1.0 / December 30, 2017
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..🏥 Hospital Zombie Survival 🏥..This Halloween season waves of uglymonsters will attack & swarm the horror hospital where all theundead take refuge, not only monsters like zombie but werewolf,monster killer clown, scary pudge will offer trick & treat thistime. These walking dead creatures have no mind so mental approachis useless like their brainless skull, your guts are your strengthto encounter them in their vanguard of twisted horror doom. your asurvivor and will survive. So kill the team zombie in this zombieshooting game.Extreme Shooting...your task is to select yourfavorite gun and shoot the hell out of these zombie monsters, aimat their head for perfect shot, you are provided with knife,pistol, AK47, M4 and sniper rifle, use these modern weapons to takezombie target out, trigger your bullet for ultimate death of deadlyzombies, this arsenal is full of insane weapons which will spillblood of zombies and smash their approach. Stealth shootingapproach is very effective like used in SWAT and special policeforces also in modern warfare where close combat is veryaggressive, your xtreme shooting skills are your ally which willtake you out this horror blackout happening in hospital of mentalmonsters, make a squad of banned veterans to take the horde of madzombies approaching undead walking. operation to kill monsterzombis and to find the cure to return zombies to human form ishappening in this scary hospital. its a zombie hospital shootinggame.Trick n Treat ...This time trick n treat is given by not otherthen flesh eating zombie coming in the form of tsunami, assaultingevery human they encounter attacking everything, eating andspreading plague, they are unkilled clown coming from undergravewith the help of a deadly virus x which spread throw town &pumpkins of course from underground leakage of this substance. Nocandy will be given only the blood & death of these monster canbring back the Halloween aura. This Horror Hospital is situated inzombie dead town and your mission is only survival. So ZOmbiE gameis all but shooting the undead . Zombie Apocalypse ... When thedead walk to hunt to kill no living creature can withstand thewrath of these chaotic monsters, bloom vanishes, making everythingdark like a gloomy night, no living soul will endure suchenvironment, only death, fear, horror & doom lingers on, butsome survivors have hidden them in the shades of blazing gunsshowing legendary guts of steel insane courage in the face orpurge. 🏥 Hospital Zombie Survival 🏥 - Game Features :-- Witness thestunning 3D graphics with detailed textures- Enjoy the realisticsound effect and music- shoot zombies in FPS mode - Fun to play!Halloween Special- Different type of Zombie Models- Different Gunsto chose from- Multiple Targets to shoot- Easy to control.- Nowi-fi No Problem.- Free Play Action Game - Contain AdsShoot &kill !Treat yourself with this New Year Special Game Update.

App Information Hospital Zombie Survival 🏥

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    Hospital Zombie Survival 🏥
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    December 30, 2017
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    Android 4.1 and up
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    St Andrews, NSW 2566, Australia
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★ Supermarket Cashier Girl ★ is a Grocery Shopping & CashRegister Game Simulation for Kids, Girls, Boys & For AllAges.★ConceptSupermarket Grocery shopping like you do in real life,this simulator is to educate & entertain you at the same time,you go to super market to buy candies, cookies, cat & dog food,sweet donut and candy, baby items, jelly and other cooking and footproducts, but this free game focuses on grocery item, like milk,bread, fish, meat & vegetables. And then provide you thecashier register to get to know the cash register operation in reallife shopping mart money counter.★Game-PlayYou Start by takingorders from customers, and in given time you have to enter theproduct in point of sale system which is like cash register unit,then you will successfully complete the order, to complete thelevel serve all the customers which are there for grocery shoppingin supermarket, be their crazy fast cashier so they can go home andcook the food which kids love.★DesignThe design of game play islike this its a supermarket shopping themed, with cash counter infrom on which commercial POS Machine is there, then there is roomfor customers, grocery items are shown above their head, its aperfect convince store for shopping and food item to grocery. AndYou gaol is to earn money. Supermarket Cashier Girl - Free KidsGame : Features 
◉ Run your own fine Supermarket and Grocery foodjoint.
◉ Serve customer in the que to gain experience points andcash.
◉ Your finest Grocery goods are your trade mark.
◉ Crazyshopping for fast cashier in super mart.◉ Enjoy the best Graphicsand stimulating and original background sounds.◉ It will Train howto use Cash Register machinery◉ FREE download , Have Fun◉ No WifiNo Problem!◉ Recycle & Go Green - No Plastic Shopping bags :)✪Free Play Simulation Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪✪Acknowledgment: we arethankful for Royalty Free Music from Bensound for our awesome ingame Track!
