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With the newest shape and impeccable design, youareindispensable.Professional Ultra Full HD DSLR Camera andvideoapplication is prepared for you.With up-to-datefeatures,up-to-date design, up-to-date content and new stylezooming cameraand video application with you.The best and greatestapplicationwill be on your mobile phone and on your tablet.Verynice featuresand shapes available.you will feel like you're usingHD camera.Withthe professional camera you will get the bestvideo.You will getthe best photos.Share photos and videos on socialmedia withease.With this application you will feel like aphotographeryourself.You'll feel like you are using a Camera Appwith a Zoomcamera.Zoom camera can give you best Zoomingexperience.SupportsBest Zooming quality.Mind-Blowing camera withHDR EffectsHDRImprove images captured in low-light and backlitscenes. WithNewest HD camera you feel the experience of real zoomand hdcameraCompatible with Android phones and tablets.Tilt-Shiftenablesyou to control perfect lens blur.Fastest Capture - Tap!Snap! DslrZoom Camera captures it all in 1sIt is completely free.Workswithout internet.Immerse your beautiful memories with abeautifulcamera.You can also use it as Selfie Camera.Supports FullHD VideoRecording.Amazing filters and effects for your photos.FullHDCamera with Professional Camera Quality.

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    DSLR Camera 2018
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    December 21, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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    Top Camera Application
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4K Video Camera 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
4k photos and videos with our newest and most professionalcamcorder application Pull And ShareHD Camera pro is a photoapplication that lets you quickly and simply make High Resolutionpictures by taking full advantage of your phones or tablets. Withthis application you can shoot like a professional.Createhigh-definition HD photos with great effects, photos and videosdesigned for videos and videos.Professional HD Camera pro hasexcellent features and options so many and easy.With theprofessional camera carefully crafted to your satisfaction, you canget the best quality photos.Features: -> Face Detection ->Easily select scene modes, color effect, white balance, ISO. ->Photo Stamp and geotagging, like where your photo was taken. ->Zoom Multi with texture control. -> Automatic balancing camerato keep your photos at the perfect level. -> Flash Control (on /off / auto / torch). -> Touch to focus. -> Camera and VideoResolution selection and JPEG Quality supports all resolutions withHD camera. -> Video frame rate, bit rate support. -> Variabletime delay Timer and Burst Mode. -> UI gives information aboutany routing. -> Change save folder option -> Configurable onscreen (battery level, time, duplex, device memory) -> Sharephotos instantly after clicking. -> Very small size. -> HDCamera is pro-free with excellent features. -> Front / rearcamera selection. -> Select scene modes, color effects, whitebalance and exposure compensation. -> Select camera and videoquality and resolution JPEG, PNG. -> Video recording time (withoptional audio). -> Configurable delayed Burst mode. -> Toturn off the optional shutter sound. -> GUI change directionwithout any pause to work in any direction. Optimize your choicefor right-handed and left-handed users. -> Keys Adjustablevolume (to take pictures, zoom in or change the compensation forexposure). -> Open camera function: focus modes, scene modes,color effects, white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock,face recognition, torch support. -> Video recording (supportsall resolutions including HD). -> Convenient remote control:timer (optional audio count down), auto repeat mode (withconfigurable delay). -> Adjustable volume keys. ->Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remote control. -> To lock thevertical or horizontal orientation of the desired photo or video.-> Disability lounger sound. -> Optional GPS location tagging(geotagging) photos and videos; For photos, this compass direction(GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains. -> Apply dateand time stamp, location coordinates, and custom text to photos.-> (selfie shooting) Also known as front camera. -> Externalmicrophone support. -> Widget to automatically take picturesafter startup. -> Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO; Manualexposure time; RAW (DNG) files. -> A perfect camera for freeshooting at the highest level. Enjoy the 5 star rating! Thank you.
