1.0.16 / January 15, 2020
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Flappy kub is a simple but not too easy 3D game. Touch screen topass throw obstacles, levels and challenges.

App Information Flappy kub

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    Flappy kub
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    January 15, 2020
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    Android 4.1 and up
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Note taker SusuNote 1.8.152 APK
SusuNote is a note taking app specialized in taking multiple typesof notes and help you structured them. You can make it yourpersonal memos and add at your will, images and videos. You canalso change the theme by adding an image in home page. The notetaker app will take the colors of your favorite image and applythem to the rest of his system for you. You can use it as a taskmanager, a checklist, voice memos or a collection book. SusuNotecan be used to prepare theses or lectures. Record your ideas andsimplify your journey with the todo list. ⭐ FEATURES o Supporttext, list, pictures, video and audio recording for voice memosnote. o Add website link of your web browser to keep track of yourfavorite sources. o Preview websites and browse inside the notetaking app. o Create notepad to take notes and create folder toorganize them. o Checklist progress displaying. o Change theme byapplying the colors of the added image in the home pages. o Saveyour note in the cloud. (Requires account creation). o Auto backupto the cloud can be enabled in parameter. o Various note displaymode. ⚙ AUTHORIZATIONS o Microphone: to create voice memos. o Editor delete the contents of the SD card: to store images, videos andvoice memos. o Network access: for saving and saving your blocknotes in the cloud. o Receive data from the internet: for restoringyour data by backing up the cloud. The development of the notetaker SusuNote is still growing, if you encounter any bugs or youhave any feature proposals please feel free to write us. Become atester: http://bit.ly/2MFVqEJ contact: zetaplusapps@gmail.comFacebook page: http://bit.ly/2IY0Aso
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MyTodoList est une application de gestiondetâches qui vous aident à planifier efficacement votre journéeouvotre semaine de ne pas perdre de vue vos objectifs.fonctionnalité:        - Organisez vostâchespar niveau d'importance avec my todo list (de haut niveau àfaibleniveau)        - Possibilité dechangerle nom et la priorité de vos tâches sur my todo list        - Désactiver lestâchesen sélectionnant la priorité "en prévision" dansvotretodolist        - Réactiver tâchesenchangeant leur priorité dans la catégorie «en prévision». survotretodo liste        - Les tâches"validées"dans my todolist ne sont pas automatiquement supprimées,ellespeuvent être restaurés à partir de la «corbeille»        - Interface todolisttrèsintuitive et agréable.MyTodoList is ataskmanagement application that help you effectively plan your dayorweek to not lose sight of your goals.functionality:- Organize your tasks by level of importance with my todo list(highlevel to low level)- Ability to change the name and prioritize your tasks on mytodolist- Disable the tasks by selecting the priority "in anticipation"inyour todolist- Re tasks by changing their priority in the "inpreparation"category. on your todo list- The "validated" in my todolist tasks are notautomaticallydeleted, they can be restored from the "basket"- Todolist interface very intuitive and enjoyable.
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Today with social networks, emails, banks and our credit cards weare invaded by personal informations that we must at all costsprotect against intrusion and theft. Secret Pass Manager helps youto prevent it. Secret Pass Manager offers a simple and an intuitivepasswords administration interface, you can save the connectioninformation of each emails, web sites, forums, bank account and alltypes of services tyou have . One password is sufficient to accessmultiple other. It's easier and faster to login in websites withSecret Pass Manager and share or send account to collaborators ofpeople around you if you work on the same projects. Let Secret PassManager manage your secret information and you will only have totake care of the essentials.
Flappy kub 1.0.16 APK
Flappy kub is a simple but not too easy 3D game. Touch screen topass throw obstacles, levels and challenges.
JeNote - Notepad, todo list, voice memo and notes 1.2.25 APK
JeNote is a notepad that help take all kinds of notes. By usingJeNote you will be able to create notebooks and folders to containthem. Notepad JeNote support video formats and images. The notestaking app is fully customizable in one click. Just feature onepicture on the home page and your notebook completely change. Hereare details about JeNote features . * TAKE NOTES * - capture yourbest moments with image notes. - Write down the key points of yourmeetings and marked appointments. - Import images and videos to adddetails to your notebook. - Use the voice memo for faster notetaking. - Easily share notes from any source including web. *SEARCH FOR NOTES * - Easily find your notes using the quick searchfeatures - Find online notes similar to the contents of yournotebook. * ORGANIZE NOTES BY THEMES * - Create notebooks to holdnotes - Also add folders to classify notebooks by themes. * Customnotepad - By changing the image of the home page, JeNote extractsits main color and apply it as a theme to the rest of the system.You will get a completely different look for your note taking app.* BACKUP AND RESTORATION IN THE CLOUD * - Save all notes in thecloud. - Cloud usage requires free registration. You can deleteyour account and data at any time. You can recover your data fromthe cloud and use JeNote in a new phone. * MIGRATION FROM SUSUNOTETO JENOTE - If you have Susunote data in your cloud, you can reusethe same account in JeNote to recover your data. * PERMISSIONSREQUESTED * - Microphone: to create voice memos. - Edit or deletethe contents of the SD card: to store images, videos and voicememos. - Network access: for saving and saving your block notes inthe cloud, as well as displaying ads. - Internet data reception:for the restoration of your data by the cloud backup. * OTHER * Incase of problems, thank for contacting us by mail contact:zetaplusapps@gmail.com Become a tester: http://bit.ly/31D6d98contact: zetaplusapps@gmail.com Facebook page:http://bit.ly/2IY0Aso