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Africa – Escape from zoo! 1.2.1
Addictive & simple runner game!Africa – Escape fromzoo!Wholly-free runner game you can enjoy with a fingerYour handwill enjoy it with simple operation of one finger. The cute animalscaught in the zoo begin to escape. Please help them escape from thezoo as far as they can. You need to operate it in the delicate waythough it is simple and easy. How much can you control itdelicately and react fast?Why don’t you select the character thatgoes well with youamong total 19 animals and try the longest escapedistance?If you are good at playing the game after trying a numberof animals, why don’t you select the character of ‘zookeeper’ as aspecial player which is suitable for high leveler?Zookeeper whowants to quit his job and get out of zoo right away begins hisescape from zoo. Additive & simple runner game!Africa – Escapefrom zoo!The cute animals are waiting for your help!★ Play Tip★- Itis important not to hide the player with the finger!- If youoperate it by touching bottom of screen, you can reach further asyou can check the moving direction. - It has the moment you shouldmeet timing by reducing the speed for a curve. Please show yourquick reaction. - If the one is a fast animal, would that be goodone? You can reach the best score with the one that goes well withyou. ★ Ect ★- The animals you can achieve first time are five (dog,cat, chicken, mouse and big). - The function of saving at Cloud isavailable from second animal you achieve. - If you want to storethe data of previous play, please press restore button in optionscreen before achieving second animal.
Zombie is coming 2.0
Zombie is coming! Press tab, tab, tab on zombies with a finger!Findand raise the hunters who will fight with youchallenge a bosszombie of the highest level!Clicker & neglected zombie game!Zombie is coming - Raising huntersObtain zombie genes by knockingzombies downReinforce your team by finding hidden hunters and itemsYou can easily remove zombies when you raise hunters withindividual weapons.Summon new boss zombies by using air strike!Thehigher boss levels are, the higher attack ability of the team isand the more zombie genes you can collect!Do not forget to searchalways.Max, your sincere search dog comes back after finding newhunters and various items!Remove boss zombies by finding thehunters who will grow and fight with you and hidden items!Zombie iscoming! Press tab tab tab!- Remove 50 kinds of boss zombies!- Findand raise individual hunters!- Collect various items!※Utilize thefunction to store data on the cloud for data recovery.※Make sure tothe storage state after storing your data on thecloud.Update----------------------------------------------------------------2016.11. 24 - v2.0- Victoria (bow) and Roy (Pair Pistol) characters havebeen added.- When you clear, you can select a character to play.-When cleared, gain trophy compensation and raise Hunter maximumlevel limit.- Upgrade items can be upgraded by acquiring upgradekits.- The character / item / gene / upgrade kits obtained by thesearch through Max have increased in probability and quantity.-Attack speed application is more accurate.2016. 11. 08- Add bosslist- Add a Hunter description In the Upgrade window- Increaseattack speed level- Potion duration increased to 20 seconds
Number 9 - Block puzzle 1.7
Simple but thought-provoking, easy but addictive!Action blockpuzzle game! Number 9 !Remove the blocks simply by clicking leftand right Use 'normal jump' and 'double jump' to maintainCombo.Burst Fever Gauge to make it easier to clear mission.When youhave cleared the missions in order, you can try higher lines Morelines will provide you with more new experiences.Is it hard toclear the mission? Upgrade Fever Gauge.Clearing the mission becomesmuch easier when you upgrade Fever to the maximum or charge it whenlaunching the game Collect GEM for upgrade by clearing mission orthrough GEM Stage Action block puzzle ! Number 9 !Start now!!
Corin Story - Action RPG 2.02
Action RPG Game - Corin Story!▶ Combo action to enjoy with simpleway!▶ Stories of heroes.▶ Collect weapons, armor, monsters, andartifacts.New encounters and farewells with heroes ...The demonking Chaos and the three demons,And stories ofheroes.■■■■■■■■■■Create new weapons through the blacksmith!Collectand strengthen new weapons!■■■■■■■■■■Individual armor fills yourlacking power!Collect armor and increase yourabilities!■■■■■■■■■■Defeat boss monsters and collectthem.■■■■■■■■■■The artifact's power is powerful.Acquisition ofartifacts has a big influence on the progress of the game.Growingthrough reinforcement and reincarnation,Start your adventure withheroes!EnjoyGame!-------------------------------------------------www.yemacomm.comE-mail: [email protected]
Monster gate - Summon by tap 2.02
Each time you tap the monster's door, you will summon a monsterthat is one step higher. Summoned monsters have high damage andoption abilities depending on their star rating. Summon powerfulmonsters to invade all castles. But the fact that there is a recallprobability! Check your luck. If the summoning fails, use theResurrection Order !. - Choose 5 of 10 magic skills to combine yourown skills. - Obtain the monster map from the invasion map, andregister the more powerful monster in the book! - In the arena, youcan enjoy real-time PVP with people from all over the world. -Improve your monsters' ability by collecting high-level artifacts!You can upgrade your player according to the progress of the stage.The higher the player's rating, the higher the attack power of allmonsters! Monster Summon RPG - Monster's Gate! Summon the strongestmonster! Good Luck ~