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Upgrade The Game 2.0
Upgrade the Game is a game where you can upgrade everything! Fromgraphics,sound, music, menus, to your spaceship....EVERYTHING!Start from a poor game until you achieve the game complete!, Enjoyupgrading all parts of the game, you will need money that you getkilling enemies spaceships but, be careful! If they pass the lastline of defense you will lose the game! At the level 5 you willengage the Alien Commander Kill the enemies with your shoots andtwo skills: -Freeze the time -Invoke your image mirror Start fromthe simply of pixel to the graphics of the spaceships! A casualgame for all publics where you can have fun for a time doinupgrades. Features: -Upgrade the interface including main menu,shop menu and tutorial -Upgrade the graphics of your ship , enemyships, shoots, background and boss -Upgrade the shields,move speed,fire attack speed, speed of coin, the amount of coin and much more-Upgrade the skills,the times you can use it and how many time itis active -Achievements of all types -Decrease the chance of bossappear in the end of the round It is my first game,I hope youconsider it when you give your opinion! I am looking for yourfeedback to make a good, fun, awesome game!, let your feedback hereor send it to [email protected] I will apreciate so muchyour feedback and if you have some suggestions, feel free tocontact with me in [email protected] www.suduck.com Tags: casual, spaceships, upgrades,Made in openGL. Some sounds with free licence by Some images with free licence and thanks to MillionthVector
Tiles Hero : Piano 1.11
Play the classical music or theChristmascarols inside of the game!Try to be the heroe playing the piano with tiles!Touch the black tile just when it is between the red linestoachieve the maximum score!, If you made it perfect, Itwillincrease your combo counter, but be careful ! If you fail atilesthe counter will restart!Playing the piano you will unlock more songs to play!Songs to be played:Antonín Dvorak, New WorldBeethoven, Ode To JoyG.Verdi, La Dona e MobileBeethoven, Moonlight SonataTchaikovsky, Sleepy BeautyRavel, BoleroJohann Strauss, The Blue DanubeBeethoven, For ElisaCarl off,Carmina BuranaAntonio Vivaldi, SpringJohann Strauss, Radetzky MarchMozart, Turkish MarchMozart, Nocturne SerenadeMozart, 40º symphonyJacques Offenbach, Can CanSome songs has been modified because they wasn't playables( Theywasimpossible with the rhythm changes)
Upgrade the game 2 2.4
Upgrade the game 2 is a game where your objective is to upgrade thegame from something poor to a beautiful game, You will need toeliminate enemies in space in order to get coins and buy upgrades.You can upgrade everything that you can imagine! the graphics,sounds, menus, animations, skills, space, bombs ... ABSOLUTELYEVERYTHING!. In space, you will defeat different enemies with bombsand "The Laser" which has many types of ammunition. On every planetenemies will have different stats which make the game moredifferent and funny. Your own phone will be there to explaineverything and give us a fun and humorous touch. An epic sequelafter the success of Upgrade the game . Here comes Upgrade the game2! Upgrade the game 2 FEATURES: -The bombs fall where you put yourfinger -More than 20 skills to level up to help us in the fight-More than 200 dynamic levels with different mechanical -More than42 different upgrades with more than 4 levels -15 Planets toexplore with different properties -3D Models can be viewed from theshop Made in OpenGL ES and Java by Adrian Pariente Tags: casual, upgrade, game,space, bomb,Upgrade the game 2
Action Soldiers: Survival Zombie
In this action & survival game with'Cartoon' style, you will battle against hordes of zombies starvingof human flesh with incredible skills. Level up and choose betweenyour talent arsenal to make every game unique!You want to kill zombies? Then, you will need your ultimate skill.Each character has a different one. Use it to annihilate zombiesand accomplish missions in order to unlock more talents and skills.You can even upgrade the stats of your squad improving yoursurvival ability!Are you ready for the action?Game Features:● Stunning 3D graphics and effect on a 'Cartoon' style optimizedfor mobile● Unlock more than 60 incredible talents and skills to stopzombies● Use an ultimate skill to end with the horde of zombies.● Unlock more character with unique ultimate skills and stats● Upgrade the stats of your squad● Tactile controls adapted to your mobile screen● Missions to accomplish in order to earn money and upgrade yourrankMade by Adrian Pariente Carracedo in Unitywww.suduck.com action, survival, zombie, talent, cartoon, soldier
Upgrade the game 3 1.228
After the success of Upgrade the game 2 with more than 1 million ofdownloads, Upgrade the game 3 game has been upgraded to the nextlevel! This is an alien shooter 3D game where your goal is toupgrade the game from scratch to a beautiful game, includingsounds, graphics, interfaces...EVERYTHING!. In order to keepupgrading the game, you will lead 5 ships in the battle to destroythe enemy aliens in this space shooter. Collecting the upgradematerial that you need for your upgrades. There are more than 6ships to choose and combine as you wish in order to save thegalaxy! Use the ultimate skill to make devastating attacks! Enjoythe special attacks to gain an incredible power for a limited time!Explore the universe in this alien shooter ! Upgrade the game 3FEATURES: -Three gameplay modes! -More than 300 levels with abackground story where you will investigate who is behind the"lose" of upgrades. -6 ships to choose and combine. Each one withhis own ultimate skill -New special attack mode, where you willgain an incredible power for a limited time -4 different specialattacks -Increase the power of all of your ships -More than 25different enemies -More than 60 different upgrades with more than 4levels -Upgrades for the music, graphics, sounds, interfaces, FX...for everything! -Different perpectives of your ships during thegameplay -31 Planets to explore -Hangar where you will be able tosee your ships closer www.suduck.com Tags: casual, upgrade, game,space, arcade, shooter,Upgrade the game 3