Online Racing 1.0 APK
★★★Online RACING!!! THE ULTIMATE MULTIPLAYER Online CAR RACINGGAME! ★★★▶Fire up your Nitro and be the first to cross the finishline!▶Buckle Up for the most Challenging ride of Racing Cars inMultiplayer mode.▶Race online with friends, Multiplayer OnlineRacing is the most extreme real time multiplayer car drivingsimulator on Play Store. Drive a turbo sports car, crash it, driftit as fast as you can and burn the asphalt of the road with morepeople!!Prove yourself the fastest driver in the world, burn theasphalt at extreme speeds and feel the need of racing with thisamazing multiplayer game. Racing online had never been so fun!Enjoy TrackRacing Online with nitro enabled racing cars.FuriousRacing is a fun and exciting sports car racing simulator game.Youmay have played a lot of racing games, but this car racer is uniqueand extended into a new adventure of fun and speed that you willfell out of this world. pick up the gear box & ignite engineand start rushing in city, offroad racing track. Manual System ofdriving is very initiative and furious racing is verychallenging.▶Fire up your Nitro and be the first to cross thefinish line!▶Take your amazing speed machines and push them milesbeyond their limits!▶Beat your friends in asynchronous races!【Racing Online Features】★ Its Online, Play with your friends. ★ 8ULTIMATE CUSTOMIZE-ABLE SPORTS CARS★ HIGH SPEED DRIVING★ NITROINSTALLED VEHICLES★ MULTIPLE CAMERAS★ INSIDE INTERIOR VIEW •FREEdownload ★ and completely free-to-play ★
Heli-Rider : Racing Car 1.0 APK
Pilot a Police Helicopter Chasing Racing Car!!!Fly with precision,simulate helicopter missions, race with speed car, chase gangstercar racing on race road track and keep it in view to earn a badgefor pro police heli flight pilot.it took place in a racing track ahot rod car decided to race our police helicopter so fasten yourbelt put up the gears and fly this adventurous helicopter in bluesky and chase the hot rod car which is the rival, fly high fly lowturn and twist, do all to track the racing car and keep it undercheck, a laser light and spot torch light is there to help to chasethe racing car and it all depends of helicopter flight, advantageis on our side there is no traffic and city just a track and somehigh hills and mountains just besides sea and lake with lovelyscenery helicopter flight to chase race car will become fun andaddiction.Features:Very Interesting Graphicssmooth controllingJoystick And Device Tilt controls combinedScoring and fuelsystemUnique Game PlayFree Game for Everyone to play and willalways be free!*ads Are Enabled.
Secret Agent Stealth Marksman 2 APK
★ Secret Agent Stealth Marksman ★A Game full of Secret Agent Role,to protect Elite Agent from Crime Mafia of Russian Gangsters andarmy commandos. Agent Honey is on a Secret Mission, loaded with asniper, ready to shoot terrorist, criminal, mafia gangsters fromthe rooftop. A Spy Game with stealth mission to rescue survivorfrom crime gang and from enemy sniper & marksmen. Some can sayits an escape story of a swat spy agent from robbers &gangsters. A Free Mobile Game Aiming to reflect the shooting &FPS nature of a game including perfect sniper shots & armysurvival instincts. Out Secret Agent game is a action simulatorwhich emphasis on agent training & impossible missions. its asurvival stealth mission where true fighters can pass &accurate marksman can escape. Stealth Marksman is the member ofsecret service team to conduct extreme dangerous operations.Our WarHero Mr. Secret Spy Agent Honey is very skilled in sniper shooting,machine gun ,M-16, Short Gun , Pistol, rifle, AK47 & knife, heis battle worn, has operated gun ship helicopters, now he hasjumped from air plane with a parachute to a port of Berlin strikeon crime, mafia cartels and terrorist. He is to land of tallest ofrooftop. The Battle for survival began and bullets are everywhere,mad ammo is used, fire is high but Mr. Honey is pro he can takecare of all shooting from the rooftop, he can head-shot while onparachute, from Miami to Berlin, from Paris to Moscow terroristthreat is booming, crime is getting high, bank robbery increasing,thief are roaming free, making stealth missions, thieving frompeople, Mr Honey will also take cove as agent and perform surgicalstealth strike to counter the evil, stop the break out of prison orany illegal crime, he is trained by swat and worked a solider inarmy, ha fought many wars, know to operate weapons like rifle,sniper, sword and blade, he can survive on raw material.he is aassassin warrior in this death showdown. he is a commando a bloodshooter a perfect shot. he has also performed many rescue missions.he will be