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OnTaxi - book a taxi online 4.9.1
The application allows you to call a taxi online in Kharkiv,Dnipro, Kyiv, Odessa, Zaporizhia, Poltava, Vinnytsia, Sumy. You canalso call on a free short number 2000 (callback). Reliable servicehelps you to quickly and cheaply reach the airport, the trainstation or get around the city without unnecessary calls to theservice. Advantages • Calling a taxi for multiple addresses• Instant calculation of the trip cost, mileage, and travel time.• Pay by card (not available in some cities) • Calling a taxi of adifferent class (economy, standard, comfort, business).• Evaluating drivers and add comments to the completed trips.• Booking a taxi with additional services: "air conditioning","empty trunk», «roundtrip", "sober driver" - clients' car deliveryto the specified destination. • Calculating the start point byphysical location of the client. • Ordering a taxi "On now" and "Ontime” • Order history allows you to repeat the trip or go to theopposite direction quickly. • The ability to add tips. The OnTaxiapplication helps you booking a taxi online in: • Kyiv; • Kharkiv;• Dnipro; • Zaporizhia; • Odessa; • Poltava; • Vinnytsia; • Sumy.OnTaxi – quick and cheap online taxi service. Kharkov and all itsmost inaccessible streets, alleys, houses have become closer.Public transport is not always takes you where can drive a taxi.Kyiv, Dnipro, Zaporizhia, Kharkiv, Odessa, Boryspil, Poltava,Vinnytsia, Sumy choose OnTaxi. The best way to evaluate thefunctionality, quality, simplicity, and usability of theapplication is to download it and call taxi right now. Find moreinfo about the service https://ontaxi.com.ua. Client support isavailable 24/7.
OnTaxi Driver — работа водителем такси 2.10.2
OnTaxi Driver — приложение для регистрации и работы водителем всервисе OnTaxi на личном авто позволяет работать в любое удобноедля Вас время, без специальных условий, обязательных заказов играфиков. Преимущества работы водителем через приложение OnTaxiDriver: • фильтрация заказов в эфире по радиусу, длине маршрута ицене за километр; • доступ к информации о заказе: все точкимаршрута, стоимость поездки, тип оплаты, расстояние до клиента и помаршруту; • доступ к информации о клиенте: имя, фото, телефон,рейтинг, отзывы; • отображение маршрута до клиента и самого заказа;• переход в любой удобный навигатор по точкам маршрута клиента;• ежедневный вывод средств на карту по запросу; • историятранзакций личного счета; • актуальные оповещения об изменениях инововведениях; • статистика заказов по секторам онлайн;• возможность выбора графического оформления и звуковогооповещения; • возможность отображения новых заказов поверх всехприложений; • служба поддержки 24/7. Интересует вакансия водителятакси на своей машине? Устроиться в ОнТакси Драйвер очень просто!Для этого необходимо установить приложение и заполнить данные. Апосле того, как заявка будет обработана, придет оповещение, и можноприступать к работе! Сервис OnTaxi работает в таких городах: Киев,Харьков, Одесса, Днепр, Запорожье, Винница, Полтава, Сумы. OnTaxiDriver - application for the registration and operation by thedriver in OnTaxi service on a personal car allows you to work atany time convenient to you, without any special conditions,mandatory orders and graphs . The advantages of working through thedriver OnTaxi Driver application: & # 8226; & # 8195;filtering orders broadcast over the radius, length of route andcost per kilometer; & # 8226; & # 8195; access toinformation about the order: all the points of the route, the costof travel, type of payment, the distance to the customer and on theroute; & # 8226; & # 8195; access to customer information:name, photo, phone number, rating, reviews; & # 8226; & #8195; a map of the route to the customer and of the order; & #8226; & # 8195; the transition at any convenient navigatorclient waypoints; & # 8226; & # 8195; daily withdrawal tothe card on demand; & # 8226; & # 8195; transaction historyof personal accounts; & # 8226; & # 8195; urgent warningabout the changes and innovations; & # 8226; & # 8195;order statistics on the online sector; & # 8226; & # 8195;a choice of graphic design and sound notification; & # 8226;& # 8195; the ability to display new orders on top of allapplications; & # 8226; & # 8195; 24/7 support team.Interested vacancy taxi driver in his car? Settle in OnTaksi Driveris very simple! To do this, you must install the application andfill in the data. But after the application is processed, anotification will come, and you are ready to work! Service OnTaxiworks in the following cities: Kyiv, Kharkiv, Odessa, Dnieper,Zaporozhye, Vinnitsa, Poltava, Sumy .
TaxiBook - all Ukrainian taxi 1.1.3
TaxiBook - all Ukrainian taxi. Complete information about taxiservices are always there!The application is possible to quicklyand easily find information about the operating taxi services inKiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Lviv and other cities of Ukraine.The freeguide provides information not only on the list of services in thecities, but also provides information on the costs and fees of eachservice, and allows you to quickly call a taxi right online. Findand book cheap taxi has become much easier!The list of services incities is constantly supplemented and updated.Key features of theapp:- Quick access to your favorite taxi service- Storage oftelephone numbers for "online" order a taxi - from the application-More than 740 taxi service based in taxi numbers- Choice of Kievtaxi service, Zaporozhye, taxi Odessa, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv taxiLviv, as well as other regional centers and cities of regionalimportance- View the rating services and the cost of a taxi in theannex TaxiBook- Publication of a review for taxi service- Abilityto call a cheap taxi from the application- Quick online taxiservices from your favorites listIn the application, you can sortthe list of service, minimum cost, as well as the followingadditional options:Air conditioner - a car is equipped withair conditioner.Pet Transportation - the opportunity totravel with a pet without any restrictions.Nannycar - safe transportation of children from point A topoint B without being accompanied by an adult.Cargocarriage - transportation of cargoes of varioussizes.Corporate taxi - the taxi services to companies andorganizations.Designated driver - call the driver who willdrive your car instead of you.English-speaking driver -driver with knowledge of English.Event and PartyService - transporting people during various events.Car forsmokers - smoking is permitted during thetrip.Taximeter - passenger fare is calculated based on acombination of distance travelled and waiting time.Tow truck -a truck that will tow or pick up your vehicles.Transfer - pickup a customer (or Group of people) at the airport, railway station,bus station, etc.Wagon vehicle - a wagon vehicle will beserved.Woman driver - a woman will drive the car.Now allUkrainian taxis is always at hand!