1.0 / May 30, 2018
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EnhancAR is HCL Technologies augmented reality applicationthatenhances the technological exchange and bring physical worldtolife through smartphones.

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    May 30, 2018
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    Android 4.0 and up
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    Simulanis Solutions
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Protocol 1.01 APK
Simulanis Solutions
The game takes you on a journey of applying relevant knowledge andrelevant know-how of standard operating procedures and protocols tocomply by.Featuring:1. First-person action integration2. Mini-mapfeature3. Step-by-step guide 4. High LOD (level of details)5.Strategy-callEngage in the quest of becoming specialists and gaintechnical conversance, just at the touch of a button.
Simulanis Solutions
With this application we at Simulanis aim to bring the real and thevirtual world in unison through meticulous augmentation of realworld objects and 2D images into much more complex and educational3D outputs. This makes learning easy and interactive. It ensuresgreater visualisation and aids in the learning process. Throughthis application we ensure that quality of the knowledge providedis not altered, instead scaled up to unmatchable extents.In thistrial version, limited models have been used to demonstrate theservices which we provide. There is a wide scope of our serviceswhich spreads across various domains. Here, we have used the modelswhich are commonly used in chemical engineering studies. This willaid the professionals further in their learning process. The modelsused are as below:1. Plug Flow Reactor (PFR) 2. ContinuouslyStirred-Tank Reactor (CSTR) 3. Distillation Column4. Pumpjack5.Evaporator6. Shell and Tube Heat Exchanger7. Double Pipe HeatExchanger8. Centrifugal PumpThis app aids in synchronizing with thefast paced technology across the world and gives it thatcompetitive edge over traditional approaches.Target Images -Downloadlinkhttps://www.simulanis.com/saral/files/target/imagetarget_targets.pdf
Cengage Engineering Drawing 1.4 APK
Simulanis Solutions
Cengage uses technology that injects a computer generated images ontop real world images, augmented reality helps in creatingexceptional learning experiences that gives you an edge overothers. With the help of state of the art technology, see 3D modelsand related information as overlays on top of images in the bookthrough your mobile phone in real time.Features -1) Featuresbrilliantly detailed 3D models2) Toggle mode that allows you tointeract with models without the camera or book3) Interactiveinformation and quizzes 4) Step by step guide for learningengineering drawing5) Amazing interactions unique to each model6)Informative call- outs7) Voice over to support the content8) Zoomin - zoom out feature
Simulanis Solutions
AR application to showcase the services offered by HCL Mediaservices
enhancAR 1.0 APK
Simulanis Solutions
EnhancAR is HCL Technologies augmented reality applicationthatenhances the technological exchange and bring physical worldtolife through smartphones.
NSDC Induction 1.2 APK
Simulanis Solutions
The NSDC induction app has been designed for new joinees to getaglimpse of the holistic functioning of the organization. Asthefamily of NSDC is growing, we would like each and every joineetounderstand the nuances of the organization before he/she beginstocreate an impact. For a smooth and efficient transition,theoverview of the company along with details about each team hasbeenprovided in the app, which can be accessed by theemployeesanytime, anywhere.Let’s begin the skilling journey!