Portrait Camera New 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
DSLR camera effect photo editorA digital DSLR camera effect opticsand a dual lens reflex camera A digital camera (also called digitalSLR or DSLR) that combines mechanisms with a DSLR photo editor is adigital imaging sensor, photographic filmDSLR auto blur cameraTheDSLR application machine usually uses auto focus based on phasedetection. This method allows the calculation of the "found" ratherthan the appropriate lens position, as if it were autofocusedaccording to a contrast maximization. DSLR blur phase detection isusually faster than passive techniques in autofocus. As the phasesensor requires the same light that would be the image sensor, DSLRapplication android app mobile are possible with an SLR designearlier. However, with the shift to the focal plane stage, themirrorless interchangeable lens camera DSLR blur background cameraapplications can now employ both phase cameras to detect and detectautomatic AF points in detecting contrast AF pointsDSLR blur cameraauto focusThe DSLR camera is a multitude of HD benefits that areexacerbated and focus on the image attached to the lens. Most othertypes of DSLR blurring effects do not have this function in thecamera; The subject lens is seen from a viewfinder that is close tothe lens making it look different from the view of thephotographer. DSLR camera pro provides precision photographers;Provide a viewing image that will be fully exposed to the negativeas they are seen in the lens. There is no parallax error, and theexact focus can be confirmed by taking a picture using a long focuslens, especially in macro photography and a DSLR-focused camera.Except for the cheapest models, the DSLR full HD camera availablecan be seen by stopping down the attached lens aperture. Because ofDSLR full hd selfie's camera orientation, most manufacturers have awide range of lenses and accessories suitable for DSLR focusbackground blur picture editor.DSLR mode cameraThe DSLR viewapplication in mobile photography has lots of blurry photos, boketools. By using them you can easily make your own DSLR BokehEffect. It has manual and shape blur features. If you want to keepthe focus on blur and focus on the new version of the DSLR 2017,use your fingertip and touch the unwanted part of your photo.DSLRoriginal cameraThis DSLR original hd camera has options of autoblur image back and manual spot blur filter effects. Choose picturefrom gallery or take picture from front and back camera of DSLRhigh quality digital HD zooming. Go to the auto blur to shape theblur area to get the background image. blur Set the blur level withthe seekbar. You can also set the brush size.DSLR backgroudblurring images as well as many options here to create yourimages.• field blur.□ Iris cloudiness.□ The gradient changes.□ Pathis blurred.Yours respectfully, you can now share your favoritephotos
Zenon Camera Professional 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
Main Features: -• Take high-definition photos and videos with theperfect camera.• Face Detection Alternative.• Select scene modes,color effects, white balance and exposure compensation.• Front /rear camera selection ..• Scene mode.• Flash and exposure• Videorecording time (with optional audio).• To turn off the optionalshutter sound.• GUI to change orientation without any pause in anydirection. Optimized option for right and left hand.• Works in anydirection without having to pause to change the GUI navigation.Optimize your options for right and left-handed users.• Adjustablevolume keys.• Convenient remote control: timer (optional audiocount down), auto repeat mode (with configurable delay).• To lockthe portrait or landscape orientation of the desired photo orvideo.• Multi-touch action and one-touch remote control.• Switchbetween front and rear camera➁ Tools:• Manual focus distance;manual ISO; manual exposure time; RAW (DNG) files.• Widget to takepictures automatically.• Record your house in slow motion• Userfriendly UI.• Night mode.• Brightness settings.• Record your photosand videos as if they were yours.➂ Zenon camera functionality:•focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch support.•Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photos and videos; Forphotos, this compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.• Apply date and time stamp, placecoordinates and custom text to photos.• Also known as front camera(selfie shooting)④ Save and Share:• Save the video and share it onthe social media.Mail Attin For Your Comments And ComplaintsDo notForget to Support Us
4K Camera 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
Application of native android system camera.HD camera for maximumquality of your phone or tablet.You take photos and videos withgreater speed and ease.- 3 modes: camera, video recorder and photoand in panorama mode.- Tweezers to enlarge- Shooting intelligentpanorama- Timer.- Great interface and easy to use.- Images inwidescreen format.- Definition of image quality.- White balancesettings.- Screen Mode settings.- exhibition- Configurable volumekeysKey Features:* Live selfie Camera - Preview your beautifulmoment before capturing* Specially Designed Camera & Editor forSelfie* Smart auto beautify* Awesome selfie Filters* Real-timeFilter effects* Quality filters and Cartoon Effects* Smooth andrejuvenate your skin* Timer for Better Preparation - Set timer asper your requirement to capture the selfie pic.* Apply effectsrandomly* Photo editor* Works with both the front-facing andouter-facing camera* Share your selfie with your friends via socialnetworks: facebook, twitter, email and Instagram etc* Simpleinterface, easy to use* Free for all gorgeous live camerafiltersAlthough in the current market, there are have many kinds ofcamera applications, but we still think this android nativeapplication is the most efficient and able to meet a user needs.Here only as a supplement for those devices are not installedandroid native system provides an additional option. Currentlythere are many types of camera applications, this is a nativeapplication for Android is the most efficient and able to meetyourneeds.Thank You...!
