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ChronoBlade 1.4.8
nWay Inc.
Put your fighting skills to the test. ChronoBlade is theonlyside-scrolling RPG brawler featuring explosive arcade-stylecombat,and real-time synchronous PvP action. Explosive Skill-BasedCombatEach character has over 30 punishing ground and air attacksfor youto chain together for insane combos. Master the controls tododge,block and counter attacks. Dominate in Real-TimeSynchronousBattles Crush your competition in synchronous PvPbattles. Yourskill and timing are key in this competitive actiongame. YourCharacter. Your Style. Play as any of the four maincharactersthroughout the game. Outfit your hero with customequipment forstrategic upgrades. An open-ended progression systemlets you buildthe ultimate character personalized to your playstyle.
WWE Undefeated 1.6.2
nWay Inc.
Play the newest WWE mobile game featuring real-time head-to-headcompetition. Designed from the ground up for mobile, thismultiplayer action game presents quick-session matches that blendfast arcade-style action with strategic depth of an RPG. Collectand upgrade signature moves to build up your WWE Superstar’s andLegend’s arsenal to dominate and defeat your opponents. Play asyour favorite WWE Superstars and Legends, including The Rock, RomanReigns, The Undertaker, Drew McIntyre, “The Fiend” Bray Wyatt, SethRollins, Kofi Kingston, and more. Experience over-the-top actionwith outrageous attacks, exaggerated poses, and unbelievable moves.Connect with a faction to share moves and strategies. Show theworld what you’ve got on your epic quest to become the ultimate WWEChampion. REAL-TIME HEAD-TO-HEAD MATCHES Brawl head-to-head withlive opponents from around the world in real-time PvP action. Thisis a game where skills matter. BRING OUT YOUR INNER CEREBRALASSASSIN Collect, upgrade, and customize your WWE Superstars andLegends with a host of different wrestling signature moves andfinishers. Be strategic about what moves work best together tooutsmart your opponent on the main stage. YOUR FACTION’S GOT YOURBACK Join a faction to share wrestling moves, tips and tricks. Beconnected to your own WWE community. Team up with your friends todominate your opponents in unique alliance events. Engage inspecial alliance missions to earn additional rewards. Dominate theWWE Universe as a faction like no other. OVER-THE-TOP WRESTLINGACTION Outrageous attacks. Exaggerated poses. Unbelievable moves.The action and the mayhem are larger-than-life in WWE Undefeated.JOIN IN ON YOUR FAVORITE WWE EVENTS Battle your way to the top inthese spectacular WWE events, such as WrestleMania, SummerSlam,Survivor Series, Royal Rumble, and more. VISUALLY STUNNINGENVIRONMENTS Take your WWE Superstars and Legends to fight inextraordinary and marvelous environments including the Taj Mahal,Shibuya Crossing, Easter Island, and many more.
Power Rangers: Legacy Wars 3.1.5
nWay Inc.
Rita Repulsa, the space witch, has infected the Morphin Grid,creating virtual monsters and Ranger clones programmed to fight onher behalf. Fight back with your own curated team of legendaryPower Rangers and villains from the multiverse! Unlock new Rangers,upgrade your best warriors and create the best team to defeat Rita,and save the Morphin Grid.----------------FEATURES------------------------ BATTLE PLAYERS INREAL-TIME Strategize, dodge and fight against real players inreal-time multiplayer PvP action and unlock different arenas fromiconic locations across the Power Rangers multiverse, includingLord Zedds’ Throne Room, Terror Spacecraft, Dino Lab and more. Testyour skills against live players worldwide and move up on theleaderboard. STUNNING CONSOLE QUALITY GRAPHICS Experience yourfavorite Power Rangers and their iconic moves like never before infull-blown 3D with gorgeous visuals and animations. This fightinggame looks stunning from the detailed characters to the incredibleenvironments. COLLECT NEW & ICONIC POWER RANGERS Unlock newRangers and collect 80+ warriors ranging from the new movie PowerRangers to classic Rangers across the Power Rangers multiverse. Youcan also collect villains, including Goldar, Lord Zedd, PsychoRangers and more. MEGAZORDS Battle and brawl with giant Megazords,including Dino Megazord, Mega Goldar, Predazord, Thunder Megazordand more. Customize