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This plug-in integrates the app "Fast Reboot Pro"(http://goo.gl/wV4pY) with Locale and Tasker. Want to automaticallyperform a fast reboot when your battery drops below 30%? Or performfast reboots at multiple times during a day? Now you can!Thisplug-in only works with the 'Pro'-version of Fast Reboot. If you'reusing the free version, you can simply download the'Shortcut'-plug-in for Locale (http://goo.gl/L79YG) and launch theFast Reboot Free app via a shortcut.Great Bytes Software is notaffiliated with two forty four a.m. LLC or Crafty Apps, thedevelopers of Locale and Tasker.

App Information Fast Reboot Pro Locale Plug-in

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    Fast Reboot Pro Locale Plug-in
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  • Updated
    April 26, 2015
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    Android 2.3.3 and up
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    Great Bytes Software
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    Wirmerstr. 5 40474 Düsseldorf Germany
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Fast Reboot 2.2 APK
Great Bytes Software
TRY THE PRO VERSION (http://goo.gl/1Fe12), WHICH COMES WITH THEOPTION TO AUTOMATICALLY PERFORM FAST REBOOTS AND LETS YOU MANUALLYEXCLUDE APPS!Simulates a reboot by closing/restarting all core anduser processes and thus frees up memory. Your phone should be muchsnappier after using Fast Reboot.DOES NOT ACTUALLY REBOOT YOURPHONE, only the apps & processes. Does NOT require root. Appicon by Arabi Ishaque
DynamicNotifications 3.8 APK
Great Bytes Software
Dynamic Notifications allows you to receive all of yournotifications even when your screen is off. When you receive a newemail/text message, the display will discreetly light up to let youknow. You don’t need to unlock the device. If you want to, the appeven shows you a short preview of the message or information aboutthe caller. This is so much better than just a pulsing notificationLED, because it tells you immediately everything you want to knowabout the notification. With DynamicNotifications, you are alwaysup to date!FEATURES:* Notifications don't light up when your phoneis in your pocket, purse, or face down to avoid accidental unlocks*Select which app-notifications you'd like to receive viaDynamicNotifications* Change the appearance of the app (customforeground/background color/image, show the date near the clock,change the main notification border style, and more)* "Customtimeout": Select for how long DynamicNotifications should be shown(Premium feature)* "Breathing notifications": Let not yet dismissednotifications reappear after custom intervals (Premium feature)*"Night mode": Don't show notifications at night (Premium feature)*"Hide additional details": Hide additional notification details(e.g. SMS text, sender) (Premium feature)* "Use as lockscreen": Usethe app as a replacement for your stock lockscreen (Premiumfeature)* "Auto-wake": Automatically turn on the screen when youpull the device out of your pocket or pick it up from lyingface-down (!) on a table (Premium feature)* "Custom brightness":Select how bright the DynamicNotifications screen should be(Premium feature)* "Edit swipe actions": Choose the action (e.g.unlock, dismiss, launch camera/custom app) for each swipe direction(Premium feature)HOW-TO:- Swipe right to see more details about thenotification- Swipe left to unlock the device (respects yourunlock-security settings)- Swipe up or down to dismiss thenotificationFAQ:- How can I make sure the app is workingcorrectly?Launch the app and follow the setup steps. Then, switchoff your phone's screen and send an email to yourself from your PC.After a few seconds, the notification screen should light up!- Thescreen sometimes turns on to the lockscreen, even if my phone is inmy pocketPlease go to your phone's system settings -->"Security" --> "Device administrators" and tick the checkboxnext to "DynamicNotifications". This will *only* allow the app tolock your screen, nothing else! - When I lock my screen, nothinghappens!The app isn't a lockscreen replacement. It respects yoursecurity settings (PIN/Pattern lock) and only appears if youactually receive a new notification while the screen is turned off-Will the app become available for Android 2.x, 3.x, 4.x?The app isnow compatible with Android >=4.0. If you're running Android4.3, it will make use of the new"NotificationListenerService"-feature introduced in Android 4.3.-Why can't I uninstall the app?Please go to your system settings,select "Security", “Device Administrators” and uncheck theDynamicNotifications-entry. You will then be able to uninstall theapp.- My phone starts talking to me when I enable the app?!This isa known Samsung-bug; Please go your system settings, select "Apps"--> "All" --> Samsung TTS engine --> Disable. If thisisn't working, go to your system settings, "Accessibility","Talkback" (make sure it's disabled), "Settings", and *uncheck* alloptions you see here.Please let me know if there's something thatdoesn't work for you before leaving a review!App formerly known as"ActiveNotifications". This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.
