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🏆 connect: Join the football community and connect with more than175.000 football players! 🙌 beSeen: Show your skills, upload videosand picture and show what type of player you are. 😎 beDiscovered:Contact clubs or see if there is an interesting opportunity. Applyand be discovered. Do you play football? Playerhunter is THEfootball app for you! Climb up the football career ladder byshowing your technical skills (goals, dribbling, assist, etc.)while providing scouts and clubs with statistics and personalinformation in order for you to be evaluated. Professional andamateur clubs worldwide are active on Playerhunter: includingcountries like England (Premier League), Wales (Welsh PremierLeague), Brazil (Campeonato Brasileiro Série A) and Germany(Bundesliga). As well as numerous other countries throughout theworld. Take your football career into your own hands and write yourown success story! Check out the transfer market, offer yourself onthe transfer market and independently contact clubs and scouts. Donot leave anything to chance, find a job confidently and full ofpride. Define your exact position, add and update your CV, haveyour strengths confirmed by other players. Playerhunter is theLinkedin for football, it is THE job platform for players, clubs,agents and coaches. Whether amateur or professional, the footballplatform offers something for everyone and every level of football!More than 120,000 football players. Exchange your knowledge andexpertise with countless like-minded people. Challenge yourselfwith others, send them videos that impress you, eg. Skills fromskillstwins or fourfourtwo. Or challenge them to football Strikeand post your results. Signing up for our football social medianetwork is free and you can start connecting with other players andclubs right away. We love amateur football and therefore want togive the small clubs in particular a platform to present themselvesand to get better: - Find players for youth football. - Seek outplayers for the you’re A-team/Senior squad or coaches, officialswho are full of passion willing to volunteer to make something bighappen. - Follow big prestigious clubs and get in contact with themwhile learning from each other. - Offer camps, trial trainings orclub parties while increasing your reach. Other advantages ofPlayerhunter: - Follow all big players from football industry orrun your own brand page - Start looking for a job, advertise andapply for try-outs/trials or scholarships - Offer camp or academycourses or apply to them - Players market place: fill a missingposition with talents - Playerhunter will revolutionize the market-The app is and will remain free of charge