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Jumphole 1.1
Shocking Sheep Studios
A challenging game, how long can youpostponeyour death?
Draw King for Chromecast 1.8.0
Shocking Sheep Studios
Draw King is a local multiplayer drawing game where your goal isguessing what the other player is drawing in the shortest timepossible.Each turn a player receives a word to draw. You can scorepoints guessing the word first, the person who is drawing willreceive the most points as reward for being a good drawer. In theend, the player with highest score wins.Through the GoogleChromecast technology, you can use your TV and turn your livingroom the most entertaining place in the house.Get together family,friends and have fun for free.Available languages: English, Dutch,Portuguese(brazillian), Norwegian, Spanish, Italian and Arabic.Miss your language? you can always send an email!To play you will need:1 TV with HDMIinput.1 Chromecast.1 Android device for each player.Active Wi-Ficonnection.
Lines for chromecast 1.0.3
Shocking Sheep Studios
Lines is a multiplayer chromecast game, where the goal is tosurvive longer then your opponents. You have to dodge other linesor outsmart your opponents by using your superpower at the righttime. It is a variant of "Curve Fever" and "Achtung die Kurve",only this time you can use your phone as controller. The principleis the same, you and your family or friends sit arround one screen(you TV) and connect with your phone to the chromecast. Wheneveryone has entered the game and are ready to play, the host canstart the game.