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Have you heard of those adorable Fairy gardens?They're becomingincreasingly popular and more and more people love that newaddition in their house or backyard.What are Fairy Gardens?A FairyGarden is basically a miniature garden made of natural materialssuch as pebbles, wood and living plants. It's meant to be anenchanted green scene where live tiny magical creatures such asFairies, but also gnomes, dwarfs, elves etc. supposed to bring goodluck to your home.They usually include several components likefantastical figurines, but also miniature benches, houses,pathways, bridges and rivers that create this unique small universeand give it a charming soul.What setting for a Fairy Garden?Sincethe Fairy Gardens are created and imagined from scratch, there isan unlimited number of different types, design and themes outthere!If they are placed inside the house, they more likely will besmall and grown in containers garden such as pot plants, jars orglass containers.If they're part of a backyard, there is no sizelimitation and other themes become possible like a woodland Fairygarden (installed at the food of a tree) or the use of an existingwater feature (mini boat, bridge, dock).Fairy Garden DesignOnce thetheme is chosen, the different landscaping elements are gatheredand assembled together in order to create the scaled miniaturegarden in a most realistic way as possible.Very often, pebbles andgravel are used in order to reflect a path or courtyard just likein real life.A different and recent decorative use for the crushedrocks and recycled coloured glass especially, that are able to suitany crazy idea!Gravel binder comes also very handy in the project,since it can be used with any stone and holds the pebbles in place.And because it let the water come through, the surrounding smallliving plants can be watered without any issue!Benefits of a FairyGardenAesthetically beautiful and low maintenance, they are a greatoption for putting a green addition in small spaces like a smallliving room or a balcony.They're perfect for children who can beeducated about nature and gardening while being inventive andhaving a lot of fun.They are also loved by older people who lovegardening but find it physically too taxing.For all, it encouragesimagination and creativity and brings that magical touch in oureveryday lives!If you want to create an enchanted space then onegreat way to achieve this is to make a fairy garden. Whetherdesigning for old or young, an enchanted garden can provide abeautiful natural haven for both humans and wildlife!Five GoodReasons to Make a Fairy GardenIt creates a fun, magical space forchildrenIf you believe in fairies, this is one of the best ways toattract themThis type of garden is eco-friendly and thus good forthe environmentIt creates a haven for wildlifeIt can stimulate theimagination and provide a refuge from the busy modern worldHow toMake a Fairy GardenThe first thing to think about is design. Muchwill depend on the size of your garden, but the key aspectsare:Fairy-friendly flowers, such as native wildflowersA naturallayout, preferably part-wild, rather than a formal designHomes andfood for animals, birds and insectsCompost heaps, rainwater buttsand other eco-friendly garden areasFairy statuesTrees and naturalhedgerowsSensory stimulation - scented plants, tinkling bells,fairy lights, running water, edible fruitsTiny houses and secretplaces for fairies to hide inA secret area of the garden to playwith the fairies!Inspiration for Making a Fairy GardenYou willprobably have a vague idea of what your ideal garden should looklike. Everyone is different - you might prefer the quaint flowerfairies, or wish to go for a darker, Gothic version of Fairyland.Get inspiration from the fairies - draw ideas from fairy art,fantasy fashion, nature, and the wild places. Try a theme, such asthe seashore or woods.

