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Thumbnail Changer [ROOT] 2.1
►Requirement♦ Rooted Device►DescriptionThumbnail Changer. allows you to choose a fake image for avideo/imageWhen you will send your video/images via whatapp they will receivean video/image, with a fake thumbnail you selected.When your friends sees the downloading image (FAKE Thumbnail) andwait for the download to complete,FAKE image will change.. intoyour REAL image/video!You can use Thumbnail Changer in original and creative ways:To hear your friends asking: “How did you do that?”To send really original love or wishes messages!To send a sexy picture that will turn into ...To send a photo that your friends are waiting for a long timeand it will turn into something that they hate!To send “special" messages: in the first photo choose a photowith a text, and in the other one let the images talk for you!To do special tricks!► Usage♦ Install application♦ open it♦ grant root permission♦ You can see the thumbnail of the last received file.(Video orAudio. Now it supports both)♦ Click on the bottom part and choose an image (google photos maynot work. I use QuickPic)♦ click share and the thumbnail is changed♦ Exit the application► If you want to change the the thumbnail of a new video.♦ open the application and on the menu click "Open ownnumber"♦ in the dialog box, type your phone number and click OK♦ this will allow you to send an image/video to yourself♦ After sending the video to your self, open the thumbnail changerapplication and you can see your video/images thumbnail♦ then follow the usual procedure given above.Note: -----------To see the change, you may required to swipeclose whatapp from recent app list and open it again.Even if youdidn't close it,if you send the modified video/image, it willwork.-----------Note : -----------Google Image Picker will not work while pickingthe image from the Thumbnail Changer App.Use any other Gallery Appavailable (like QuickPic)---------------►Need Help, post on XDA?♦