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DP for WhatsApp (All type DP) 1.4
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Here you go for the best profile pictures for WhatsApp dp images orother social media profile pictures.We have 1000+ DP (DisplayPictures) for your social accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook,Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. We have categorized allthe WhatsApp DP in 20+ categories for you to find a DP quickly.Here you can easily find best DP and status for your socialaccount.Also, you can set the WhatsApp DP without crop full sizedimage. Set your Profile pictures for WhatsApp or any social accountaccording to your emotion and mood.QualityWe have the best qualityDP for WhatsApp.SharingSharing has never been this easy, just asingle tap. That's it!FavoriteLiked a DP, just tap on a heart icon.Simple.UIClean, simple and native user interface for you to useapplication easily.DP for allWe have DPs for any kind of group,like Friends, Family, School, Office many moreFeatures:- Bestquality DP for WhatsApp- DPs for any type of group- Most stunningUI- Easy to use user interface- Quick download and share- All yourfavorite DP at one place- Quickly set DP to WhatsAppJust give it atry and you will love the app.We are looking forward to yourfeedback.Please note that WhatsApp™ is a registered trademark ofthe WhatsApp Inc.
Downloader for Instagram (Quick Saver) 1.6
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Instagram has over 40 billion photos and videos shared by Instagramusers. 95 million photos are added every day and glance at them areenough to steal our hearts. One can like, comment on this amazingphotos but there is a cap! Instagram doesn't allow you to savethese photos or videos. However there are dozens of ways out thereto save these Instagram posts but the one we have brought issafest, easy and fastest way to save Instagram photos and videos.The app has very clean and user-friendly UI with ultra fastdownload speed for saving posts and save Instagram videos.QuickSave also allows you to repost, share and delete photos orvideos directly from the app.Highlights : *Now you can easily saveyour favorite photos and videos from Instagram by just tapping afew times on your mobile screen.*Save multiple Instagram photos andvideos.*Ultra-fast download speed.*You can also check uploader'sdetails by long tapping saved photo or video.*Repost, share ordelete directly from the app.*User-friendly and easy to use App.Howto Use?1. Turn ON QuickSave from the app.2. Open Instagram and copyURL of any post.3. Photos or videos will start downloadingautomatically, progress shown in the notification.Note: Please donot repost someone's personal photos or videos without theirpermission on social networks. This might cause you legal troublesand you might end up sitting behind the bars.
Video Song Status for WhatsApp 1.1
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This app has the best WhatsApp video song status with manycategories and with many languages.Typing messages and sharing yourfeelings with loooong messages is old now. WhatsApp status is coolnew way to share your feelings with your loved ones. Findingperfect status to share is one big headache and this app is thebest solution for finding best video status. Check out awesomefeature this app has.Features:- Categories - We have categorizedall the statuses for you to find it quickly.- Language - Findingstatus in any language is so much easy with this app.- Share - Withonly single tap you can download and share status, that's cool!-Download - Keep the status with you forever.- Search - Getsuggestions on searching status.- User interface - Clean and easyto use UI- Collection - Biggest collection of best video status.-New Everyday - Get new video status everydayThere is so much moreinside the app just download and check it out.Hope you enjoy theapp.Do share your review on the Play Store.Thank you
Hindi and English Status for WhatsApp 1.0
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Hindi and English Status for WhatsAppHave you ever wanted toimpress someone just by your WhatsApp Status? If yes, you are atthe right place.We have 8000+ Status for your social accounts likeWhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and many more. Wehave categorized all the WhatsApp Status in 15+categories.Status8000+ Status on Romantic, Love, Sad, Motivational,Funny, Shayari’s, Flirty all in one appCopyQuickly copy status toshare it instantly.LanguageWe have almost all the statuses in Hindi& English. That's so cool.SharingShare status quickly with yourfriends & familyFavoriteTap on heart to move status into yourfavoritesUIClean, simple and native user interface for you to useapplication easily.Status that suits allWe have huge collection ofstatus for all our users.Features- Same Status in 2 languages-Quick copy to share- Most stunning UI- Easy to use user interface-Keep status in your favorites- All your favorite Status at oneplaceJust give it a try and you will love the app.We are lookingforward to your feedback.Please note that WhatsApp™ is a registeredtrade mark of the WhatsApp Inc.