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Modern Mobile Home Design 1.2 APK
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Mobile homes or manufactured homes refer to residential structuresthat have the ability to be moved from one place to another.Initially called trailer homes, mobile homes have now come a longway. Modern mobile homes are much more intricate and beautiful intheir designs. Some newer mobile homes appear no different thantraditional brick, cement and mortar homes to the amateur eye.Thereare typically two kinds of mobile homes- the singlewide and thedoublewide. Singlewide mobile homes are less than sixteen feet inwidth when assembled, while doublewide mobile homes are more thantwenty four feet in width. Singlewide mobile homes consist ofsingle pieces which are transported by means of truck trailers tothe site. Doublewide mobile homes have two parts, which are fixedtogether on site. Some people have reservations concerningdoublewide homes, as they believe they are prone to leakages ifassembled improperly. However, doublewide homes are very spacious.Triplewide mobile homes are also manufactured, but they are veryscarce. A triplewide home is immensely spacious and can provide foras many as five bedrooms and three bathrooms.Mobile homes ormanufactured homes need to meet the standards of the Housing andUrban Development code of the US, popularly called the HUD code.This code was effectuated in June 15, 1976 and it delineated normsto manufacture mobile homes. These norms relate to buildingstandards, fireproofing, plumbing, heating, air conditioning andelectricity systems. Apart from these rules, if the mobile home hasgarages, sheds, etc. then they must meet the codes.Earlier mobilehomes were classified as movable property and taxed as vehicles.This led to a spurt in people buying them, as they saved a lot ontaxes. Modifications occurred in the designs of mobile homes, andnewer homes are actually permanent structures that remain on onelocation throughout their lives after being assembled. They nolonger have wheels, but can be dismantled and erected at anotherlocation if needed. This led to amendments in the taxation process.Today mobile homes are also classified as real properties and taxesare accordingly levied on them.Moving a mobile home can be acomplicated and expensive process. If you are not already familiarwith the logistics of transporting a trailer home, it can be alittle intimidating. There are a few things that you need to knowin order to make sure that transporting your home goes by withoutany problems.First off, you need to be familiar with any applicablecity and state laws regarding the transportation and installationof your mobile home. Check with your city government regarding anyzoning laws that may affect whether or not you can install atrailer home on the property you are moving it to. Some land may bezoned for residential purposes, but may have clauses excludingtrailer homes. You will also need to know of any transportationlaws regarding when and how you can move your home. Your state'sdepartment of transportation should have this information. Youcould also call around to some local mobile home moving companies -they should know about any applicable laws that would affect theirbusiness.You should also get familiar with the equipment used totransport mobile homes. It's not like the old days where you couldjust hitch your trailer to a pickup truck and go. Modern mobilehomes require very specialized equipment and skilled movers to getthe job done. Trailer homes in transit will be moved onto trucksvia cranes or hydraulic lifts. Single wide homes usually requireonly trailer, while double wide and larger homes might needmultiple trucks and trailers. In addition to the big trucks thattransport the buildings, pilot vehicles are also used to help guidethe way and watch for potential obstacles on the road. Thesevehicles can be an ordinary passenger car, van, or pickup truck.
Large Garden Pots Design 1.2 APK
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Gardening in pots is one of the most common hobbies amongindividuals. Large plant pots might not be a very feasible optionfor many individuals, who have huge garden area along with lawn.There are very few big gardens or parks in our city which has largetrees around. Keeping large pots for plant will not work when onewants to plant big plants or trees within premises. All age groupslike to do gardening, including young, old and senior citizens.Individuals who love gardening can get immense enjoyment andpleasure with various gardening techniques with very littleefforts. It is indeed a great way to spend time in a productiveactivity of house gardening.Below are few of the positive pointsfor keeping Large pots for plant within or outside house:Movement:Planting trees or shrubs in garden or a lawn becomes virtuallyimmobile. One cannot remove the plant as and when required i.e.uproot the plant or tree when an individual wants to shift theposition of the plant or tree. Whereas, plant pots work well andprove its usefulness at all times. Large plant pots can be taken tovarious places, without uprooting the plant. With Large plant pots,there is no threat for the survival of the plant. Large pots canalso be kept within the house premises, can be kept indoors, and itis easy to move whenever required. Large pots color can also bechanged as per the room color scheme as it is easy to handle.Designand Beautification: Keeping big plants or small trees indoors, in aplant pot, an artistic appearance of the large pots adds value tothe place and décor of the area. One should have the knowledge tomatch the pot colors with the existing room color scheme and othersurrounded things of the house interior. Plant pots give the bestquality