your Megazord with Mega Attacks. Equip over 12Mega Abilities to help destroy your opponent. Take your Megazordsand join in on the Megazord Alliance Wars where you will battleagainst other Alliances to lead your Alliance to glory.CUSTOMIZABLE TEAMS Choose your favorite warriors and create thebest team to fight for you. Upgrade your favorite warriors to joinyour squad. With your ultimate team, you can challenge top playersin combat from around the world. GROW STRONGER Upgrade your bestwarriors with Zeo Shards earned through battles, missions and moreto increase your winning streaks and battle stats. Become the mostpowerful team in the world. TEAM UP WITH YOUR FRIENDS Buildalliances to share, chat and trade tactics, strategy and combos!Watch replays to learn from other members and follow your favoriteplayers. Request and trade shards with other players in youralliance. Take part in Alliance Missions where you can worktogether to earn Zord Shards, Energy and more. RAIDS Battle in thenew PvE Raids feature against AI Heroes, Villains, and evenMegazords. Join in either the Solo Phase or Alliance Phase whereyou can earn epic rewards. EARN EPIC REWARDS Fight and battle inPvP and PvE to earn Morph boxes, coins and other rewards. Completemissions and events for exclusive rewards to upgrade your team ofwarriors and dominate your opponents. CAPCOM STREET FIGHTERSCROSS-OVER Fighters from the most popular fighting game of all timeenter the Morphin Grid. Collect your favorite Street Fightercharacters including Ryu, Chun-Li, Guile, Cammy, M. Bison andAkuma.************************************************************************“20 Best Mobile Games” - Appolicious “Top 10 Best Android Games” -Tech Vs Entz “11 Best Android Games That You Shouldn’t Miss” -Guilding Tech Nominated for “Best Mobile Game” - Best Mobile AppAwards************************************************************************Like us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/PowerRangersLegacyWarsLike us on Twitter: https://twitter.com/PRLegacyWars Visit us onInstagram: https://Instagram.com/PowerRangersLegacyWarswww.playlegacywars.com By downloading this game, you agree to theTerms of Service and Privacy Policy Agreement.https://nway.com/terms-of-service/ https://nway.com/privacy-policy/
Battlepalooza - Free PvP Arena Battle Royale 1.6.5
nWay Inc.
You are invited to Battlepalooza! A digital game show in the formof a battle royale, where real-world cities are your arenas.Compete in real-time against live contestants from around the worldfor valuable prizes. Grab as many coins as you can in thebattleground without getting fragged. Be the last of the 24contestants to survive to take home the big loot! Battlepalooza isdesigned for players of all skill levels, but some strategicthinking and a little bit of luck will get you far. REAL-WORLDCITIES ARE YOUR BATTLEGROUNDS Battlepalooza uses Google Mapsgeospatial data to create battle arenas. Compete in real-worldcities, including Las Vegas, San Francisco and Paris. Differentcities offer different levels of prizes. WIN VALUABLE COINS &EXCLUSIVE GEARS Every player has a chance to win coins and gears onevery game. Last contestant standing wins valuable premium coinsthat can be traded for exclusive gears and skins. Stake yourpremium coins on Premium Matches to win big. New, exclusive andlimited edition gears are offered weekly for you to collect. PLAYWITH YOUR FRIENDS Invite your friends for a little downtownshowdown in this fun action game. Or form an alliance to strategizeand work together to gang up on your opponents. A GAME OF STRATEGY,NOT JUST REFLEXES Decide on your unique loadout that best fits yourstrategy at the start of each match. Upgrade weapons and skillsthroughout the match by collecting items. The strategic gameplay isin knowing what to equip and upgrade by understanding your playstyle and the match situation. Victory will be determined by theright strategy. OUT-OF-THIS-WORLD FUN FOR EVERYONE Featuring wackyweapons and outrageous characters, Battlepalooza is designed forfun and players of all skill levels. You don’t have a to be ahardcore gamer to stand a chance. The game features a top down viewfor easier navigation. The combat system rewards players with ablend of strategy, skill and luck -- and not just reaction time.