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You are the best warrior of army; it is given mission to destroyenemy's forces in using gunship helicopter with great fullautomatic guns. You have control of guns to strike from air. Enemyis really equipped with deadly weapons. There is a fierce fightwaiting for you. You will be awarded for your success in theGunner's Battlefield if you destroy enemy forces and recoversislands. With awards you may buy guns more effective in air strike.So you can defend yourself and your country as gunner. The set ofmultiple intense combating action levels will take players throughthe iconic deserts of island battlefields, with an immersive andhigh octane air to land shooting exchange, as the elite gunnerforce attempts to track and destroy you. Are you ready for thedangerous Aerial Warfare? A deadly air attack is approaching youand the Enemy has launched a killer attack on the front linemilitary chopper. It’s time to brace you and get ready for mostbrutal air fight with ferocious opponent gunships. Dangerous airattack is approaching you.The super military commandos are airbornein a gunship military aircraft; it is your mission to defend theLand on battle field. In this action packed battle you will have toshoot down all the war targets.Your advantage is that enemycommando fleet doesn't know quite well, which would delay theirambush tactics, so you would get a chance to respond to theironslaught blitz. So get hold of your ammo and destroy theirassigned ambush, and bring glory to your state. Don't let any ofthe enemy’s soldier in your island base, to take the remnant of thewar as they are trying to come to your base through parachutes, toget hold of any of the important material. You know that the enemyis expert in guerrilla war and they ambush places in no time intheir mission. You have the choice of using modern aircraft gun orG3 or even Uzi, but use them wisely with limited.How to Play:-Touch and drag the screen to move/rotate gun left, right, up ordown- Tab Fire button to shoot, press hold button to burst fire.-Head shoot will kill enemy soldiers on first spot.- The weaponswill reload it and you have limited number of bullets so use yourammo carefully.- Don’t need to control the helicopter its autopilot control around strike field. Features:- FPS (First PersonShooter) Game- AK - 47 with telescope long rang gun shoot- MultiBarrel Machine M - 134- Enemy AI (Artificial Intelligence)-Excellent real look 3D environment- Rocket Launcher RPG Rocket-Efficient weapon game plays control - See fleet top view fromhelicopter - Easy GUI and controls

App Information Helicopter Gunner Strike WAR 2

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    Helicopter Gunner Strike WAR 2
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    December 22, 2015
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    Android 2.3 and up
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    ActionGmaesStudio 3D Android
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Deer Hunting Sniper Shooter 1.1.0 APK
Most thrilling adventure in desert jungle and mountain with longrange advanced weapons. Download now for free deer hunting injungle adventure for 2015 and 2016. Challenging sniper shooter forhunt at mountain forest. Addictive adventure with aim to shoot forthe hunt deer. Marvelous game-play animal shooting simulator. Oneof the best first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d adventure games.3D Ultimate deer hunter action getting killer shoot with long rangesniper in deep dense forest beside the mountains. Outstandingaction shooting game is for teen girls and boys, young adults andhunting adventure game lovers especially wild dear and staghunters. Deer Hunter 2015 is a free to play FPS hunting simulator3D Game. Deer Hunter 2014 2016 is coming near with Christmas &New Year that is most exciting moments in New Year Night 2016.COLLECT REWARDCompare animals hunting with Google Play achievementsand leaderboards! Now open season join the hunt today! for freeyear of 2015 and 2016. Developed for FPS game fans, ChallengeHunting Simulators and the Deer Hunter 2015. Hunter has couple ofdogs Rottweiler and German shepherd, dog is very lovely andfaithful animal. He got them form army puppies shop in early 2014,now both are adult trained dogs that help in find prey in jungle,desert and mountain effectively. Deer Hunter challenge GameFeatures:♦ Realistic 3D graphics and cool animations with multiplecharming hunting ground environment. ♦ Aim to soot for the killwild deer and stag effective with sniper rifle - gun shop ♦Delightful sound effects and smooth game controls - gun control♦Sharp shooting and challenging hunting levels according expertshooter - ultimate Sniper. ♦ Intensive artificial intelligence AI.#BuyPens ♦ Addictive game play with Powerful sniper shooting Weapon- GunShop♦ Perfect first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d adventuregames.♦ Wild world animal adventure - Reloaded - Bullet for Kill. ♦Auto reloaded weapon for next Shoot. How to hunt: ♥ This is offlinegame not require internet connection you can play while internetaccess or not. ♥ It is single player and first person shooter (FPS)3D game. ♥ Deer Hunting 3D Game 2015. Hunt prey in Desert andforest beside mountain view. Use Sniper 3D gun zoom to shoot to getminion power.♥ Head Shoot to beast to get more points - GunControl♥ Zoom sniper gun to close view and easy to target running andwalking deer.♥ Complete number of target shoot including compulsoryhead shoot with in limited time.♥ Cool Desert View to Pass a day byHunting Deer in natural day - 9APPS ♥ Aim to target killer headshots accurately to death quickly - Gamezebo♥ Tap fire button toget the foe down - Modojo ♥ Use sniper zoom in/out button to getthe hard target close - Kotaku♥ Shoot to target down very quicklyto achieve successful completion - Arcade Sushi♥ Keep eyes on radarto find real time animal positions - 148apps DOWNLOAD NOW Playright now download for free at Google Play Store, don’t forget torate and review us. Welcome for your suggestions and feedback toimprove the game.
