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Conspiracy World Truth 0.1
karlas Dream
Conspiracy Theory: It’s a term used by many tobrush off something that clashes with what they believe in, or havebelieved in for a long period of time. Taking in new informationthat runs counter to a current belief system is not easy and cancause the feeling of cognitive dissonance – a term used in modernpsychology to describe the feeling of discomfort that arises frombeing confronted with two or more conflicting ideas, beliefs, orvalues. It suggests that we have an inner drive to hold on to allof our beliefs and attitudes, avoiding the feelings of discomfortand instability that accompany new ideas, regardless of whetherthose ideas are backed by evidence and sound logic.
Teen Transgender 0.79.13446.64905
karlas Dream
TeenTrans is an Information app for Transchildren, and parents and family members of Trans Children, and isalso a good resource for teachers.
Transgender uk 0.62.13364.20405
karlas Dream
This application has been designed as aninformation resource for transgender persons and their families. Itcovers a wide variety of topics from hormone treatment, welfarerights, information leaflets and general things about genderdysphoria.It has been designed by a male to female transsexual. It includestheir blog which covers the trials and tribulations of daily lifein general.