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Minimal Techno Pads 2
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Minimal Techno Pads is well structured drum machine forelectronicmusic making. It's special edition in ultimate Germanstyle.Use 3 types of beat pads in each preset: loops, simple samplesandvocal parts to mix a new track. Apply different effects likeechoor flange during mixing.Minimal Techno Pads features:- Popular music genres presets: techno, house and trap- Combine high quality samples- Professional sound effects and filters- Separated volume adjustmentMix with no limits - Minimal Techno Pads.
FM Synthesizer 2.18.68
Music And Games Shack
FM Synthesizer offers an incredibly wide specter of adjustableparameters that allow changing sound of your melody into severaldifferent music styles. Tune everything: from volume to lowfrequency oscillation! Come up with awesome music ideas, applyvarious effects and filters, record your melodies and loops, easilysave them on your device.Fm Synthesizer uses frequency modulation, a lightweight methodfor generating complex harmonic waveforms by mixing or combiningsine samples controlled by envelops and LFO.HOW TO USE:You can change form of sound wave, volume and frequency. Two ADSREnvelope modules and LFO allows adding and adjusting special dubstep effects. There are several patterns adjusted for your pleasureso as to set all the tunable parameters automatically.FM Synthesizer features:- Powerful synthesizer for beginners and professionalmusicians- Multiple adjustable parameters- Automatic settings and patterns- Great variety of music samples- High-quality soundWith FM Synthesizer you can create and tune many differentmelodies – from classic piano music to popular dubstep! Havefun!
Synth Station 2.9
Music And Games Shack
New level of music creation with your own digital Synth Station!Professionally made keyboard emulation, popular presets and soundeffects - everything in one music maker application. Choosesamples, spin records and adjust the settings composing your ownelectronic melody!How to use: Choose one of presets and loops for lead or basspart. Start composing your electronic track using hot keys (withthe help of keyboard tutorial). Set up special effects, record andsave.Synth Station features:- Professionall virtual synthesizer studio- Variety of presets and loops- Easy record of your tracks- Unique sound effects and filters- Smart visualizationCreative music instrument in your hand - Synth Station!
Monster Feeding - No Junk Food
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Meet an adorable purple fluffy monsterinaddictive new game Monster Feeding - No Junk Food! Your aim istomake this little creature happy by feeding him with a healthyfood.Avoid fast food or you will loose. Enjoy the bright graphicsandshow what you've got!How to play: feed the little monster with a healthy food,andavoid fast food. If you will feed him with a harmful food 3times,the game will be over. Be careful and treat the monsterwell!Monster Feeding - No Junk Food Features:- a cute little purple monster;- cartoon bright graphics;- will teach your child to recognize healthy and harmfulfood;- trains your attention and reaction;- feed this adorable one and make him feel satisfied!Be fast and precise and make your road to the win withMonsterFeeding - No Junk Food!