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PC Dictionary 1.1
Sergey Solodovnik
The dictionary includes about 14000 English and about 12000 Russiancomputer terms.
Pregnancy weight gain calc 1.1
Sergey Solodovnik
How much weight you should gain during pregnancy depends on whetheryou were underweight, at a normal weight, overweight, or obesebefore you got pregnant (and whether you’re carrying twins ormultiples).Use this tool to find out which category you're in andget your target weight range for this pregnancy. If you tell usyour week of pregnancy and current weight, we'll also show you ifyou're on track for ending up at a healthy weight.
Stroboscope-Phone 1.2
Sergey Solodovnik
With this application your phone becomes real strobe light whichflashes not only with specified frequency but also to music. Looksvery impressive!
Домашний Мастер 1.4.1
Sergey Solodovnik
Все мастера города и района в одном нашем приложении. Сантехник,электрик, сварщик, мебельщик, слесарь, отделочник, строитель.Срочный вызов.All the masters of the city and district in one ofour app. Plumber, electrician, welder, cabinet maker, locksmith,finisher, builder. Urgent call.
Сhildren art 5.1.3
Sergey Solodovnik
With the program, your little one can easily choose color and brushsize and draw just like on paper.
Колористика 1.1
Sergey Solodovnik
Данное приложение содержит справочник названий всех цветовиоттенков с RGB и HTML кодами, содержит таблицу БЕЗОПАСНЫХцветовдля web-дизайна, цвета автомобилей с названиями икодами и т.п.Также есть возможность выбора палитры посредством цветовогокруга,и получение RGB и HTML кода. Огромная просьба, оставлятькоментариис замечаниями и пожеланиями, будет совершенствоваться иинтерфейс ифункционал. This application contains a directory ofnames of allcolors and shades with RGB and HTML codes, contains atable of SAFEcolors for web design, colors of cars with names andcodes, etc.Also, you can choose a palette using the color wheel,and receiveRGB and HTML code.      A hugerequest toleave comments with comments and suggestions will beimproved andthe interface and functionality.