visual effect in the living room, with the help of matchingthe combination of pot and tree with the shape and design.TheOrganized Look: It is always convenient to keep huge plant pots,when an individual is planning for planting large trees in thegarden. The plants or trees planted in large pots get limited spaceto grow hence, growth of these plants become manageable to handlewith appropriate sizes and shapes. Perhaps, trees, plants grown ingarden area gives an unorganized and at times shabby look. Highlevel of maintenance and attention is required for plants grown ingarden lawns as compared to plants grown in large pots. Taking careof big pots for plant is not an expensive affair and it is easilyaffordable by individuals.Specific Composition of Soil Used for theLarge Plant Pots: Planting of large plants in pots requires specialcomposition of soil with special treatment which is safe to use.Appropriate mixture of the manure and soil is used for plantingspecial tree.The large plant pot creates a special space withinitself which makes the area very beautiful and adorable. Itincreases the beauty of the place both outdoor and indoor.A gardenpot is a unique item for indoor or outdoor decorations. There arevarieties of pots for gardens available in the market. They havedifferent shapes and sizes. These plant pots have been designed inmultiple colors which can attract the eyes of a plant lover. Thesecontainers are appreciated for their scenic beauty.The pots aremade with different types of materials. It may be made of ceramic,wood or plastic materials. They may also differ in their shape.Most garden containers are round-shaped, square-shaped, box oroval-shaped.There are large and small garden urns. The small urnsare convenient to be placed indoors. They can be hung on the wallsof the house, thereby providing elegance to the room. In mostgardens, the containers are either placed in a row, kepthorizontally or hung. This enhances the grandeur of the garden.
Open Garden Sheds Design Ideas 2.1 APK
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You've been gardening for a year or two now and have discoveredthat this is one hobby that you want to continue. Gardening notonly brings you personal fulfillment but, your home and yard hasnever looked better. The only problem is the more you garden themore tools and equipment you accumulate. The time has come for youto provide your tools and equipment with a home of their own. Agarden shed is the perfect place to keep all those gardeningessentials in one place and you are thinking about building yourown shed. You have been looking at plans for wooden garden shedsand there are so many to choose from you are not quite sure how togo about choosing the right garden shed plans for you. Whiledifferent gardeners have different needs, here are 5 things everygardener wants in their garden sheds: Space While the amount ofspace you are going to want in your shed is going to depend a greatdeal on what equipment you have or plan to have in future, you aregoing to want to make sure that your wooden garden sheds haveenough space to accommodate everything you have now plus enoughadditional space for any tools or equipment you will be adding inthe future. A good rule of thumb is to build your wooden gardensheds 1/3 larger than your present needs. That way you will havethe extra space you need for anything you forgot to consider orsimply for future additions to your gardening arsenal. ConvenienceYou are also going to want to arrange the items in your woodengardening sheds in a way that they are convenient to get and sothat the shed itself is convenient to use. This means you are goingto want to choose a plan for your gardening shed that hasdirections for building such things as shelves, racks for hangingtools such as rakes, hoes, weed whips and other tools that youdon't want to just pile in the corner. You may also want toconsider such conveniences as a full side opening door to get thegarden tractors in and out of the wooden garden sheds easier andperhaps potting and resting benches. You might even want toconsider adding a porch to your shed so that you can rest out ofthe sun while working in your garden. Style Having the right styleof wooden garden sheds are another thing most gardeners want. Noone who spends time making their yard and garden beautiful wants ashed that is an eyesore. So, choosing a shed that is the rightstyle to match your surroundings and the existing buildings on yourproperty is a must for most gardeners. There are many differentstyles of sheds to choose from such as saltbox, barn, gingerbreadand even colonial. Looks Not only do most gardeners want the rightstyle of wooden garden sheds, they want their shed to have theright look about it. Adding windows or the right roof or trim toyour shed can help it to blend in and enhance it's surroundings. Italso helps to create a better impression of your entire property aswell which is important to gardeners who take pride in theappearance of their home. Ease Of Building Most gardeners who buildtheir own wooden garden sheds want a shed that is simple and easyto build allowing for a professional finished looking project. Noteveryone is a skilled carpenter and most Do it yourselfers needplans that offer simple step by step directions that are easy tofollow and results in a great looking building when assembled.Luckily, with so many shed plans to choose from finding a shed planthat matches your building skills should be a simple matter ofdoing a little research. Finding the right plans for wooden gardensheds that meet all your needs and gives you everything you want ina garden shed will make your enjoyment of caring for your yard andgarden all the more pleasurable. You just may find that it is thebest investment you ever made.
