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Lowrider 3.2
PGD studio
Tap and jump with your lowrider. Use the front and rear pump tobounce. Collect money, buy new cars and tuning them in the garage.Try to beat all the west coast and the east coast stages and more.Eleminate enemy gang and become the king of lowriders. *2D platformgame made in hip-hop style* *easy and difficulty levels to checkyour thug skill* *cars with different properties* *compare withother players* *easy two-button control* *new content every update*
Lowrider: Pixel Thug 1.1
PGD studio
Simple arcade game where you control a lowrider car. Use a gaspedaland brake to control speed, front and rear hydraulics tocontroljumping. Beat all West Coast and East Coast stages. Everystage isfilled with collectibles necessary for upgrades and newcars. Testyour aerial skills in the Big Jump mode. Game is made inpixel artstyle. In the future there will be added features likemultiplayermode, new southern stages and new lowriders. Moreovergame is verysmall size. Enjoy and rate!
Babushka 1.1b
PGD studio
During your grandmother's visit, you are forced to eat anddrinkeverything that your lovely Babushka will give you. It isbetternot to fail because you will meet Slavic justice. Use twobuttonscorresponding to the hands of your hero. Love yourBabushka!Compare your results with other players.