Superflavor connects as an online portalthelifestyle sports kitesurfing, surfing, stand up paddleandwindsurfing in a single magazine. Now you get Superflavor asansmartphone app. Superflavor offers trendy design andexclusivecontent. It reports on new products, material tests andfashionideas. Video and Photo series on current events and travelreportscomplete the journalistic portfolio. Related sportslikewakeboarding and skateboarding, which repeatedly performthesurfing scene new impulses, are also reflected on Superflavorandrevive the lifestyle character of the magazine - Wind / Surf /SUPIn the menu you can easily select your favorite news fromthecategories SUP, windsurfing, kite surfing and wave riding.Inaddition, the Supeflavor app has exksusive functions such astheSuperflavor calendar with a direct connection to yoursmartphonecalendar. So for sure you will never miss a surfevent!