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Download WeatherBug®, winner of the 2016 “Best Weather App” by AppyAwards. Get the best weather app, powered by the world's largestnetwork of professional weather stations, free! This live weatherapp provides the fastest weather alerts, real-time weatherconditions, accurate hourly & 10-day forecasts & more. Use18 weather maps, including Doppler radar, satellite map, lightningalerts, precipitation, temperature, wind chill, heat index, pollen,and more! From storm warnings to rain alerts, WeatherBug gives youeverything you need to know. Our weather widgets let you set alertsand information you want to see on your home screen. Radar weatherapps have never been this easy or convenient. See weatherconditions and Know Before® when you join the millions of users whouse WeatherBug, the longest running weather app – download now! THEWEATHERBUG ADVANTAGE • Spark™ Lightning Alerts: GetDangerous Thunderstorm Alerts & prepare for severe weatherconditions •  Professional Weather Network: the largestprofessional grade weather stations in North America reporthyper-local weather conditions in real-time • Animated WeatherMaps: 18 weather maps give you options on what weather conditionsyou see • International Weather Forecasts: Prepare forweather abroad with weather forecasts for over 2.6 millionlocations worldwide WEATHER NEWS FOR YOU • Weather News: Newsalerts and featured videos about local conditions • WeatherData Customization: Customize weather data & rearrangeweather tiles to your liking • Weather Forecasts for YourLifestyle: Custom weather forecasts for all your lifestyleactivities • Current Weather Conditions: Real-timeweather conditions • Weather Forecasts: Reliable &detailed hourly & 10-day forecasts • Live DopplerRadar: Doppler radar animation for precipitation information• Wind Forecast: See what wind conditions will be through theday WEATHER ALERTS • Weather Notifications: See weatherconditions & receive alerts in your notifications area• Severe Weather Alerts: Get severe weather alerts fromWeatherBug, the NWS & NOAA AIR QUALITY, ALLERGIES & MORE• Precise Weather Details: Get wind speed, UV Index,weather observations & more • Hurricane Center: Trackhurricanes from your phone. Storm alerts let you know if ahurricane is on the way. • Pollen Count: Local &national pollen count & data • Temperature: Check thetemperature anywhere WEATHER CUSTOMIZATION • Local WeatherRadar: See local weather conditions, weather map & weatherradar • Weather Widgets: Add weather information to yourhome screen with weather widgets • Multi-language Support:  English, Spanish, Portuguese, German, French & Japanese• Temperature Units:  Fahrenheit (°F), Celsius (°C)• Wind Units: MPH, KPH, Knots & MPS • PressureUnits:  Inches & millibars RADAR WEATHER MAPS• Weather Map: Explore weather conditions, temperature, pollenlevels & more with interactive maps • Satellite map: Viewweather data from above with our satellite map • Interactivemap: Navigate the satellite map & see weather conditions aroundyou CONNECT WITH US • Like us on Facebook - • Follow us on Twitter [email protected] • Check us out on Instagram - @weatherbug • Watch ourYouTube weather channel broadcast - • Read our Know Beforeblog - Get real time weatherreports so you can Know Before. Download WeatherBug, the best freeweather app! This app may include “Interest-Based Ads” (see for more information)and may collect or share “Precise Location Data” (see for more information).
WeatherBug Widget
The WeatherBug widget for Android is feature packed and backed bythe world's largest network of professional weather stations acrossthe United States. With access to over 10,000 professional weatherstations in the US and 50,000 global weather stations, our weatherwidget will give you the current weather conditions and weatherforecasts for your location with just a quick glance at your homescreen. FEATURES• Select from multiple weather widgets in fivedifferent sizes• Use the custom clock widget with alarm function•Set your preferred temperature to Celsius or Fahrenheit• Receivesevere weather alerts and dangerous thunderstorms alerts• See thecurrent temperature and the feels like temperature• Get daily hi/locurrent temperature and forecasted temperature• Plan your days with2-day, 3-day, and 5-day weather forecastsUse the WeatherBug weatherwidget and stay connected to Get detailed weatherconditions, weather forecasts, weather news, weather alerts,lightning alerts, and Doppler radar from the WeatherBugwebsite! Get the free weather widget backed by the world'slargest network of professional weather stations today!Want more?Download the free WeatherBug app for Android from Google Play formore detailed weather data right on your phone. Download here: USFacebook: love feedback, sotell us what you think! Send us your thoughts, questions orsuggestions to [email protected]
Weather Elite by WeatherBug
The ad-free version of the highly rated WeatherBug app. Get thebest weather app today! “I love using WeatherBug because it is veryeasy to use and gives the most accurate current and future weatherreports!” – Android User Review WeatherBug is powered by theworld's largest network of professional weather stations, providingthe fastest weather alerts, real-time weather conditions, accuratehourly forecasts & 10-day forecasts, over a dozen weather mapsincluding Doppler radar, satellite, lightning alerts,precipitation, local temperature, local pressure, local radar, windchill, heat index, humid, wind, pollen, UV and much more! THEWEATHERBUG ADVANTAGE • Spark™ Lightning Alerts: Using WeatherBug'sTotal Lightning Network, receive Dangerous Thunderstorm Alerts 50%quicker and be prepared for severe weather conditions. • World'sLargest Professional Weather Network: WeatherBug has the largestprofessional grade weather stations in North America which reporthyper-local weather conditions in real-time. • Animated WeatherMaps: WeatherBug provides over a dozen weather maps so you havemultiple options on what weather conditions you need to see. •International Forecasts: Prepare for weather abroad with weatherforecasts for over 2.6 million locations across the globe. •Customize Your Weather: Customize your weather data to fit yourpersonal needs with the ability to rearrange weather tiles to yourliking. • Lifestyles Forecasts: Custom weather forecasts for allyour lifestyle activities such as sports games, golf, lawn care,allergies, pollen, outdoors & more. TRACK ANY CONDITION • AlertNotifications: Receive severe weather alerts from WeatherBug, theNWS & NOAA • Current Weather Conditions: Real-time weatherconditions for your local & saved locations • Detailed WeatherForecasts: Reliable hourly forecasts & 10-day forecasts • LocalPollen Details: Explore local polled and national pollen count& data • Live Doppler Radar: Doppler radar animation forprecipitation information • Real-Time Traffic Conditions: Viewcurrent traffic conditions to better plan your day • NotificationsView: See current weather conditions & receive alerts in yournotifications area • Precise Weather Details: Get wind speed, UVIndex, weather observations and more • Weather Widgets: Add weatherinformation to your home screen with weather widgets • HurricaneCenter: Track hurricanes using satellite & radar and see thelatest hurricane forecasts CUSTOMIZE YOUR WEATHER • LocalConditions: Get local weather conditions, weather map & weatherradar • Multi-language Support: Get your weather in English,Spanish & Portuguese • Temperature Units: Fahrenheit (°F),Celsius (°C) • Wind Units: MPH, KPH, Knots and MPS • PressureUnits: Inches and millibars CONNECT WITH US • Facebook: • Twitter: @WeatherBug •YouTube: • Know BeforeBlog: • Pinterest: Join millions of users whodepend on WeatherBug to help you prepare for all weather conditionsand Know Before®.