spotwild – bird identification & nature community 2.6.4
💚 identify mammals, plants, fungi, butterflies, beetles or birds 💚Photograph the unknown plant by the wayside with your smartphoneand let the community determine it 💚 Keep your own personal naturediary about your own observations 💚 Or simply exchange withlike-minded people Photograph the unknown plant along the way withyour smartphone, upload it to spotwild with just a few steps andask the community for help. Capture the bird with the camera andupload it to spotwild. Report the first butterfly sighting of theyear to set up a personal nature diary. Share nature experiencesand create a community. This is what we want to achieve in essence.Because we are convinced that with the simplest possible access tosuch a platform, even lay people interested in nature will be ableto get to grips with our nature and the diversity of species.Through the uncomplicated exchange, species knowledge is expandedand thus a contribution to environmental education is made.Determining plants and animals like birds has never been so easy:No matter if mushroom, tree, bird, beetle or much more: Simplyupload a photo and ask the community for help. With this easy touse app even the nature-interested layman will become a passionatenature-gazer. Share your nature observations with the community andcreate your own personal nature diary. What was the first butterflyof the year? When did you see the first swallow? Where was thelocation of the delicious chanterelles? Exchange ideas with thespotted game community and get to grips with our great nature andbiodiversity. Through the uncomplicated exchange, species knowledgeis successively expanded and thus a contribution to environmentaleducation is made. Whether experienced Ornitho, passionate botanistor interested nature layman - everyone is welcome here! And if youwould like to know whether the first birds have already returnedfrom the wintering areas or whether the first mushrooms can alreadybe found in the forest, then simply browse through the currentobservations of other nature watchers. Whether the blackbird inyour garden or the orchid in the nature reserve: every observationof nature counts. Because if we begin today to collect reliable andsurface covering data over our nature, we can draw valuableconclusions from it in some years. spotwild 💚 Identifying birds +reporting nature observations