Vintage Home Interior Design 1.2 APK
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With the recent trend for all things retro, I thought I'd share mythoughts on this quick and easy guide to creating a picture-perfectvintage chic home interior:1. PlanningThink granny's home in the60s and 70s with floral motifs and lace tablecloths. There are nohard and fast rules on what makes for a vintage look. Generally,the furnishing includes antiques, second-hand furniture or newpieces deliberately 'distressed' to look used. This meansreinventing vintage items and giving them new life.2. KeyPiecesWhimsical designs ranging from crystal chandeliers, floralfabrics, old-fashioned lampshades, wrought-iron furniture,comfortable armchairs, candles, recycled accessories and offbeatideas like using an old teapot to hold fresh flowers. There's norunning away from wallpaper, furs and curtains if you're going forthe European vintage look.3. Color: Light vs DarkPersonally, I liketo opt for light colors like white and cream as they evoke a morebreezy and casual touch. It's also the classic base palette of thevintage look. This color is also easy to work on since you don'thave to worry about clashing color. Alternatively, rich and darkercolor like burgundy, purple, black with gold accents can alsocharacter to the room.4. Cheap & ChicThe key to a bona fidevintage look is, well, vintage pieces. As such, you'll need toinclude second-hand pieces which do not break the bank.5.Coordination RulesThere are practically no rules on putting thepieces together. However, it is important to visualize the impactof all your mismatched bits and pieces when placed together. Whilewe are not talking Stepford Wives perfection, it helps to create atheme or motif that recurs throughout the space. For instance, picka family of colors and vary them subtly. Using white as an example,we'd be looking at egg shell, cream, caramel etc.6. Where toShopAnywhere! From eBay to antique malls and flea markets, theimportant rule is to know what you want but be flexible to adaptwhen necessary. If doubt sets in, do not commit to apurchase.Vintage style home interiors have become increasinglypopular in the UK and abroad, with exquisite decorative touches andvintage home accessories.So what is it about this look thathomeowners love so much?First of all, the cost is one of the mostattractive elements of choosing a vintage look. It can easily beachieved on a small budget, so those of us who can't afford wroughtiron furniture and chandeliers need not despair! There are a wholeload of creative little tricks that can be used to save money,while still producing a stunning and stylish home environment.Witha timeless element, vintage is a look that will last. Unlike somemodern looks that require specific styles of appliances andaccessories, the vintage look is eclectic and can easily be addedto over time. A few new items added to it can make a wonderfulimpact when you want a bit of a change - rather than having to getrid of last year's items.It's also hugely about re-using andre-vamping, because mixing old and new is the way to achieve theperfect vintage home. You can salvage old furniture and spruce theroom up with some elegant decorations in a vintage style - which isnot only manageable in terms of cost, but environmentallybeneficial too.While a vintage look does require a certain amountof work in reviving old items, it can also be a lot of fun. Oddchairs can be painted to match each other; or even to mismatch! Awood stain or a coat of white or pastel paint can make all thedifference to shabby dining furniture or a kitchen counter.Anotherlovely element to the vintage style is that it can be trulypersonalised. It's the collection and placement of items collectedfrom your life, complemented by subtle decorative accessories.
