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Planes Control - Premium 2.1.2
Take control of the sky and land your planesavoiding collisions and enemies.Guide your planes to ensure safe landing in this incredibly easy tolearn yet surprisingly addictive game!Get an adrenalin rush while avoiding dangerous collisions, blazingstorms and tornadoes, put out forest fire, get ready to repel anattack of enemy fighters and fight off an alien invasion!Discover what it's to be an Air Traffic Controller, get control ofthe Tower, and enjoy an adrenalin rush while avoiding dangerouscollisions, blazing storms and tornadoes, put out forest fire, getready to repel an attack of enemy fighters and fight off an alieninvasion!Can you handle the pressure and keep your air space under control?WHAT THE PRESS SAYS:“…Planes Control can really be called one of the best plane landinggames on the market.”Ask Your Android ( 4.4 / 5 )“…Planes Control is a great game and a really good way to kill sometime.The gameplay does seem simple and easy but gets challenging as thegame progresses.”The Apple Google ( 4.8 / 5 )“…Planes Control – A game that defines Chaos”Edamame.club ( Rated A )GAMEPLAYPlanes Control is an game with simple controls.Draw lines with your fingers to determine the path each plane willfollow as they find their way to land or to engage the enemy.This sounds easy? You will need fast fingers and strategy to manageall your planes and keep the sky under control.AIRCRAFTSYou can navigate more than 60 different planes and helicoptersincluding airliners, WWII fighters, jet planes and tilt rotorswhile playing Planes Control.Beside this, you will enjoy flying the SR-71 Black Bird (theworld's fastest plane), the Antonov 225 (the largest aircraft inthe world to fly multiple times) and famous combat planes like theMitsubishi A6M Zero, the F-14 Tomcat or the Apache AH-64 combathelicopter.LEVELSPlanes Control has 13 awesome levels for mobile devices plus 6 newlevels full of challenges created for tablets. More levels are onthe way.• Earn your wings on a holiday resort, guiding your planes andhelicopters.• Aerial combat! Shoot down hostile planes and helicopters over thescorching desert.• Air Tankers: Fight wildfires by dropping water with your planesand helicopters.• Storm Carrier landings: Command your military fighters andhelicopters between the clouds and rain.• Navigate canyons in the Arizona’s Desert.• Successfully land your Aircraft during a tornado outbreak.• Night landings: Switch your landing lights on and find your wayaround the airfield.• Keep an eye on emergency calls and give priority landing to theplanes that are running out of fuel.• Avoid cargo planes flying around your air space.• Land your planes in the middle of an alien invasion !Earn points to unlock new levels !Planes Control offers a new level to play every day!READY FOR A CHALLENGE?Earn new and different achievements in every level and challengeyourself to the limit.Please sit back, fasten your seatbelt and enjoy taking control ofthe sky – download Planes Control now!ⓘ For the latest inside information from Rarepixels:► Like us: facebook.com/planesApp► Visit us: planes.rarepixels.com► Follow us at twitter.com/planes_control
2 Minutes in Space - Missiles Vs. Asteroids 1.4.1
Fly your space ship, avoid missiles, shot back and watch out forasteroids! Collect gold pieces on your way and unlock newships and weapons!- Control the ship with the joystick, wholescreen or left/right buttons.- 12 Spaceships- 3 Game modes: Moon,Asteroid Field and Orion Nebula.- Collect gold to unlock newspaceships with different abilities and weapons.- Use shields,weapons, EMP, Speed Boost and other power-ups to help destroy andevade missiles.- Make the missiles collide with each other toincrease final score.- Dodge missiles and avoid asteroids andnebulas to survive!- Compete with others on Google Playleaderboards.For some people, the sky is the limit. Forothers, it’s just the beginning.„2 Minutes in Space” is anadditional proof of it.This free action and survival game willthrow you into a world of endless space, full of dangerous objectsand challenges.Your mission is simple: just survive!Do you feelsometimes that each next day looks like the previous and there isnothing that can surprise you any more?Then it’s the right time toleave this planet and spend 2 Minutes in Space!