Wil2Games التطبيقات

Memory trainer MatchUp 1.1
This game allows to train your memory in funnyway. Classical mechanics of matchUp puzzle is able to entertain anychild or an adult.There are three themes in the game: fruits, beach and sports.
Destroy boxes 1.53
Destroy boxes - physical puzzle, where playershould destroy certain number of blocks, but precious crystalsshould not be broken. Realistic physics with gravity makes youcause to think where to click in order to maintain the balance ofconstruction. In the game there are different types of boxes:standard wooden, iron unbreakable, exploding boxes. Also flyingballoons and soft boxes that bend and destabilize the structurewill be added soon.How to play:At each level in this physics game, you see a given design of theboxes. You need to destroy them by clicking on them. But so as notto drop to the ground precious crystal. But it is not so easy todestroy that box bring down the entire structure.I hope you will enjoy this game, so my efforts were not invain.While levels of the game 60, but their number will soonincrease.If you like puzzle games like Move Box, Sudoku, Cut the Rope,Unblock My Car, Move it!, Unblock Me, Where's My water you willdefinitely love this game.
Crazy Panda 1.3
This game is about flying crazy panda.Pandawants to fly as a bird and then it happens.How to play. Make light taps on the screen for fly up. Takeyourfinger off the screen and the panda will fall with gravity.Collectbonuses for points. For passing into the next level you willneedto collect the special highlighted quest bonuses by followingthearrows.