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Placix 2.0
Quentin Malghem
Placix allows you to share pictures withthepeople who are in a scope around you. You will discover thephotosthat other users have left behind before you or maybe at thesametime as you! You can change the scope of the application,bydefault it is 2 km but can increase to 10!It's an amazing way to share good times with the peoplearoundyou, friends and strangers, and maybe even give birth tonewfriendships! Indeed, you can always add a user to yourfriends.This way you can follow the latest news no matter where youare,and also chat with him in the chat!Placix, one place, one pic !Follow me on Twitter : @malghemquentinBy using Placix you accept the terms of use andtheconfidentiality policy available in the confidentiality sectionofthis app.
Campustory 1.0
Quentin Malghem
Campustory vous permet de partager desmessagesanonymement au sein de votre université, haute école ouécolesecondaire/lycée. Vous pouvez également commenter et voterpour voshistoires préférées. Voila une manière originale decommuniquer etpartager vos bons moments avec les gens quifréquentent le mêmecampus que vous !Campustory letsyouanonymously share messages in your college, high schoolorsecondary school / high school. You can also comment and voteonyour favorite stories. Here is an original way to communicateandshare good times with the people who attend the same campusasyou!