Craftsman Home Plans Design 1.2 APK
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Craftsman Home Plans usually call for at least one if not severalfireplaces. In the design stages of planning your new home - youwill need to know the recommended measurements for chimney, flueand mantel.In the construction of the masonry for any craftsmanhome fireplace or chimney it is important that the foundation startfrom solid ground and as far down as the lowest part of thefoundation wall of the house itself.All woodwork must be excludedfrom inside the chimney and the beams should be framed around thebrick work. A fireproof hearth should be constructed with adistance of 12 inches or more from the face of the chimney whereverthere is to be an open fireplace.The best placement for the openingfor the fireplace is in the center of the chimney. If a flue passesup on only one side then balance to the chimney can be made byrunning up studs on the other side to give an equal width without awaste of brick work.Designing The FlueIt is a safe rule to make theheight of the fireplace rather less than the width of the openingand the depth should be at least one-half the height. The averagesize of fireplaces is made 30 in. wide, 30 in. high, 12 in. deep inthe rough brickwork. To this is added the mantel facing giving adepth of about 15 inches.The smoke flue, in cross section, shouldbe about 1/2 the area of the fireplace opening. That would for theabove mentioned size, give a cross section of about 75 sq. in. andfor this the flue is usually built about 8in. x 8in.The flue itselfshould be uniform in size from the throat of fireplace to theextreme top of chimney and sharp turns and unnecessary bends shouldbe avoided.It is desirable to use terra cotta flue lining as theyinsure a smooth surface in the flue and also give protectionagainst possibility of a spark going through an open joint of thefirebrick work.The flue linings should be carried a little abovethe top of the chimney so as to permit a beveled shoulder of cementto run down to meet the brick work. This also leaves a nice cleanlook to the exterior chimney top.Make sure that the flue lining issufficient so that you will have eight inches of brick around thechimney. Around the open fireplaces there should be at least 12inches of brick work, or 8 inches of brick work with 4 inches ofair space, between the fire and any woodwork.What Is A ChimneyThroat?The space immediately above the fireplace is termed the"throat" and the sides of a chimney throat should run at an angleof about 45 degrees starting at the sides of the fireplace andmeeting the flue directly over the center of the fireplace.The verybest option is to build in an iron throat damper. This has theright shape to insure good draft and has the advantage that thedamper can be closed when the fireplace is not in use or when thedraft of the fire is too strong.We often see plastering on theinside of a flue as the chimney is being built. It does insure asmooth surface while the work is new, but is not desirable becausethe plaster will eventually loosen and fall. When it drops out, itpulls some of the mortar from between the bricks and this will makethe surface even rougher than it would be if the brick work has notbeen plastered in the first place.You must always take precautionsto prevent any pulling on mortar between the brick - because looseor missing mortar makes it possible for a spark to pass from theflue to the surrounding woodwork. If you cannot get terra cottaflue linings, have eight inches of the brick work built, but notplastered inside.Should You Use Wood For A Mantel?Wood mantels ifproperly made can be used with entire safety where you have openfireplaces or regular open grates in your Craftsman Style Home. InColonial times when houses were heated open fireplaces, woodmantels were used almost exclusively and there are many fineexamples of these mantels still in existence, without anysuggestion of wear or scorching.