Fast Reboot Pro APK
- Select processes that should be excluded from beingrestarted/closed! - Schedule automatic fast reboots (e.g. every dayat 4am) - Option to automatically fast reboot when you unlock yourdevice (from standby) - Comes with a widget and a direct shortcutto instantly start a reboot Simulates a reboot byclosing/restarting all core and user processes (configurable) andthus frees up memory. Your phone should be much snappier afterusing Fast Reboot Pro. Fast Reboot Pro now includes an option toautomatically perform a "fast reboot" every time you unlock yourdevice (i.e. when you turn it back on from sleep and "slide" tounlock). This way, your phone will _always_ be as fast andresponsive as possible! In addition, you can now schedule a fastreboot so that your phone is fast rebooted automatically at acertain time each day (configured by you, e.g. 4am when you'releast likely to be using your phone) Want to perform a fast rebootwhen your battery drops below 30%, or when you leave work? Downloadthe free Fast Reboot plugin to integrate the app with Locale /Tasker: http://goo.gl/FlgLA If you don't see the widget in thewidget-list, please move the app back to your phone's internalmemory (Settings, Application Settings, Fast Reboot Pro, Move toPhone). This is a limitation of the Android system which Iunfortunately have no control over! App icon by Arabi Ishaque
SoundHUD v1.1 APK
Great Bytes Software
SoundHUD is a highly customizablevolume panel replacement that doesn't require root access. Andmaybe best of all: It comes with a true silent mode forLollipop users!What's in the box:• Multiple styles - choose between an expandable volumepanel, a statusbar volume panel, or just a thin line that stays outof your way• Lollipop silent mode - tired of the lack of a true silentmode for Lollipop? Yeah, so are we!• Long press actions - launch any app simply bylong-pressing one of the volume buttons• No root required - leave the drill at home: no root, noXposed - keep that sweet, sweet warranty!• Volume stream lock - got a media tablet? Turn on volumestream lock to always adjust the music volume instead of having todeal with a useless ringer volume• ...and much more!Like Lollipop's design and simplicity? It sure is swell, but itseems the stock volume panel didn't get the memo - if you've triedgetting Lollipop to shush while still getting woken up in themorning, I'm pretty sure you were on the verge of feeding yourphone to Rusty (pro-tip: plastic doesn't make a very good dogtreat!). Enter SoundHUD, which comes with a true silent mode forLollipop, an expandable volume panel with separate, draggablevolume sliders for every volume stream (ringer, music,notifications, alarms, in-call volume), and much more!Silent mode HOW-TO1. Go to System settings -> Sound & notification ->Interruptions2. Turn OFF all priority interruption switches3. Get up, do a little dance, and enjoy the silence! No more calls,notifications, reminders - just alarms!What's this funny "Accessibility"-business?!To recognize when you press the volume keys and to auto-hide thedefault system volume panel, the app needs access to the"Accessibility" service. While we agree that the built-in warningsounds mighty scary - fret not: The app doesn't have Internetaccess and therefore can't phone home! Hello? Hello? Anyone? No? Ohwell...Made with ♥ in GermanySoundHUD is based on Noyze by Tom Barrasso, licensed under theApache 2.0 license.
