instasave photo & video 1.1
The social networks become a necessity inourdaily life including Facebook, WhatsApp, tango, etc. But ifwejumped back just a few years earlier, we couldn’t find any ofthesemeans of communication that has to do with the social lifeandrelationships, it was about text messages and open calls.Thesocial network bring to us new ways to share our feelingsandthoughts, and experiences with people around the globeandsometimes with strangers, including memorable pictures thatremindus of our wonderful and enjoyable journeys of our lifeAs everybody knows that there is an application that deals onlywithpictures, called Instagram, it’s an online mobile photo andvideosharing application, along with sharing the updates withfamily andfriends. It was created in 2010 by Kevin Systrom andMike Krieger.However, the only issue that Instagram has and manypeople arecomplaining about is that the ability of saving, keepingordownloading photos to the device, which become a predicamentforsome users to rethink and use this application and enjoyitsfeatures. That’s why we have created a new application thatallowsyou to easily save your preferable and favorite photosandlandscapes, this application called Instagram Photo Saver, anewway and outlet to archive you moments and memories withyourbeloved ones. Since it’s a free application, you can save asmuchphotos as wish. Instagram Photo Saver is your reliefFeatures:* Save any of the photos from your feed* Save any of the photos you liked* Save any of your Instagram photos* Download Instagram videos* Search photos by tag* Search users by name* View the selected user's profile* View the users you currently follow and also your followers* View the followers of the selected user and also theusersfollowed by that user* Easily choose the folder to download photos* Select the photos you want to download one by one* Share photos* Open the selected photo with official Instagram app* Bookmark users (by clicking star on the top-right corner)Please do not use this program to save photos withoutthepermission of the respective owners. Respect the rights oftheInstagram users.Photo Saver uses the Instagram public API and depends ontheInstagram servers. Photo Saver uses the OAuth 2.0 protocoltoauthenticate the user.
jungle hell rider 1.0
Nobody can expect someone who can ride inajungle like hell, its quiet strange and fantastic at the sametime,with his powerful ability to avoid the gigantic obstaclesthejungle hell rider gain more extra life and survive to continuehismysterious path to the endThe story of Jungle hell rider take place in Neverland, when thenewvisitors came out the blue to destroy the city and demolishitsglacial and splendid buildings and turn them into rubblesandremains. Twenty years after, Neverland acquires new abilitiesandmagical features that allows it to travel throughtime,specifically in the enormous and magnificent jungle, whichcontainsupernatural creatures like walking skeletons along with avarietyof high tech motorcycles and automobiles. The jungle hellrider isborn to take revenge of what the aliens causes and probablycursedthe great and huge jungle and become unsafe for peopleThe process of the game is easy and simple, all you need istocontrol the supernatural car with your point finger withdifferentdirections either left or right, besides that you need totake intoconsideration the unexpected cars and motorcycles alongwith bigstones. If you get crushed by any of these obstacles, thanyouretry to play. Moreover, you can play with various kinds of carstoenjoy the adventure. Jungle hell rider is a perfect game toreviveyou spirit to evade the bad ones and enjoy your time withnice andwell-designed graphics for better playing.