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Get10 & Over10! Number Puzzle Game - Free & Funny 1.12.0
《Get10 & Over10》 is a funny and addictive free number puzzlegame! It challenges your logical thinking! This free gameplay iswell understood, but not everyone can conquer it! This freegameplay is fit for an individuai or the family to play! This freegameplay is also to be a nice teamgame as well! ====== Gameplay====== ● This free digital puzzle game uses 5 x 5 color squares,each with a number. ● Click on the squares with the number next toeach other. The number on the square you click will increase by 1.The squares next to it and the same number will be erased. ● Aftereliminating the squares, the 5 x 5 grid will be automaticallyfilled. ● Repeat the above steps to see if you can get the number10! ● Completing the first 10, you can get 1 prize (Eraser) forfree, which can be used in subsequent games. ● The eraser graphicat the top of the screen shows the number of erasers the player hasobtained; the other side of the graphic points,you can buy theerasers and use them during the game. ● The top left side of thesquare shows your best record. White on black is the highestdigital record of the game,it can exceed 10, the black on white isthe highest (elimination) score;and the number on the right is thenumber of the game. ● After getting 10 , you can choose to continuethe game in order to over 10. ● Start the Get&Over10 freedigital casual game every day (24 hours from the end of theprevious day) ,you will get a free eraser. ● Over10, you may getmore free erasers. This free number puzzle game is a fun game forthe rest time or holidays. If you are tired of the fighting games,you would like this free number puzzle game! It has the reservedfunction when you leave the game. 【How to use the erasers?】 《Step1》: Click the eraser at the top left of the square once. 《Step 2》:Then click on a number you want to wipe off the square, the numberwill disappear,and by the number above it fall out in order to makeup, you can continue the Get&Over10 journey.
Color Puzzle Game - Download Free Hue Wallpaper 3.10.2
Are you a color master? Having extraordinary color vision acuity?Or looking for a relaxing, beautiful puzzle game? Then you MUST NOTmiss this game! This free beautiful color puzzle game includes 200levels. Different game modes and difficulties challenge your colorperception! You can play alone, or share your elegant and beautifulpuzzles with your friends. Enjoy the journey of becoming colormaster! ========== Game Features ========= ★ Healing color puzzlegame, step by step to create your color puzzle. ★ Compare your gamescores with the world average and test your perception of color. ★Every completed color puzzle can be downloaded as a free mobilewallpaper. ★ Challenge levels: Complete the level within limitedmoves, and you can download free limited edition wallpaper. ★ Arelaxing game to share with friends via Line, Facebook messenger,wechat, whatsapp and more.