GeoPic 1.0 APK
Great Bytes Software
Never lose your photos' location information again - even whenprinting them!GeoPic saves the location where a picture was takenas a small, unobtrusive QR code directly on the photo - that waythis information will never be lost again, whether you upload thepicture to Facebook or decide to print them out!- Easily move andresize the QR code- Generated QR codes can be read by any QR readeron any mobile platform- Option to save just the QR code to print iton the back of a photo or put it next to it in a photo album-Easily share the created picture on Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, viaemail, or MMS
FitTap Pro 1.8 APK
Do you want to harness the full power of personal analytics usingyour Fitbit®, but don't have the time to log recurring activties,such as your morning jog, or drinking a bottle of water? EnterFitTap, a solution that lets you log activities, food & waterintake, sleep, and weight changes simply by scanning customNFC-tags with your NFC-enabled smartphone!This solution easilyintegrates with your life's flow: Rather than having to use amobile app or website, you simply stick a tag onto your gym bag,reusable water bottle, or fridge to log recurring activities likeyour daily trip to the gym or water intake. The pro-version of theapp lets you use your own (NDEF-compatible) NFC tags. You may alsobuy our beautiful, custom-made tags (sold as kits of 5, 10, or 15,including worldwide free shipping) from our website (http://www.fittap.it ), in which case you can use the free versionof the app: http://goo.gl/vcZi2Once you scan one of your own tagsfor the first time, the app will ask you to confirm overwriting thecurrent contents, so make sure you only use empty tags, or back uptheir previous contents. You can then associate a certain activitywith this tag, such as "Drank 1 bottle of water", or "Jogging, 30minutes". The next time you tap this tag to your phone, it willautomatically log the pre-set activity for you and synchronize withFitBit®, you don't even have to launch the app! You can easilyreassign the purpose of the individual tags at any time.
GuestMode 1.0 APK
Great Bytes Software
This app requires a *rooted* device running Android 4.2+Have youever given your phone to a friend? Has this resulted in asemi-funny new Twitter status update that you didn't writeyourself? You betcha! This app enables a guest user mode on yourrooted 4.2+ phone, which you can easily switch to using a providedlauncher shortcut. The guest environment is completely separatefrom your main account and doesn't have access to your email, textmessages, image gallery, browsing history, or other app data. Whensetting up the guest account for the first time, please select "Notnow" when prompted for a Google account. DON'T sign in with yourown Google account or the guest will have access to all yourdata.The app will:* Enable multi-user mode on your device* Create anew user called "guest"* Enable this app for the guest useraccountIf you want to be able to use the app's shortcut to switch*back* to the main user from the guest mode, please enablemulti-user support in SuperSU (or your superuser-manager ofchoice). If you don't perform this step, you will have to rebootyour phone to get back into your main account! It may be necessaryto separately install this app for the guest after switching to theguest account for the first time. For security purposes, it isrecommended *NOT* to enable the multi-user support in SuperSU(because the guest would then be able to execute root-commands).Make sure you enable a secure lockscreen option for the main useraccount!Please note that you are using this app at your own risk! Iam not responsible for any damage it may cause to your device. Themulti-user feature that this app relies on is currently notofficially released/support for phones. Please perform a fulldevice backup (e.g. using nandroid) before using this app. If youget stuck in the guest's account for whatever reason, please rebootyour device. If this doesn't help, open a command prompt on yourPC, enter "adb shell" followed by "am switch-user 0". This willswitch you back to the main account.This app is licensed under theApache 2.0 license. You can find the source code on Github:https://github.com/greatbytes/GuestMode
Permissions Watchdog 1.0 APK
Great Bytes Software
Google Play will no longer warn you if an app developed for AndroidM requires the INTERNET permission. However, it's sometimes nice toknow if a calculator or flashlight app requests the INTERNETpermission. Permissions Watchdog helps you to determine if an apprequires the INTERNET permission.There are two ways in which theapp can be triggered:1. Right after installing an app, anotification will warn you if the app you just installed requeststhe INTERNET permission 2. On any Google Play app page, tap Share--> "Check permissions" to find out if an app requires theINTERNET permission even before installing it