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Color Plane 1.0
✪ How to Play:● Tap on the rudder to control the barrel markings get color on thefly● Quick identification eye color to bring color to the correctcompartment bins● Accumulating lots of color bucket to open the new aircraft✪ HIGHLIGHTS OF THE GAME● Play simple, highly entertaining, skilful players control therudder to get exactly the color of the barrel chamber● There are many types of planes waiting for you to discover anduse● Totally FreeDownload Now Color Plane to experience and explore the veryexciting challenge awaits youIn the game, you play as one pilot, one astronaut control youraircraft to explore the ocean, you will spend quite a lot of fuelin your journey, but you will always refuel on the journey withoutworrying about having to stop again.You'll have to be very skillful and quick control of the aircraftrudder to the correct markings get fuel for it, beware, eachcompartment containing only one type of fuel get the same color, ifyou get something wrong, you would ruin his chamber thatStarting the game you are presented first brand new aircraft andyou will start the journey with it, but to a certain distance youshould be looking for other jets its newer, more modern to continueoperating his worksDid you ever dream of becoming one pilot, one astronaut or anexplorer to fly high in the sky, crossing the lands and oceansvastlyPlane color will bring you new experiences and satisfaction in thejourney of discovery and hovered in the skyWith innovative gameplay, the colorful airplane, what are youwaiting but not yet ready for the conquest of new challenges andColor Plane.
Line 98 – Line Eggs 1.0.0
Line 98 – Line Eggs is a interesting puzzle game very fun withcolor balls. Line 98 – Line Eggs or Color Line It is easy to play,but to become a master is a challenge.The goal is simple: Keep thescreen as clean as possible by arranging balls of the same colorsinto lines to make them explode.GUIDE: In Line 98 – Line Eggs Theplayer can move one ball per turn to remove balls by forming lines(horizontal, vertical or diagonal) of at least five balls of thesame color. If the player does form such lines of at least fiveballs of the same color, the balls in those lines disappear, and hegains one turn, i.e. he can move another ball. If not, three newballs are added, and the game continues until the board is full.Hope you have fun with lines puzzle game- Keep the classic gameplayfrom Line 98 or Color Line- Very nice Graphic- Connect with friendson facebook- Very fun with color balls- You Can play anywhere,anytime, without internetLine 98 or Color Line is an office gamefor every one, not addicted, not wasting time, just relax. Someonemust say that "After all of the game I played, till this time, Ichoose Lines 98 at the first thought when having stress in office.So, don't wait, go to play store and downnload Line 98 Standard andsmooth your day life. Enjoy Lines 98, have fun !
Tic Tac Toe - Mega 5.0
The Tic Tac Toe or Caro, five in a row, omok, gobang, gomoku... isa great way to pass your free time whether you're standing in aline or spending time with your kids. Stop wasting paper and savetrees. Because of the simplicity of Tic Tac Toe, it is often usedas a pedagogical tool for teaching the concepts of goodsportsmanship and the branch of artificial intelligence.Startplaying Free Tic Tac Toe game on your Android device.Get Free TicTac Toe now and more fun with your friends!Features:+ Game playoffline+ Zoom In, Zoom Out+ Support Modes: Two players, play withAI+ Show last move, show threat lines.+ Unlimited undo (Offline)
Ai Là Triệu Phú - 2016 1.1
Ai la trieu phu 2016 – phiên bản Ai latrieuphu mới nhất chính thức được ra mắt. Bổ xung thêm 100.000 câuhỏimới nhất của năm 2016Không cần đăng nhập, không cần mạng vẫn có thể chơi bất cứlúcnàoPhiên bản Ai la trieu phu 2016 với giao diện HD mới và đẹpmắt,tải game và chơi hoàn toàn miễn phíTrieu phu trí tuệ cực kỳ hấp dẫn với những tính năng nổibậtsau:- Hoàn toàn miễn phí: Không SMS, Không nạp xu, Không Thu phí,càimột lần và chơi miễn phí mãi mãi.- Đồ họa và âm thanh chân đẹp mắt và sống động- Ngân hàng câu hỏi đồ sộ với hơn 100.000 câu hỏi được chọn lọckỹcàng hoàn toàn mới, chính xác và thời sự.Hãy cùng thưởng thức game Ai Là Triệu Phú 2016 Mới nhất, Hotnhấthiện nayHãy cùng tham gia Ai la trieu phu và thử thách trí tuệ vàgiảitrí mọi lúc mọi nơi !Who to Be a Millionairein2016 - version Ai latest millionaires launches officially.Adding100,000 new question of 2016No need to login, no network can still play anytimeWho is a millionaire edition in 2016 with a new interfaceandbeautiful HD, download the game and play freeIntellectual millionaire extremely attractive with thefollowingkey features:- Absolutely free: no SMS, no recharge cents, not collect fees,setfree once and play forever.- Graphics and sounds nice and lively legs- Banks with huge questions over 100,000 questions werecarefullyselected entirely new, accurate and current.Enjoy the game Who Is Newest Millionaire 2016, Hot todayJoin us Who is a millionaire and intellectual challengeandentertainment anytime, anywhere!