Video Downloader For Musically 2.1
Rolla Apps, the social networking app for video creation and livebroadcasting has become a popular choice for teenagers and newgeneration models. There are 200 million+ users of the musical.lyapp and every day these musers are creating beautiful music app allows you to browse popular songs, sounds, andhashtags but you can’t download these videos! So, to solve yourproblem we’ve come with these powerful video downloaderapp. It gives you ease of downloading any video withinseconds.Using this app, you can easily download musically videoswith a few taps on your screen. What you have to do is, an app on your Android device, copy URL of the video youwant to download any Musically video downloader will automaticallycopy this URL and give you option of downloading musically video!And the fun fact is that everything is totallyfree!Features:Musically Videos Download: Free download musicallyvideos by copying URL of your favorite videosfrom your favoritemusers or any popular model.Automatic Capture: Just open yourmusically app along with musically video downloader app and copythe URL of the video you want to download and our app willautomatically capture the URL and showyou the needful options.PlayBefore Download: You can also check the preview of that videobefore downloading.Easy to use: Just copy URL and hit the downloadbutton! Isn’t that too easy even for a primary classkid?ShareOptions: Share your downloaded videos with your friends or familyusing share options.Watch Saved Videos: Easily access yourpreviously saved videos from Musically Downloader's library.&Many more features are on the way! Hit the install buttonnow.Disclaimer:1. We are not associated with Musical. ly app in anymanner.2. Please do not use this app to save or download videoswithout the permission of the owners.3. Write us for any issue.
Video Downloader for Kwai 1.1
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The video social network Kwai has gained a lot of popularityandover 800 million Kwai video makers are creating hundredthousandsof best short videos to entertain you. Kwai has gotLip-syncfeatures, best drama scenes, songs and movie scenes tocreate yourfabulous music video. With Kwai Video Downloading appyou can alsodownload your own Kwai videos that you have recentlycreated usingthis social networking service.Downloading Kwai videoswas nevereasy before this app. All you have to do is, just copy theURL ofyour favorite Kwai video and enter it to our Kwai videodownloadingthe app and our fastest servers will grab and downloadthe video toyour android device for free of cost!What’s Inside?KwaiVideosDownload: Easily download entertaining videos from over 800millionKwai users. They’re all talented and have got your regulardose offree amazing videos, hot videos.Automatic Capture: Just copytheURL of your favorite Kwai video and Kwai downloaderwillautomatically capture it and with one tap, you can downloadthevideo.Play Before you Download: Be assured about the videoyou’redownloading, play a video before downloading it directly fromourapp.Share Kwai Videos: Created some awesome videos with yourKwaiaccount and want to share it on social platforms? Just downloadthevideos and share them with your family and friends.BrowseSavedVideos: Manage all your downloaded Kwai videos directlythrough theapp.Disclaimer:1. We are not associated with Kwai in anymanner.2.DO NOT download/save or share any videos without thepermission ofvideo owner.
Story Songs for Instagram - Instant Story 1.0
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The story is a piece of gossip, a plot or a storyline. Themoreimaginary mind you have, the better story you can create. Youmighthave been a part of various stories in your life, you mightbeliving a story right now, you might be creating one right now.Youcan’t elaborate on each and every fact with others, but atleastyou can share a piece of your story with them. Social networkshavenow made it easy to share stories with people you care about.Thisapp is your mate that could help you share more stories withyourloved ones. Instant Stories is an app filled with a lot ofstoriesthat you can share on your Instagram stories. Here you’llfindhundreds of story songs to add to your insta story collectionandhighlights. Forget the old methods where you used to create astoryby typing the quotes, plots etc. Because now you can telleveryonewhat’s going on in your life with a story song and thiswill turnyour IG story in best Instagram Stories and will alsogenerate moreInstagram story views for your account that could addin morefollowers.What’s Inside?Best Instagram Stories: Download thebestInstagram stories and share them instantly with yourInstagramfollowers with a tap of the button.Latest InstagramStoriesDownload: We guarantee that you will only find fresh contentinsideInstant Story app.Story Songs: We have managed to put yourfavoriteBollywood, Punjabi hit songs into a size that would lookpretty onInstagram Stories.Upload Your Stories: Created somethingunique andwant to share it with the world? Well, go do it today byuploadingyour stories to Instagram Stories downloaderapp.Full-ScreenStories: All the stories are full-screen stories soyou can alsouse them on your Facebook Stories, WhatsAppStatus/Storiestoo.Popular/Trending Instagram Stories: What’s beingliked by yourfriends and other Instagram Users like you? Well, youcan find itin the Popular section.Download the app now and sharethe bestmemories of your life with your friends on Instagram,Facebook& WhatsApp stories.