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Bible 1.1.86
Vladimir Yakushev
This BibleQuote app will help you not only reflect on the Scripturebut also to always have God’s Word in your pocket wherever you go.-Search the Bible using keywords- Cross references will help you tofind commonalities between different parts of the Bible- Easy touse offline bookmarks and tags will help you to save and easilyfind your favorite passages- Create your own cross references inyour BibleNotice: all these options work offlineCUSTOMIZE YOURBIBLEThis Bible app has two translations by default: Synodal Bible(Published by Moscow Patriarchate) and King James Version. You candownload other Bible translations, books, commentaries. All youneed to do is to visit following web resources and download themodules you want.http://www.ph4.ru/bsoft_bqmod.ph4http://jesuschrist.ru/software/http://bqt.ruhttp://eshatos-lib.ruAfter you downloaded a file:1. Copy it in to the folder named“BibleQuote/modules” in your internal storage or memory card ofyour device.2. Start the BibleQuote app3. Open “Library” and tapthe option “refresh” in the upper right corner.4. Enjoy!May Godbless you!