Commando Warrior Fury Shooter 1.2.1 APK
One man army one warrior as a frontline commando war at mountainswith battlefield assassin sniper shoot: Extreme challenging reallybloodshed commando 3D action game. Assassin sniper attack with fistof fury, huge destruction of army including gunship helicoptergunner and enemy military troops. Assassin’s commando warriorstory: Navy commando warrior completed great modern combat missionsas ultimate frontline commando military soldier. Army man neverfear with deadly assault on navy warship aircraft carrier, gunshiphelicopter and modern combat tank mission on high mountains snipershooting area and in desert shooing field even most dangerousrefugee city SWAT rescue missions. This time commando assigned hardtarget at high above the mountains. Navy man picks his long rangesniper gun for long range snipe target, short range guns andpistol. Droid Gamers At mountain war zone there were suspiciousactivities by enemy military, it's action time to ambush withdeadly warrior. Navy soldier ready to fight as frontline commandoand make a quick death strategy to bloodshed combat action. Enemieshave menace battle strategy with modern combat explosive materialso it's mission impossible. Don't mercy and show fury to puteverything into destruction. Kill enemy, destroy tanks, explodegunship helicopter and ammunition storage. AndroidRobotsBattlefield frontline commando adventure shooter free 3Dgame-play. The walking dead trigger warriors delta force withshooter war fighter, droid battle warriors is jigsaw game aroundthe world. Droid PoliceDeadly WeaponsCommando is a complete warmachine but still modern combat battle weapons great to kill enemyterritory.Sniper gun with amazing killer zoom to get target shootdown. Short gun for death shooting while deadly ambush - ShadowWarrior Ninja 3D Game Features √ 3D armed global conflict withexcitement sound play – Destructoid √ Thrilling surprise attacklike World War 2 - Assassin’s creed√ Full Action Game with FPS(First Person Shooting) game - WW2 √ Download for free just littleads placed to improve and maintain quality of awesome game - IGI 2√Automatic re-loaded gun with excellent mage sounds - WalkingKiller√ Fabulous first person shooter 3d game - counter strike √Addictive gameplay mission - World War II√ Perfect first personshooter game (FPS) in 3d action games. 9APPS√ Next war mission:rescue Syrian refugee children in war zone - frontline BattlefieldHow to play√ Aim to the target enemy’s headshots accurately causeenemy put int death quickly. √ Tap fire button to get the foe down.√ Sniper zoom in/out to get the target close. √ Sniper rifle bullethave batter accuracy over a long distance.√ Shoot to target quicklyeither you could be hurt by opponent bullets. √ Digital Radar tofind real time rival sniper shooter positions. √ Health bar at topleft will show your life line.Play Army War Game; download now forfree at Google Play Store. Get free app become super frontlinesniper rifle shooting hero and complete your armed conflict missionby eliminate your enemies.
Commando Mission Arms: WW2 1.2.0 APK
***Complete Story Missions Jail Escape to Army Base******StoryBased Missions of a Commando Soldier Captured in World WAR II byEnemy Army and Prison in Jail*** Fight as brave soldiers inbattlegrounds of World War 2 experience a dramatic and stunningbattle, life-story single-player, death-dealing journey in the Dayand Night. Commando had on duty as Frontline Commando at war timeof WW2: D-Day. Naval warfare WARSHIP on special mission in thebattlefield! Sudden attack by air fighter and submarine destroywarship most commando dead other were wounded and captured toprison. ***COMPLETE DANGEROUS MISSIONS AGAINST DEATHMATCH *** >JAIL BRAKE, PRISON ESCAPE:Kill the Guard snatch his gun to shootall enemy soldier brutally. > Access the Underground Tunnel:Findthe tunnel in surrounding for reach the sea shore. But be carefulfrom enemy shooters and army dog attack.> Deathmatch Maze Fight:There is complex tunnel system exist from World War 2, one openingend at sea shore go quickly and kill the killer on your way. >Gunship Helicopter Ambush. Army Choppers are loaded heavyammunition and gunner fighters, Get them down by light weaponsusing hundred bullets. > Reach to Ship: GoGoGo for ship >Island Battlefield:Heavy Military reach against you by helicoptersand battleship, Shoot all and get battleship to completeescape.> Shipyard war zone: Surprise battle at ship yard:Gamefeature: √ 3D Realistic and Impactful Environment - WWII√ Uniqueand Addictive GamePlay with Modern Battle A.I.√ Thrilling surpriseattacking Combat. World War Z√ Action Full Game with FPS (FirstPerson Shooting) Game.√ Missions based on real WWII naval commandobattles. "Commando Mission Arms -WW2" is suitable for fans ofstrategy games, action games, adventure games, modern warfaregames, gunship games, submarine games and First Person Shootergames. DOWNLOAD NOWPlay right now download for free at Google PlayStore, don’t forget to rate and review us. Welcome for yoursuggestions and feedback to improve the game.
