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Online Therapy, Emotional diary, Mindfulness tools 2.06
Coping with our feelings isn’t always an easy task. That’s why atifeel your emotional wellbeing is our top priority. With ifeelyou’ll have a complete set of tools you can use daily to monitoryour mood. We offer a vast array of free exercises to reducestress, control anxiety, different relaxation techniques, abreathing assistant, relevant blog articles and mindfulnessexercises. All the content is created and customised by licensedpsychologists and mental health experts. How does it work? ifeeloffers you a mood tracker where you can keep track of your moodtrends and the internal and external factors which have beenaffecting you. This will allow you to better understand what it isthat makes you feel a certain way at different times. Our virtualassistant, powered by artificial intelligence, will help youmonitor and improve your emotional wellbeing. Also, it will helpyou express yourself and understand which factors are moreimpactful to the moods and emotions you experience. We use thelatest technologies to recommend you - through our proprietaryalgorithm - several free tools (exercises, articles, audios, etc.)customised to your moods, which will help you improve youremotional wellbeing. All the tools are designed by licensed,clinical psychologists with the aim of supporting you throughoutthe day-to-day challenges. All the tools are completely free andfor you to use at your own convenience. Also, you will have accessto a set of metrics and info about yourself so that you can checkyour progress over time. All the data is completely confidentialand only accessible to you: it will help you improve your emotionalbehaviour and manage the relationship with yourself and others.What if I need professional help? Psychological support can becrucial during many periods of our life. For this reason at ifeelwe want you to have access to professional help whenever you mayneed it: it’s a bit like having your licensed psychologist in yourpocket. You’ll be able to talk to your dedicated psychologistthrough a chat or videocall - whatever works best for you - anytimeand anywhere. Online psychology allows connecting everyone with theprofessional that is best suited for their individual needs,increasing the possibility of a successful therapy process. Atifeel we think everyone deserves dedicated and customisedattention. You can subscribe to our online therapy plans from €24.99/week and start your therapy right away. Online therapy offersmore convenience, higher flexibility and much more affordableprices. You won’t need to worry about scheduling a session,commuting or arranging your day around a face-to-face meeting withyour psychologist. How can ifeel help me? Our online psychologistshave helped improve the emotional wellbeing of many clients throughthe following therapy processes: - Online therapy aimed atovercoming depression; - Online therapy aimed at learning how tomanage anxiety (social anxiety, phobias, panic attacks, etc.); -Couples therapy aimed at solving every sort of relationship issues;- Relaxation techniques aimed at managing and relieving stress; -Effective communication tools to improve your social skills; -Personal growth and development techniques; - And much more... Atifeel we believe therapy should be an ongoing and seamless process.Once you are assigned your dedicated therapist, you will enter anonline therapy “virtual room” created specifically for you. Thisroom will be open 24 hours a day and is a completely private andconfidential space, where only you and your personal psychologistwill be able to communicate. This is the virtual space where youand your dedicated therapist will work together to achieve yourobjectives. All the professionals on our platform are licensedpsychologists with years of experience in online therapy. Theyundergo a rigorous selection process and receive periodicaltraining. They also constantly attend supervision and follow-upsessions.