1.2 / August 3, 2016
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Football Juggling , Juggling withSoccerBall.
Football Juggling a free Addictive game to juggling with SoccerBall, keep the ball at the top and don't let it go down to win.Rio 2016Soccer
Challenge your friend or any player Around the world for thebestSoccer Juggling .
Share your Score with friends on social Media .

App Information Football Juggling Rio 2016

  • App Name
    Football Juggling Rio 2016
  • اسم الحزمة
  • Updated
    August 3, 2016
  • الحجم
  • إصدار الأندرويد المطلوب
    Android 2.2 and up
  • الإصدار
  • المطور
  • عدد مرات التثبيت
    100 - 500
  • Price
  • الفئة
  • المطور
    Email [email protected]
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لعبة "وهلة" هي لعبة غنية بالمعلومات لإختبارالذكاء و الرصيد المعرفي في مختلف المجالات بطريقة مسلية و حديثة، حيثتحتوي على كم هائل من الألغاز، أمثلة شعبية، معلومات ثقافية تاريخية وجغرافية، أسئلة رياضية و فنية، إسلاميات و غيرها. "وهلة" تطبيق رائعيتميز عن غيره وصلة كلمات متقاطعة رشفة و غيرها بسهولة استعماله وتوفر عدة مزايا، بحيت يمكن الكشف عن الحرف الأول من جواب السؤال لحلوصلة اللغز، حدف الأحرف الغير مفيدة و يمكن مواصلة اللعب للمستوىالموالي و تخطي وصلة السؤال. لعبة "وهلة" هي وصلة حديثة مشوقة ومسلية. مع لعبة "وهلة" الرائعة سيف المعرفة بين أيديكم.The game "sight" is agame informative to test the intelligence and cognitive balance invarious fields in an entertaining way and modern, where he has atremendous amount of puzzles, popular examples, cultural,historical information and geographical, mathematical questions andtechnical, Islam and others. "Glance" wonderful application isdistinguished from other link crossword sip and other easily usedand provides several advantages, Laket can be detected by the firstletter of the answer to question resolve link puzzle, Hdvnon-sensitive useful and can continue to play to the level of proand skip link question. The game "sight" is a modern link in aninteresting and entertaining. With a game of "sight" magnificentsword of knowledge between your hands.
We Support Narendra Modi 1.0 APK
Show Your Support to Prime MinisterNarendraModi :Make a Picture a Share it in this Hashtag : #WeSupportNarendraModiNarendra Modi grew up in the town of Vadnagar in India, thesonof a street merchant. He entered politics as a youth andquicklyrose through the ranks of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, aHindunationalist political party. Modi later joined themainstreamBharatiya Janata Party in 1987, eventually becomingnationalsecretary. In 2002, he was alleged to be responsible forthe deathsof more than 1,000 Muslims during civil unrest but waslaterexonerated. In 2014 he was elected prime minister ofIndia.narendra modi one off the genuine President past inIndiagovernmentThis Modi app give you the possibility to put your Picturesideof narendra modi to show your supportHow to use We support Modi app :•  Open the Modi app•  Take a picture Using Camera or Gallery•  Position your Picture Using your Hand•  Choose your Frame•  Save & Share your Picture withFeatures :•  Give you the chance to Put Your Personal Pic with PrimeMinisterNarendra Modi•  Show your support to the Best Prime Minister Narendra Modi•  Free Modi appDays before narendra modi present his Modi keynote&narendramodi app .People of India support our honorable Prime minister Modi Ji onthedemonetization drive.