Up Hill Climb: Hill Racing 1.0.5 APK
The best Hill Climbing and Car Racingadventure simulation choice for you. Hill Climb 3D has justredefined racing and hill climbing games. All you have to do is toclimb uphill at the peak of mountain and complete yourchallenges.Mountain climbing adventure race level is waiting for you.Challenging hill land and race in the 4x4 turbo diesel engine. Becareful while climbing up not to fall down at the cliff. Greatmountain climbing experience at high above hill and difficultmountains.GoGoGo hurry up hill climb 3D racing under your fingertips that'swaiting for you to climb the mountain. HD Land and land 4x4 drivingpleasure with real physics!The most addictive physics based car racing game is here! Controlyour car to climb mountain hills with most challenging realisticcontrol to face the challenges of unique uphill & downhillenvironments. Auto unlock lots of different cars by complete levelswith unique upgrades like engine acceleration, tire break, andspeed etc, numerous scenes with levels to reach in each.Let us join this mad uphill racing hill climb game now forfree!How to Play? Game Play- Tilt to steer, Just use accelerometer to turn control.- Touch pedal buttons to accelerate right of the screen, desialengine can be activate to shout.- Touch left side of the screen to brake or reverse to the hillclimbing vehicle.- Auto shift back and forth by left pedal while race.Features:- Endless mountain road with death traffic racing carssimulator;- Realistic auto car physics;- Beautiful & great 3D graphics and smooth physicssimulation- Smooth game play & easy controller- Realistic hill climb driving experience- Different realistic environment Levels- Realistic car truck physics- Tablet support and FULL HD support- FULL HD graphics with high quality- Awesome music sound effects- Different level scenarios.- Excellent lots of cars.- Great 3d physics.- Lots of hill climbing fun!- Amazing 3D graphics- Physics-based racing game- Both technical and very fast stages- Intuitive steering (with accelerometer)-Realistic car handling-Real turbo sound of engines.
Jurassic Dinosaur: Wild Hunter 1.0.0 APK
***Welcome to 3D Jurassic Adventure and Wild Hunting***Aim andShoot for hunt or be hunted! wild dinosaur hunter unique game-playsimulator. Lets hunt the biggest and most dangerous wild animals inthe world. Use powerful guns like long range sniper rifle withPowerful Zoom Scope. Ice Age 3D Jurassic wild world in realisticfirst person shooter (fps) and perfect simulator in high-definitiongraphics quality. Hunt or be hunted! Challenge for sniper shootersand expert wild dinosaur hunters in Jurassic island. Kill the mostferocious animals in history. Encounter Jurassic beastsSimulator.Go go go! with powerful deadly weapons to save the worldJurassic dino park Island and dragon city, horrible adventure inmountain jungle island. 3D Ultimate Dino hunter killer shoot withlong range sniper in deep dense forest beside the mountains.Outstanding 3D shooting game is for teen girls and boys, youngadults and hunting adventure game lovers especially wildhunters.Dinosaurs were largest animal of the world, T-REX(Tyrannosaurus Rex), Rex Dinosaur was very hunger killer.Tyrannosaurus Rex with hunger attacking on hunter so it's not easyto walking with dinosaurs in wild world. Verity of uniquedinosaurs! Monster Dino, Carnivores, Spinosaurus, Attacking DinoDragon, Flying Dragon Sim, Saurischia, Brontosaurus, Velociraptor,Carnotaurus and Allosaurus. Race in ferocious jungle in search ofpreys! Show the wilderness and anger in the jungle! Rage off at thejungle and complete deadly animal killing quests! Hunt to beLegends around the world. In order to adventure discover amazingspecies and kill them to win battle arena of dinosaurs.DeadlyWeapons1- Multiple and real world weapons and upgrades with dozensof bullets. Progress through varied shooter series to win rifles,shotguns and assault rifles. Make your kills and complete them allfor even greater rewards!GAME FEATURES:* Huge 3D world with realJurassic safari park stunning environment* Console quality 3D HDgraphics - AppSpy* 3D Dinosaur Simulator to jungle park adventurefor experts with long range sniper shooter sim* Choose amongdifferent weapon types with best sniper shooting experience inJurassic environment - Wildfires* Hunting accessories for smarthunting - 148APPS* Interactive Dinosaur War Adventure - Gamezebo*T-Rex Dinosaur Attack 3D Simulator Super Features - unique huntingaccessories* Supported on devices with OS 2.3 and up - the hungergames* Ice Age real Jurassic game-play.* Realistic first personshooting game.* 3D game play and interactive sound effects.* Withmodern sniper shooting gun.* Unlimited bullet trackingaction.DOWNLOAD NOW..!!Play Dino War Game; download now for free atGoogle Play Store. Get free app become super adventure shootinghero and complete your Jurassic mission by eliminate deadlyanimals.
