Niamor التطبيقات

Revolution WatchFace 1.3
Revolution Watch Face offers you to enjoy wherever you are theanimated clock present on your favorite French internet box.Itoffers a clear interface that will delight all Android Wear devicesusers.This watchface allows you to scroll through the minutes in afluid and modern way.It can be configured directly from the watchor the phone to suit individual tastes.Compatible with all AndroidWear watches, square or round.
Literal WatchFace 1.8.2
Literal Watch Face shows you the time in words, in a very modernand design way.The time is shown in slices of five minutes, theround above the grid give the precise minute.Its clear interfacewill delight all Android Wear devices users.It is highlycustomizable to match the tastes of all.It can be configureddirectly from the watch or the phone.Multiple languages areavailable: English, French, Spanish, Germand and Dutch.Compatiblewith all Android Wear watches, square or round.
Livebox Remote 2.2.0
This is not an official Orange app. Seems not to be compatible withOrange in Poland. Pilot your Livebox TV from your watch or phone.This Livebox remote control is simple, complete and ergonomic. Theapp finds your Livebox TV on your Wi-Fi network. This can be doneautomatically at app start or manually from the settings screen. Iffor any reason, the scan does not work, you can enter your LiveboxTV ip address. Your phone must be connected to your Livebox's Wi-Finetwork. Your watch must be connected to your phone via Bluetoothif you want to use the wear app. You can now control your LiveboxTV from anywhere in your home. Tips: if automatic search does notwork, go to the settings screen, click on "SCAN" then select yourLivebox TV device. If it does not appear in the list, try to rebootyour Livebox and try again. If it still does not work, you canenter the ip address manually in the settings of the app. You willfind it in your administrator interface, "my network" page,"connected devices" TV box icon. Tips 2: if commands are workingbut the app shows you a connection issue pop-up, please disable"Connection help" feature in the app's settings.
Gauge WatchFace 1.0
Gauge Watch Face shows you the time as gauges, in a very modern anddesign way.One gauge shows the seconds going on, one shows the timeand the last one shows the month.Its clear interface will delightall Android Wear devices users.It is highly customizable to matchthe tastes of all.It can be configured directly from the watch orthe phone.If you double tap on your screen, the watchface becomes aflashlight. You can leave this mode by a new double tap.Compatiblewith all Android Wear watches, square or round.Inspired by the workof Gerrit Grunwald.
Freebox Remote 1.4.1
Pilot your Freebox Player from your watch or smartphone/tablet.This remote control is simple, complete and ergonomic.Simply enteryour network remote code (accessible from your Freebox Playerinterface) and to indicate which of your Freebox Player you want tocontrol in the settings.Your phone must be connected to forFreebox's Wi-Fi network. Your watch must be connected to your phonevia Bluetooth.You can now control your TV from anywhere in yourhome.Network remote code is mandatory, if your Freebox type doesn'tallow you to find this code, this app cannot work.
Block Defense 2.0
In Block Defense game you must use your speed and coordination todefend a position attacked from every direction. How long can youstand ?Challenge your friends with an online leaderboard and unlockachievements.You can play directly from your Android Wear device.