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Bomber Jacke 1.3
You like adventure, discovery andadventure?Jacke Bomber is a game making you enjoy these factors converge forplayers to explore. Come to the Bomber game players as beingintegrated into the mysterious labyrinth. Players set the bombs todestroy obstacles to find the key and the door to escape. You haveto adjust the character played skillfully to avoid but the beast,the pitfalls along the way. You try to pick up items that arehidden in the material obstacles that you overcome thorn, everyitem will have a particular effect to help the players can overcomethese challenges more favorable. Through each maze challenge wasincreased, making the game bomber increasingly dramatic,stimulating imagination, charismatic and attractive players.Bomber Jacke has spectacular graphics, stunning design makes themaze becoming increasingly mysterious, combined with sound macabrefeeling to players like myself to explore.
Chicken Zero 1.0
Chicken zero is a classic video games. Asanentertainment genre game gives players comfort after a hardworkinghours. With a gun and ammunition in the hands of the playersmustshow their marksmanship abilities. With funniest chickensappeareverywhere the screen, players must quickly rapid eyecatchingfocal chickens there. The game makes you getinterestedFeature of Chicken zero:- Easy to play- Highly entertaining- Scenery vibrant colors- Fun sounds
NinJa Hattori
Ninja Hattori is a type of action game. Theplayer must control a ninja character to overcome obstacles on theroad, destroy the straps to stop to get the articles and the bloodbags pass through the journey. There are obstacles, many kinds ofanimals blocked the road in each of the stages. Use skillful hands,intelligence activities to help players through each stagefaster.***Functions in the game Ninja Hattori:- Vivid sound created for players feeling hung in the pastelgames.- Beautiful, eye-catching graphics.- Simple to play.- Ninja Hattori is an absolutely free game.***Please download and become the Ninja Hattori in game now.