Gun War Battle 3D: Free Games 1.0 APK
Gun War Battle 3D is thrilling war simulation where alone armycommando shooter handle deadly ambush in red zone battlefieldwithout high ammunition and backup air support. There is a blackoutin the city due to enemy control to avoid air strike and anti aircraft in standby mode this is why air attack is impossible for themission, so mission is just for brave frontline commando to conquertheir military. World become modern enough but robots war machinenot fully effective real army commando need to get in action fordefeat enemy in war zone. Play as frontline commando with elitesniper against terrorists and terrorism. The enemy has occupiedinto your home land and now the battle is in the streets of thecity. Show your ghost soldier skills that can attack suddenly onmilitary troops. Grab your weapons and ready for thrillingaction-strategy game as World War II. The battle will hard againstair drop paratroopers in battlefield, also careful form enemysniper post that has long range sniper weapons with deadly bullets.You can get the gold coins by complete mission, and then you canbuy other more powerful and advanced gun. The more advanced gunmakes you more accurate and powerful to shoot from long distance.Game Features♥. Gun War Battle 3D is an intense shooting game.♥.Realistic battle scenes in street near mountains.♥. Modern warweapons and equipments. WW2♥. Very interesting elegant first personshoot game. ♥. Ultimate FPS Action Game!♥. Addictive game playmission - World War II♥. Fabulous first person shooter 3d game -counter strike ♥. Thrilling surprise attack like World War 2 -Assassin’s creed♥. The game is totally free of cost. Play Army WarGame; download now for free at Google Play Store. Get free app 3dget sniper rifle shooting to complete armed conflict mission byeliminate your enemies.
Jungle Zone Animal Hunter 3D 1.0.0 APK
Most thrilling adventure in desert jungle and mountain with longrange advanced weapons. Download now for free deer and other animalhunting in jungle adventure 2016. Challenging sniper shooter forhunt at mountain forest. Addictive adventure with aim to shoot forthe hunt deer. Marvelous game-play animal shooting simulator.One ofthe best first person shooter game (FPS) in 3d adventure games. 3DUltimate deer hunter action getting killer shoot with long rangesniper in deep dense forest beside the mountains. Outstandingaction shooting game is for teen girls and boys, young adults andhunting adventure game lovers especially wild dear and staghunters. Get ready for the jungle zone hunting. Hunt on the desert,hillside dense jungle safari. Take out your long range sniper gunto hunt the animals. Show your hunting skills in this challengeshunter 3d game with professional sniper shooting gun. Be carefulfor time in this adventures safari hunting. Jungle zone huntersmostly hunt stags, lions, zebras, jungle goats and sheep, wolvesand bears also flying bird hunting. It’s a great experience to aimand shoot to flying prey with sniper gun. So we give you a greatfun game to hunt most of them in one game in different points ofthe world. After a hunt in America USA, you find yourself in Africaand after that maybe in Russia. Lot of game levels to make the gamemore challenge hunting experience.This jungle animal hunt simulatorfor the real hunting lovers to fulfill their hunting desire byhunting as many deer, stages, lions and goats etc as they want reallooking game environments with beautiful game play sounds. Detailedrealistic graphics and smooth, optimized game-play sounds will givereal hunting feeling to the hunters. Animal hunting in wild willmake shooter's time more enjoyable on their mobile devices.JungleZone Animal Hunter 3D is fun when a professional hunter as anamateur will endanger his life in trying to kill quick and fastwild beast and other animals. Excellent lifetime hunting and snipershooting action adventure 1. Multiple levels in jungle, desert andmountains safari zone.2. Beautiful and addictive game playgraphics.3. An ultimate hunting action.4. Game play is simple butinteresting and entertaining.5. Efficient gun control and zoomscope to best aim and shoot.6. True to life hunting experience withthis simulator.