Glass Home Elevators Design 1.2 APK
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A properly installed, aesthetically pleasing elevator is aprestigious addition to your residence. Beautifully designed,luxurious home elevators can considerably enhance the ambiance ofyour home.Luxury Elevators to Add Value to Your HomeA luxuryelevator should be visually appealing, and at the same time add atouch of style and elegance to your residential setting. Therefore,it is important that you choose models that ideally blend with yourhome decor. Fortunately, getting such models is not that difficulttoday, as there are quality elevators available in abundance in themarket place. Whether you intend the elevator for indoor or outdooruse, consider the model and design features carefully so that theymatch with the exterior/interior structure of yourhome.User-friendly operational features such as in-car phone,emergency stop switch, safety interlocks and emergency alarms areintegrated into all quality indoor home elevators. Elevators ofleading brands will necessarily have all these advancements,besides being attractively designed.Can be Customized to Meet yourStyle and Design NeedsBeautifully designed, luxurious homeelevators incorporate brass, decorative metals, copper and evenetched or stained glass that add to their attractive appearance,and complement the general home decor. Whatever model you require,the selection and installation process should be carried out withcareful planning. Popular manufacturers offer distinct models ofelevators, from which you can choose the ideal one for your home.In case you have specific preferences, your home elevator can becustom designed to meet your requirements.Residential elevatorsshould be properly installed to ensure safety of users and longterm functioning of the elevators. Considering the spatialconstraints of your home, trained elevator technicians can makenecessary alterations during the installation process.Residentialelevators should undergo regular maintenance which ensures theirdurability. Most of the distributors offer excellent repair andmaintenance services for the products they supply.Installbeautifully designed, luxurious home elevators in your residentialsettings and stay competitive with the growing trends in homebuildings.An elevator is equipment used as a vertical mode oftransport which is very efficient in moving goods or people betweenfloors or levels of a building or structure. It is often termed asa 'lift' as well. The elevators which are thus used inside apersonalized house are known as home elevators.Home elevatorsnowadays usually come for very reasonable prices unlike corporateelevators and this affordability is the reason behind theincreasing popularity. With regards to this increasing fame of thehome elevators, new types and styles of elevators crept up to maketheir space in the market. It is made up of different materialstarting from different kinds of wood and metal to even ceramicsand fiber glass. These lifts are usually very small and are madevery narrow in size so that it is capable of carrying not more thantwo to three persons as it is only going to be used in a house andnot corporately. Some may think that these elevators are only toolsfor luxury and extravagance but there are quite a few advantagesthat they might not have thought of. It becomes very easy for thehouseholds to move around the different floors of the housespecially if there is a physically disabled person who otherwisewould have to stick to a particular floor or would have been veryinconvenient to take that person to other levels of the house.Thehome elevators provide extremely easy and convenient way for themobility of both aged and physically disabled person around thewhile house. These residential lifts, as it may also be known, alsoprovide an excellent strategy for the home makers. It is alsoprofitable for a building constructor as making a buildingoutwardly costs more than making it upwards.
Unique Garden Planters Design 1.2 APK
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Container Gardening and Garden planters are a warm and inviting wayto add interest to your outdoor decorating spaces. You can spruceup your outdoor living spaces by adding decorative planters thatgive your plants "pop"! Let's face it, outdoor decorating is "in"right now - it is the hottest design trend going. There are diverseways you can add your own personality to your outdoor design space.One of the easiest is to use decorative planters for yourgarden.With more and more people spending time indoors working, thedesire to return to the outdoors has really hit big. Even if youlive in the city, you can bring the outdoors to your home withgarden planters or may be a nice trellis or a set of wind chimes!Yesterday's plastic industrial flower pots have given way to thebeautiful and practical decorative planters of today. So thinkingbig is not out of line when you think outdoor decorating. You canhave style and functionality in something as practical as outdoorflower, plants, herb and vegetable pots!CONTAINER GARDENING: Moreand more people are enjoying the benefits and joys of containergardening. You can have the pleasure of growing your own herbs orfood in vegetable planters. There is no doubt in where your foodcame from or how it was grown when you produce it yourself ingarden planters. Control of soil and soil type is one of the firstrealized benefits. Plants can be rearranged for optimal sunexposure. Lightweight vegetable planters can be easily movedindoors or under cover during sudden rainstorms. Garden plantersgive the added benefit of your organic gardening when you arrangethem to repel insects or cross pollinate.AESTHETIC APPEAL: Gardenplanters can add aesthetic appeal to your patio or poolside area.When you use decorative planters to grow your vegetables, plantsand flowers, you can mix and match the potted plants for beauty aswell as functionality. Tomato plants look exotic in outdoor urns;red peppers are almost whimsical in decorative planters. Yourguests will probably not even notice that your outdoor garden decoris so practical. The lightweight nature of some outdoor planterpots makes it easy to avoid a late frost by bringing your pottedplants under cover. Though the plastic pots of yesterday are stillavailable: beautifying your garden using decorative woodenvegetable planter's gives it more of natural look!CONTAINERINVADERS: When you grow your produce in wooden planters, weedcontrol is much easier. By starting out with container soil, youeliminate unwanted seeds from the beginning. Some travel in the airor by birds, but pulling those unwanted weeds out of outdoorplanter pots is much easier than pulling weeds out of beds, andyour back will love it too. If one of your vegetable planters hassome weeds in it, chances are your other vegetable planters won'tsince it is harder for weeds to travel across outdoor planter pots.Mint and rosemary are examples of herbs that will easily take overa garden plot, but can be controlled and managed if grown invegetable planters.You have done a little gardening in thebackyard, but when you look out the back door you essentially seeyour deck, then a lot of green. Sure, you know there are 27different exotic plants, among other things, in your well lovedgarden, including that imported flower that you have been babyingfor the past four months, yet from a distance, they are notdiscernible. It's all just a jumble of foliage.This is not the bestway to showcase your green thumb. You need a backyard area thatpops. When you look out the back door you need to see definition.You should immediately know this is a real gardener's space andthat the plants all have their place within it. You need gardenplanters.Garden planters seem like such a simple solution, but theywill do wonders for your backyard.
