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Last Avalon 1.0.0
xie hangqi
*** Anime Fan Favorite!! ***Gathering in an age-old city--Fuyuki City for the Holy Grail’ssake! The dawn is drawing near before the darkness. "Masters"summon their respective "Servants" following the power of HolyGrail. The War is hair-trigger! Fight for glory!【CLASSES】Different classes of servants are waiting for you summon! You canbuild up your team from over 100 different heroes and find out thebest way to win the war!【NOBLE PHANTASMS】“Crystallized mysteries” as known , they are powerful armamentsmade using the imagination of humans as their core, and weapons orabilities owned by Heroic Spirits. The greatest treasures of theworld EVER.【RICH FEATURES】The seven magicians, known as Masters, are aided by seven beingsknown as Servants, reincarnations of legendary heroes from alltime. Utilize various items and power-ups to strengthen your teamand steel yourself for the battles ahead!【FANTASTIC STORY LINES】The most impressive plot and experience the unforgettable duelduring the Holy Grail war in this great game! The ending about thefate can be different since your ability leads to.【ONLINE BATTLE】Join in online PvP and co-op with other players! Take on powerfulbosses!! Battle in the arena, join Guilds for online Guildcompetition!! Rise to the top in arena PvP League!