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Here we have brought to you an awesome home decoration game andwooden furniture guide. So now you don’t need any furnitureshopping by going into shopping malls and supermarkets and no needto select boring wooden furniture design. Make your own furnitureto design home with wooden theme. House decoration and design isnot such a difficult task that many people think it is. Selectfurniture mod and start making it.Let’s go to the nearest forest toget woods. Upload logs onto the truck and take it to the cutter sothat you can have fine wooden blocks to make any kind of furniture.Must have some bamboos too so that u can have fine pieces of woodto make strong wooden furniture.Keep in mind wooden bed designs sothat u can have same sizes of woods. U even could have furnituremod for mine craft too. Start the construction of your selectedfurniture. Building furniture is fun so be an expert furniturebuilder and show your talent. Furniture building and constructingmake you a well known carpenter among the people u live in.Best ofall home design furniture games for girls is in front of you. Sodownload it at first and play for free. You’ll surely enjoy ourother building games for girls or builder games for kids. So keepenjoying. Good luck!

App Information Furniture Factory & Builder Mania - Game for Kids

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    Furniture Factory & Builder Mania - Game for Kids
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    July 7, 2017
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    Android 2.3 and up
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My Bakery Shop Cash Register 1.0.6 APK
Who doesn't love the bakery world a place full of sweet anddelicious deserts is always an attractive place for little girls& boys. Kids with their mom & dad visit to the bakery onvarious occasions like if their is a birthday party or weddingparty or some other event in friends & family. Whenever kidssee the bakery we can see how shopaholic they are. This new cashregister girls game will satisfy their shopping fever and theirparents won't have to take their kids for bakery shopping. Thisgame is designed in a way to make it addictive for fun andbeneficial for educational purpose to enhance mathematical skillsof kids. This bakery shopping game has various grocery items toshop like ice cream & chocolate cakes, various kind ofbiscuits, yummy ice creams & other fast food bakery items likedonuts, sandwiches pizzas etc. It's time management game shoppinggirls or boys will appear with a shopping list and shopping cart,you will move the customers around the grocery store, matching theorders with the list and placing them on the cart. Its asupermarket game with a cashier free like a pro cashier you will beinvolved in cash management as well as supermarket management. Sobe the pro cashier register cash & serve the customers. Playour other supermarket shopping games & cashier games, rate us& give your feedback at freakyapps@gmail.com.
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The only cake making factory of the city has stopped working.People are demanding wonderful wedding cakes for their weddingparty but there is no wedding cake maker chef in the city. Let’shave your own wedding cake making factory and bakery shop. Dash toyour factory kitchen in cooking cake mania and bake a cake. Cookingwedding cake is not as tough as it is said to be. Be a hero factoryworker and apply your decoration ideas in the real world cakemaking factory simulator. Usually kids love cake baking gamesbecause it’s a crazy fun adventure to bake a cake and the mostfavorite part is decorating tasty chocolate cakes. Use your bestdecoration skills like a chef master to decorate great chocolatecake for bridal wedding party. Make yourself ready for the greatcooking contest of champions boys and girls.This is not only achocolate cake maker game but a great wedding cake shop too. Makethe day of bride and groom with delicious dessert and yummy weddingcake. Be a chef master of wedding cake maker kitchen and makeawesome vanilla and chocolate cakes. Come on our little weddingparty cake maker chef, it’s time to satisfy your cooking mania inthe great chocolate cake making factory and bakery shop.Let’s startcooking delicious chocolate cake for the wedding party. Cakefactory is ready for the factory worker with its sound machineryand tools. Add all ingredients in a large container such as, egg,milk, butter, flour, sugar, salt, vanilla and chocolate etc. andmix them well with the electrical beater. After mixing, send it tothe factory’s kitchen where heavy ovens will bake several cakessimultaneously in no time. Your chocolate cake is ready in butstill it needs some working on it.Let’s decorate it in thechocolate factory by applying fresh cream on it. Fresh fruits, dryfruits and many kinds of sprinkles are available for cakedecoration. It’s up to you how to make chocolate cake yummy bydecorating it. Be an expert designer and decorate the deliciousfood dessert in the appetizing way and deliver it to thesupermarket, bakery shop or wedding party.Try the real worldwedding cake maker simulator dessert maker game and for free. Enjoyplaying chocolate cake making factory game for girls and have fun!
Braided Hairstyles Girls Games 1.0.2 APK
Hi girls! Welcome to the best hairdresser and braided hair salonwhere you can learn making braid hairstyles step by step. Thisbraided hair spa salon is also a great hair styler tutorial forhair curling, hairstyle changer game and to teach you the besthairstyles for girls. You can also practice braided hairstyles forAfrican hair or straight hair.You can use different extensions likehair spray for curly hair, hair curler, roller and other hair careproducts to be a star girl or a superstar fashion model. Please theworld with your fashion story by having a great wedding make up ona rockstar bride. Bridal makeup for a celebrity and beauty queen isa bit difficult task as a superstar life is full of rush and beautyconsciousness. So be prepared to give a complete outstanding lookto the princess and introduce the world with the new episode ofstyle and fashion. City full of beautiful fairies is arriving tocongratulate your doll. Choose the best tailor designer dress andjewelry for her.Braided hairstyles girls games is one of the bestbraided hairstyles games and braiding hair games for girls to learnbeautiful braids hairstyle. This is not only a hair makeover salonbut also a makeup plus dress up games for kids. Must enjoy ourother free makeup games for girls on the Google play but don’tforget to rate.
Ice Cream Shop Food Fever 1.0.1 APK
Wow, welcome mouthwatering delicious ice creams restaurant game.When it comes to choose between desserts ice cream is the firstthing that comes in mind, ice creams are an important part of ameal of a party not just kids but elders like them a lot. Icecreams are mostly consumed in summer but some girls and boys arecrazy enough to eat them in winter. Well in this cooking game forkids you will be using your cooking skills and will be working as abest crazy chef in the city. This game is challenging and fun toothere is going to be a big rush of hungry customers you will beserving them with their desired orders like a big restaurant. Timewill play an important role as it's a time management game you willhave to keep a peak on time so that you could fulfill their orderson time. By serving quickly you will earn more, you can use theearned money to unlock various items like in toppings you can buysprinkles, jellies and bakery items like sweet biscuits &cakes. In case if you run out of time you can buy time using coins.You will have cups & cones to put scopes in and various itemsto decorate the ice cream to make it look pretty and give it yummy& delicious taste. So, lets get ready to make ice cream andserve to customers in hundreds of different combinations. Ice creamfever cooking story game play- 45 addictive & challenginglevels- check out customers demands- prepare the order- serve thecustomer- watch out time- serve quickly to earn more- purchase timeusing coins- unlock various items using earned coins- be the mastercook & compete with friendsPlay our other girls games &free games rate us & give your feedback at freakyapps@gmail.com