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Body Fat Calculator 3.0.3
STAY HEALTHY AND LOOK GREAT WITH THIS BODY FAT CALCULATOR!The mostaccurate body fat percentage calculator with very interactiveresults which include your fitness level, your healthy weight rangebased on your lean body mass (LBM) and how much fat you should loseor gain in order to be in the healthy weight range.Unlike BMIcalculators which can be very inaccurate especially if you have bigmuscle mass, this calculator gives results based on your body fatpercentage and they are not affected by your body weight.Features:•5 most accurate formulas: - 1. Jackson/Pollock 3 site skin foldcaliper method.- 2. Jackson/Pollock 4 site skinfold calipermethod.- 3. Jackson/Pollock 7 site skinfold caliper method.- 4.Durnin/Womersley 4 site skinfold caliper method.- 5. Tape Measuremethod used by the U.S. Navy.• Progress chart for keeping track.•Instructions.• Settings menu where you can choose to saveautomatically age, height and weight.• Body Fat PercentageCalculator.• Lean Body Mass Calculator.• Body Fat WeightCalculator.• Fitness level: Underfat, Healthy, Overfat, Obese.•Healthy / Ideal Weight Calculator.• How much fat you should lose orgain.
Music Widget for WALKMAN™ 1.7.41
Music Widget for WALKMAN™ is a widget app that lets you controlyour Xperia™ WALKMAN music player from any launcher! It alsofeatures 5 beautiful layouts and is highly customizable!Notice thathaving time indicator and progress bar enabled can slow down thedevice and cause battery drain if your phone is from the oldergenerations!
Universal Music Widget 1.4.1
Universal Music Widget supports every music player that supportsstandard Android™ 4.0+ lock screen controls, including stock HTC™music player.For Android 4.4+ the app requires to have notificationaccess enabled.This is also the most beautiful and customizablemusic widget out there!In order the widget to recognize the playeryou need to start playback after the widget has been added.SPECIALTHANKS to Alexander Woodblock for sharing his methods about theuniversal music controls.
Lyrics Music Extension 2.4.54
Lyrics Music Extension (Music Infinite Extension for lyrics) letsyou instantly see the lyrics of the playing song from the Musicplayer (WALKMAN™), without entering any keywords.The LyricsExtension offers a lot of features including:• Manual Search forsongs that don't have lyrics.• Add lyrics to a song and save it asID3 tags or to SD card.• Music controls within the app.• A lot ofappearance settings.WORKS ONLY ON SONY DEVICES!To see the lyrics ofthe song tap the Infinite Key in your Xperia™ music player andselect View Lyrics.Wish you all great Xperience!