Pirate Run 1.0
GUIDELINE: Touch screen to run, jump and overcome obstacles. Using support objects to pass the levels. Collecting treasures.MAIN FEATURE: Simple game play, extremely easy to play, just runandjump. Many levels with different difficulty for you to discoverandexperience. Leaderboard updates real time: whenever you play and gethighscores, your name will beshow on leaderboard. Funny! jovial pirates guy will bring to you timeofrelaxation. Totally free.Download Pirate Run now to join journey looking for thetreasureand experience thefeeling being a notorious pirate.Have you ever wanted to be a pirate, a powerful captain,travelfreely discover the worldthat no one can stop. Made of whatever you like and look forthetreasures which many otherpirates lust and willing to risk to get.Pirate Run is a game can give you the feelings, experiencesandintent, the experiencebecomes a great pirate, a king of the sea.Along with your ship, pirate allies like you, you can gothroughall the seas in looking fortreasures which human always covet and to become the new ownerofthe seas. Nobody knowswhat's waiting for you out there, the giant octopus,thepitfalls, and even the pirate hunters, thedanger always lurking everywhere.But can those dangers hold back your dreams andyourambitions? Are you ready to gofrom island to island yet? Just ingenious and nimble you canbeatanything that hold you back onthe road to find your dream. That is the key to ultimatevictory.The journey of a great pirateawaits you. You are the people decide!
Alien War - Planet Monster 1.0
Alien War – UFO war is the latestgamedeveloped by CSC game in which players can experience a brandnewdefense game in the fight against alien monsters to protecttheearth and rescuse their fellows. This is the mini game baseleaderboard which is highly appreciated for stress releasing,suitablefor all type of ages to play in free time.Fight against these Alien Monster to protect the Earth!Guideline:+ Tap the fellows to rescuse him and get score+ Tap the cannon to shoot the monster - Green monster,violetmonster. Don’t let Alien escape+ Recuse the fellow before the Monster can catch up+ Don’t shoot the fellows.Main Features:- Use the cannon to get rid of the alien monsterscontinuouslyinvasion from the UFO.- Rescuse the fellows,hostage from the continuous chase of thealienmonsters,- Compare your scores with friends and other players intheregularly updated ranking system from Alien war - UFO warRules:- Get 1 point per 1 green moster shot- Get 2 points per 1 yellow moster shot- Get 2 points per 1 hostage rescused- You lose in the following cases:• The monster lands the ground, Alien escape• The fellows are catched up by the monster.• Shoot your own fellows.Game information:Alien War - UFO war will be an extraordinary tense game betweenyouand the alien monsters, Green monster, violet monsterThe familiar tower defense style now is developed in atotallydifferent way as compared with the currently existent towerdefensegames.Distinguished game as compared to other tower defense games.Playerswill realize that this is a tower defense game set up inthe styleof action game, not identical other game.Are you eager to play a tower defense game in the style oftheaction game?You will lose if Alien escape, we recruit their toughestsoldiers,veteran, infantry, for alien war and we need convergenceofallMission:The mission of the game is to use the Cannon to defense againstthelanddowns,invasion of alien monsters, in the meanwhilerescusingthe fellows parachuting to escape the alienmonsters,Alien war is a defensive game with quick pace, which requirestheplayer to control the cannon continuosly to shoot down thealienmonsters skillfully,exactly,excellenceAdditionally, in defense game Alien War, the players have tobefully focused to control the cannon and rescuse the fellows assoonas possibleWe need the alliance together, we need you join allianceforpowerful earth against alien in galactic, the whole cosmicWe are guardian, same fate teammates are allegiance guardianagainstthe alien, the phantom for worldwideMain features:Easy to control: just need to watch the time and tap.Easy to follow the top ranking: compare scores with friendsandother players.Excellence to play: with uncomplicated rules, players caneasilyunderstand. However, it is not simple to rank on top becauseitdepends on how exact and timing their choices.UFO defense war never ends if one of the two factionsdoen’tfall, and you can’t be the loser because you stand forjustice,toprotect peaceful planet, protect from the alien, they aregreatestgreedyUFO defense, the war is not easy for anyone, if you do notfocusenough, then you can lose at any time, your teammates willbecaptured at any time in the UFO defense,Alien war – UFO war a tower defense, a defensive game, simpletoplay but not easy to rank top. Are you ready to protectthebeautiful, excellence Earth and rescuse your brave fellows?