don't touch the SPIKESHave fun, see how far you could go.
Rising Dot FREE One Touch Up 1.04
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Rising dot is blue ball 2D 1 finger touch game, where you just tapto go up and try to navigate to the top. Moving through the objectsand avoiding enemies. Tap on the screen to move the dot up, easy toplay but hard to master! Bounce and jump your way upwards andavoiding deadly obstacles. Small round ball, i.e. blue littlecircle or the dot, jumping, hoping and dashing, up and away. It’s afun game as you master moving through the gaps in the triangle,square or circles. The better your skills the high you go to gethigher scores. ¤ One touch tap up app¤ Climb your way to the topthrough black shapes enemies by jumping and bouncing¤ Minimalist UIdesign¤ Suitable for all ages¤ Endless play
Impact Ball 1.1
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Impact ball is a one touch game which you move the white dotthrough the colourful world of shadows. Avoid the black shapes asyou move through the levels. Touch the black enemies and you'llexplode. Touch and tap the screen accurately to move forward anddodge the obstacles. Can you prevent the ball impacting with theblack shadow objects?How skilful are you? Music for the impact ballis upbeat, hope you enjoy it. Some of the unique features of impactball are:* Minimalist Game Design* Random levels so it's alwaysdifferent game play each time.* Clean colourful aesthetics.* Thereis no ads during game play only at the end when Game Over orReplay/Restart and only at the bottom of the Pause page.