Garden Swing Furniture Design 2.1 APK
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There are other things that you have to consider apart from theplace, the material and the flexibility of use of the garden swing.Here are a number of things that you should consider before makingthe purchase of a garden swing. Number of people- the number ofpeople who are going to use the swing will impact the size of it.If you have a family of four, then a bigger swing is recommended asthe entire family can spend a good time in the garden together.Space available- the space that is available in the garden willrestrict the size of the swing. If you have a huge area then a fourseat swing will perfect enough. There are many rattan swings whichcome in a two seat size. These too can be used. Design- there aremany designs that are available in the garden swings. Thetraditional swings are still under manufacture which can be usedfor houses with a traditional theme. These are he heavy swingswhich have to be kept in one place. These come in intricate wooddesigns and are pretty expensive. There are also modern swingswhich are made using rattan material. These swings come in the formof day couches and also accompanies with the feature ofportability. Though the swing is very huge, it can be moved fromone place to another. Cover- the top cover of the swing which comesin the form of an umbrella is also an important consideration. Thisis needed when you are located in a sunny place and it is hot inthe afternoons. The rattan portable swings are made in such a wayso as to protect you from the sun. Thus, this will not require atop cover. However, this is required in the old types of swings.Also, the outdoor furniture that you buy should be able to resistthe harsh weather conditions. When you are at home, there can benothing better than relaxing in a garden swing chair and enjoyingthe nature. It is indeed a must-have furniture for anybody who hasa lovely garden with sights to behold. If you have a well sizedbackyard boasting a pretty view and a lot of privacy then you canconsider buying a garden furniture chair. This buyer guide willhelp you determine what to consider and look for while choosing aright garden furniture chair that will last for a lifetime. Hereare some factors that you must consider: What To Look For In GardenSwing Chairs? First of all, you must determine the right size ofthe garden swing bench. If you just wish to spend sometime alone onit then a small size would just be perfect. But, if you have alarge family or have kids then you must consider buying a largersized chair. The choice of material plays an important role whenyou are considering buying an outdoor furniture. The metal swingchairs are preferred for their strength. The wooden benches lookpretty and enhance the view of the garden. If you anticipate a lotof weight on the chair then buying a strong metal furniture chairwould be a wise decision. There are several swing chairmanufacturers and suppliers who have their retail stores online.You can browse through their online catalog to look for thespecific features and benefits. Read the features andspecifications carefully to ensure that it matches yourrequirement. You must do some shopping around and compare theproducts to find the discount quality swing chairs online. Someswing chair suppliers also sell used furniture at discount rates.So, check them out if you have a tight budget. When installing thegarden furniture chair, you must be really careful and take care ofall the security measures. Though these chairs are not reallydangerous, they can cause problems if not installed properly. Youcan further enhance the look for your garden by adding multipleaccessories to your swing set. The accessories will also help yourelax. However, remember not to clutter the things but choose theitems carefully to provide an aesthetic look.