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Yatzy/Yahtzee Protocol 2.2.1
Trevliga Spel
This easy-to-use protocol keeps track of your Yatzy game. Pleasenote that it is a protocol only, you still need physical dices toplay the game. * Supports two variations of the game: Yatzy andYahtzee.* Up to 6 players.* 15 fixed color themes plus onecustomizable theme.* Popup selection of results, no need to enterdigits.* Keep track of wins and high-score with game statistics.*Currently supports English, Swedish and German language.
Yatzy Protocol 2.3.0
Trevliga Spel
Protocol app where you can register your Yatzy game. Features:*Handles games as played both in northern Europe (Yatzy) andinUSA/Central Europe (Yahtzee). * Up to 6 players. * Easy entryofscores through popup dice selection. * Keeps track ofgamestatistics, high scores and wins. * Includes a large numberofskins where you can pick your favorite color/background. *Includesone customizable skin where you can select your own colors.Pleasenote that this is a protocol-only app, you need physicaldices toplay the game. (This app was previously published underanothername, but that app name included a trade mark protected wordandGoogle removed that app from the store)