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US Mafia Robbery Crime Escape 10
Are you ready for adventures to play like a top secret agent of ussecrets service in this mafia gangsters shootout mission game,taking responsibility to arrest city robbery criminals? The mainobjective is to plan a jail escape mission & play as a robbersagainst criminal squad to execute city grand theft. Be the skilledrobber and get out from dangerous crime scene. Mafia ask you tojoin their gang for attack, shooting, spy assassins and criminalskills and training. This robbery master game is all about extremetheft in deadly criminal world of russia. Gangsters group hasdesigned a grand robbery to steal cash, guns from other gangsters.Mafia has planned a gang member prison escape from army jail who isbeing arrested, but an extreme high security operation againstcrime in the city has made the survival impossible for him. Theserussian streets are hard for a clash in between cops vs thugs. Getready to play this epic jail break prisoner and grand gang game.Prepare for grand clash of gangster and robbers in wildest assaultgame. Keep firing rifle and kill all gangster of the enemy toescape. Strike them hard to prison escape. Grab your gun to survivecriminal police chase missions. There is no time for a trainingsession, so keep cover in shadow for stealth operations behindwalls. A large group of criminal squad is going to rush the russianstreets. Do bank robbery. Use your elite sneaky skills for russianspy cops and police officers squad to win the war. Plan escape frommaximum security. Go to main door, run, fight & shoot to getinvolve in robbery, clash, assassin, survival and much more instealth mode. Fight the brutal targeted missions, be prepared asone man army trained by Intelligence agency to fight & attackyour rival gangsters in sin city. Enjoy this fun addictive gamewith a war against police chase and squad.
Creepy momo fake video call 1.0
An entertaining prank fake call momo application for your phone.Inour «Creepy Momo fake Call» application you can call momo. Agreatapplication where you can have a good time with friends. Youcanplay friends or already install the application on afriend’sphone, add a timer and wait for a call. A friend will beshocked!You can also play school friends, acquaintances or peopleon thestreet. There are many different functions available intheapplication. Advantages: - Select a photo from the gallery;-Ability to change the photo on the call; - Enable /disablesounds/vibration; We will be glad to you! Remember, we do not havesharpsounds or scary photos, we do not use videos that are harmfultohealth. The application does not contain anything bad andwascreated for the purpose of entertainment.