Professional Camera 2 APK
Top Camera Application
A great camera designed with care, all you need to do is downloadand try the Professional camera application.With the professionalcamera you can take top-quality photos.Professional Camera Fullfeatured and completely free Camera app for Android phones andtablets.FEATURES* Face Detection Alternative.* Front / rear cameraselection.* Select scene modes, color effects, white balance andexposure compensation.* Select camera and video quality andresolution JPEG.* Video recording time (with optional audio).Burstmode with configurable delay.* To turn off the optional shuttersound.* The GUI works in any direction without any pause to changethe direction. Optimize your choice for right and left handedusers.* Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom, or tochange exposure compensation).* Open camera functionality: supportfor focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance, ISO,exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch.* Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).* Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer), automaticrepeat mode (with configurable delay).* Adjustable volume keys.*Location targeting feature* Multi-touch gesture and one-touchremote control.* To lock the portrait or landscape orientation forthe desired photo or video.* Photo effects* Disabilities shuttersound.* Optional GPS location tagging (geotagging) photos andvideos; For photos, this compass direction (GPSImgDirection,GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* Apply a date and time stamp,location coordinates, and custom text to photos.* Also known asfront camera (selfie shooting)* (Some) external microphonesupport.* Widget to take pictures automatically after the launch.*Manual focusing distance; manual ISO; manual exposure time; RAW(DNG) files.* Free with excellent features* You can support whenyou comment on the application of your professional camera
Zoom Camera 2018 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
Zoom Hd is a full featured and totally free Camera application forcamera phones and tablets.FEATURES:* Face Detection Alternative.*Front / rear camera selection.* Select scene modes, color effects,white balance and exposure compensation.* Select camera and videoquality and resolution JPEG.* Video recording time (with optionalaudio).Burst mode with configurable delay.* To turn off theoptional shutter sound.* The GUI works in any direction without anypause to change the direction. Optimize your choice for right andleft handed users.* Keys Adjustable volume (to take pictures, zoom,or to change exposure compensation).* Open camera functionality:support for focus modes, scene modes, color effects, white balance,ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition, torch.*Adjustable volume keys.* Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remotecontrol.* To lock the portrait or landscape orientation for thedesired photo or video.* Photo effects.Create Wonders with theLatest Camera Application
Pro HD Camera 2018 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
Professional Camera Application Now One Touch Near YouGreat HDModePerfect DesignEasy to useLess Data CoatingFEATURES* HD camerais free with excellent features.* Face detection alternative.*Front / rear camera selection.* Choose preset modes, color effects,white balance and exposure value.* Select the camera and videoquality and Resolution JPEG.* Video recording duration (withoptional audio).Burst mode can be configured delayed.* GUI tochange any direction without any pause to change direction. Makeyour choice the best for right and left handed users.* Adjustablevolume (keys for taking, zooming or changing the exposure value).*Open camera functionality: support focus modes, scene modes, whitebalance for color effects, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, facerecognition, torch.* Video recording (supporting all resolutionsincluding HD).* Comfortable remote control: timer (optional audiocountdown), auto repeat mode (delay configurable).* Multi-touchgesture and a-touch remote control.* For photos or video you wantto lock the portrait or landscape orientation.* Optional GPSlocation (geotagging) photos and videos tagging; For photos, thisdirection (GPSImgDirection, GPSImgDirectionRef) contains.* A dateand time stamp will apply to location coordinates and special textdisplays.* Also known as (selfie shooting) camera front* (Some)external microphone support.* Widget to automatically take picturesafter the startup process.* Manual focusing distance; Manual ISO;Manual Exposure time; RAW (DNG) files.
Smart Camera 1.pro APK
Top Camera Application
🌟 En Most Important Features of Smart Camera (3D) 🌟 🌟🌟Videorecording (supports all resolutions including HD).🌟 Convenientremote control: timer (optional audio countdown timer), auto repeatmode (with configurable delay).🌟 Adjustable volume keys.🌟 Locationtargeting feature🌟 Multi-touch gesture and one-touch remotecontrol.The desired photo or video to lock the vertical orhorizontal orientation.🌟 Photo effects. ÜcretsizFree applicationfree of charge.Video Video recording at 1080p quality🌟 Easy to useand many featuresSuper Capture high-definition HD quality photosand videos with the perfect camera.🌟 Face Detection Alternative.🌟Front / rear camera selection.Scene Select scene modes, coloreffects, white balance and exposure compensation.Camera Choose thecamera and video quality and resolution JPEG.🌟 Video recording time(with optional audio).Configurable Burst mode with configurablelatency.Için To turn off the optional optional shutter sound.GUIGUI works without any pause to change navigation. Optimize youroptions for right and left-handed users.🌟 Keys Adjustable volume(to take pictures, zoom in or change exposure compensation).🌟 Opencamera functionality: focus modes, scene modes, color effects,white balance, ISO, exposure compensation / lock, face recognition,torch support.Please Vote and Support Us