طعريجة عاشوراء مغربية 1.1 APK
تطبيق طعريجة مغربية الألة الموسيقيةالتقليديةالمغربيةأول تطبيق الألة الموسيقية التقليدية المغربية الطعريجة مغربيةالغنيةعن التعريفلتشغيل الطعريجة ما عليك سوى الضغط على وقاع الطعريجةيمكنك التبديل في ايقاعات الطعريجة المختلفةاستمتعوا بها في عاشوراءApplicationTarajhMoroccan musical instrument traditional MoroccanThe first application of traditional musical instrumentMoroccanrich Tarajh Moroccan definitionTo run Tarajh Just click on the bottom TarajhYou can switch to different rhythms TarajhEnjoy them in Ashura
Color Dots Switch 1.22 APK
Color Dots Switch it's a Addictive ReflexionGame.Objectif of Game :Tap Screen to Turn One Off 2 Dots with the Correct Color ball comesFrom top or Bottom.You lose if you Crush 2 Dots with different Color.Game Feature :- This Game try to beat your Mind , so be challengeable person andBeat this Game .- This Game Recommended for kids to improve their reflexion andintelligence .Enjoy The "Color Dots Switch" Game
أدعية إسلامية بدون أنترنيت 1.0 APK
أدعية إسلامية صوتية رائعة لعدة شيوخبدونأنترنيت .يحتوي تطبيق "أدعية إسلامية " على عدة أدعية رائعة تحرك القلوب.أدعية الشيوخ :♫ الشيخ عبدالرحمن السديس♫ الشيخ مشاري راشد العفاسي♫ الشيخ محمد متولي الشعراوي♫ الشيخ ماهر المعيقلي♫ الشيخ إدريس أبكر♫ الشيخ أحمد جبريل--------------------------------------شكرا لكم--------------------------------------♫ دعاء مستجاب بإذن الله♫ أدعية و أذكار♫ أدعية صوتية بدون أنترنيت♫ أدعية مستجابة♫ douaa mp3♫ douaa♫ douaa moustajab♫ douaa mp3 sans internet♫ douaa mp3 without internet♫ douaa soudais♫ adiaa de coranIslamic prayersSoundswonderful for several elders without access to theInternet."Islamic prayers" application contains several wonderfulprayersmove hearts.Prayers Senate:♫ Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais♫ Sheikh Afasy♫ Sheikh Mohammed Sharawi♫ Sheikh Maher Almaikulai♫ Sheikh Idris earlier♫ Sheikh Ahmed Jibril--------------------------------------thank you--------------------------------------♫ prayers answered, God willing,♫ Prayers and Remembrance♫ prayers voice without access to the Internet♫ prayers Mostagabp♫ douaa mp3♫ douaa♫ douaa moustajab♫ douaa mp3 sans internet♫ douaa mp3 without internet♫ douaa soudais♫ adiaa de coran
ZOOWI - Animal Quiz 1.0 APK
ZOOWI game is an amusing Animal Quiz gameforkids and families to learn animals name with pictures toadvancethrough levels and have fun.ZOOWI Animal Quiz is so simple and easy to play. See howmanyanimals you can recognize and Share the levels with yourfriends,earn coins and spend them with options to skip currentlevel,discover the 1st letter animal's name, let your friends helpyou bytaking picture and send it to them or hide threeunusedletters.What is the name of this animal? A simple question but yetyouwill find so many animals you have not seen before.Not only that with ZOOWI Animal Quiz you can check yourmemoryand try to remember the names of some strange Animals but youcanalso discover new animals that you never knew about before."ZOOWi Animal Quiz" is a quiz that everybody can play andenjoywith it, kids can learn animal names and adults can discoverotheranimals, ZOOWI can become a educational application forchildren,helping your kid to discover animals from all over theworld: birdsand animals that live in farms, wilderness, amazonianjungle,fishes from the ocean, big like elephants or little cuteones likecats.Features:- Easy and simple to play for kids and families- A variety of animals: pets, wild animals, sea animals,...- Hints to reveal a letter or remove a wrong letter- Additional coins by resolving images- High resolution imagesthe most fun Animal Quiz on Google Play!Enjoy with our free "ZOOWI Animal Quiz"!
5 Days Weather Forecast 1.1 APK
➳ 5 Days Weather Forecast Free app offre toyou Many Weather Services:➼ You can choice your location manually or By GPS Detection .➼ Give's You Today weather and next 5 Days Weather.➼ Show you The Weather Map of :➼ Temperature➼ Rain➼ Clouds➼ Wind➳ How to use The App➼ Select your Location .➼ Refresh the App Every Time you want current weathercondition.➼5 Days Weather Forecast For Weather news.The App use OpenSource API to get Weather Info .
حلويات العيد (بدون أنترنيت) 1.0 APK
حلويات العيد للمناسبات السعيدة :أروعالحلوياتشهية و سهلة التحضيرنقدم لكم تطبيق لحلويات العيد سواء الفطر أو الأضحىكل أنواع الحلويات مقادرها و طرق تحضيرها :كيكبسبوسةغريبةفقاسحلويات مغربيةحلويات خليجيةحلويات جزائريةحلويات رمضانيةكل الأذواق و الأشكال ستجدها في هذا التطبيقلا تنس وضع ★★★★★ لتشجيعنا على المزيد من العطاءEid sweetsjoyousoccasions: the finest delicacies and sweets are easytoprepareOffer you an application for Sweets Eid al-Fitr, orwhetheral-AdhaAll kinds of sweets Mghaderha and methods of preparation:KeckBasbousaStrangeHe measuredMoroccan sweetsGulf SweetsALgerian SweetsRamadan DessertsAll tastes and shapes'll find in this applicationDo not forget to put ★★★★★ encouraged more tender