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Alec Sketchman 1.5
Nuclear Timepiece G.C.
It's time to bust out your notebook, searchthrough your bags and pockets for a pencil, and get to work. AlecSketchman needs you, and your friends, to help jump over cratesthrough the treacherous mountains of Norway.Play on Standard mode with a guide for your jumps and reach yourhighest scores.Once you feel confident enough, test your real skills on Elitemode, where there are no explanations and there is no moreguide.How to play:The game has one simple goal.... to jump over as many crates aspossible!On Standard mode simply swipe up and to the right to start theguide. Once the guide is in alignment with the crate's gap, takeyour finger off the screen and watch him jump.On Elite mode, the guide is still there but it is invisible.Good luck, runners.
Ping Pong Challenge 1.3
Nuclear Timepiece G.C.
Ping Pong Challenge is a take on theclassicgame Pong. The game features endless game play trying to getthehighest score you can manage. Ping Pong Challenge hasfivedifficulties and four speeds to play.