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Color Path Challenge 1.3.1
Zippy Mobile
Connect and mix matching colors to create aconnection. Use the blender to create a color mix. Red + Blue willbe Purple, Blue + Yellow will be Green and so on.- 650+ human-designed levels for maximum challenge!!! More levels coming soon in updates, keep the app on yourdevice :) !!!- 24 Extra challenging levels- Day/Night mode- Beautiful ColorsYou can simply break any connection anywhere. Just touch thepath at the point where you want to break it and drag it.The more color you connect the more star you get.
Mix and Connect 1.1.16
Zippy Mobile
Let's have some fun with colors. In this very simple puzzle gamethe challenge is to connect dots with the same color, but with atwist. Sometimes you need to mix different colors and create a newone. But if you like playing with color combinations, you are goingto love this game. - 650+ unique and challenging handcrafted levels- Very simple UI with light and dark mode
Ancient Bricks 1.5.20
Zippy Mobile
Welcome adventurer! It is time to prove your brick breaker skills.You have an opportunity to journey through an ancient temple,collecting as many treasures as you can. You can explore thetemple's chambers through 240 beautifully handcrafted levels anddiscover 192 challenging level in tombs or venture below into themine where the deeper you get the more precious treasures you willfind! Are you ready for the this challenge? *** Game Modes ***Exploration: you can discover 6 different labyrinths containing 240unique chambers and 192 mysterious tombs. You must break all bricksin a chamber to complete the level. Use the paddle to collect thefalling treasurers and power-ups. Be careful, though, as not allpower-ups are handy! Mine: lots of gold, crystals and ancienttreasure are buried deep under the temple. You can use a hugemining machine to break even the strongest bricks but some specialpowerful balls can also be very useful for this work. How far canyou get? *** Main Features *** – 240 handcrafted chamber and 192tombs levels in Exploration Mode – endless destruction in MiningMode – 7 unlockable ball types – 4 unlockable paddle types withpowerful abilities – more than 30 unlockable upgrades – powerupinventory – real-time physics – lots of power-ups, power-downs andcollectable items – daily, weekly missions and ad hoc challenges –single touch and tilt controls – fast-paced addictive gameplay