invisible and will operate off the grid, no radar willdetect him, he is a shadow who is a marksman with sniper war gun.he will strike like a ghost, hit-man for town who will sneak withstealth and assassinate like a pro assassin. he has power likewarriors & genius like a thief.All you have to do is performsecret mission by stealth sniper with elite compliance, battle withblazing guns, survival is on kill shot, unload magazines of bulletson enemies Mr. Honey is very much trained mastermind to take outsecret surgical stealth strike on enemies of state. It containspecial game play mission which are second to none, Mr Honey is amundial cop who will create havoc in battle, he is a war hero whoused to fly on gunships and now in seconds he will takeout firstperson action for glory.Secret Agent Stealth Marksman is a secretservice group to conduct surgical missions & activitiesthroughout the grounds of US, Russian & many more countries.✸Secret Agent Stealth Marksman 2017 - Game Features ✸ ★ Sniper Riflewith Optical Zoom★ Live life of hunter★ Spy Missions, StealthShots★ Time Constrained levels★ world of shooting and guns★ Becomethe best Solider to protect port island ★ It will Train you as ProFirst Person Shooter ★ Mini Machine Gun rounds to fire★ FREEdownload , Have Fun★ No Wi-Fi No Problem!★ Shoot & Kill Gamefor 2017✪ Free Play Action Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪
Monster Trucker Racing 3D 1.1 APK
Legend is out!! Trucks Madness is here, best Monster Trucks outthere with more accurate Controls and multiple modes of driving(First Person Driving perspective). When Monsters are in Action,there would be fire on streets, Drive an Extreme Stunt MonsterTruck & spread mayhem across rivals!! If Driving UltimateHeavy, Big Vehicles is your thing then you are in luck to raceBrand New Exiting & Realistic Monster Trucks in city &off-road land and on bridges and bypasses. speed is the key to jumpover ramps, loops and obstacles, This Game will take you in nextlevel of stunt gaming world. No obstacle can survive destruction& no object can avoid demolition when these monsters areroaming the streets, roads & fast lanes, their lightning speedwith nitro allows them to run over any ramp and perform stunts thatare not possible for ordinary racing cars .***** Key Featured OfMonster Truck ***** ** Realistic Physical Behavior ** City +Offroad Stunt Area ** Very Precise Controls ** Breath-TakingGraphics ** 2 Modes of Driving (Racing Cam, First Person DrivingCam) Free To Play! and will always be a Free Game. *Ads areincluded.
Flying Police Muscle Car 1.2 APK
▶It's 2017 ! Become a Part of Futuristic Flying Car Era FutureDream of Simulation is not just driving a car but also flying acar. Criminal Car has done a crime and ordinary police car weren’table to chase them and catch them because of traffic, but now theera of simulation has changed because of Flying Police Muscle CarOur Police. Fly Your police car, mobilize easily and catch thecriminal cars driven by criminals when prison break occur. ★ Be theBest Police Car driver and Flying Car Pilot! If you want to drive apolice Muscle Car and that can fly like a jet aircraft then youhave to sharpen your flying skills. If you think that you areexpert in helicopter and airplane pilot flying skills and you areprofessional in police car simulation game at the same time, thenFuturistic Flying Police Muscle Car game is perfect for you! Flyyour helicopter plane car around the city world, be a superhero bycapturing criminals with your flying police muscle car. You canalso burn the asphalt road by performing flying car stunt and driftyour police car at the same time. Pick Up coins and be anunforgettable superhero of the history. Capture the despicablecriminals and destroy their flying cars. Crime Madness has engulfedthe area, Mafia flying Cars are roaming like pirates in New Yorkcity, so take your flying police car and battle with mafia madnessthat is spreading become furious and make your fate glow. Now yourtask is to fly as good as you can drive as fast as you can. FlyingPolice Muscle Car 3D is made for those who love to play free cardriving games. It give you a proper environment of free car racinggame. If you are a fan of free airplane flight simulation games youthen you should play this awesome flying car game. You will haveamazing time playing this mixed car sim and airplane flightsimulator game. This flying police car simulation game is perfectflight simulator for Police Chase related adventure, it containsdriving, Flying a car and becoming a superhero. Test Your FuriousSkill and Know the fate of your flying police muscle car ✸ FlyingPolice Muscle Car 2016 - Game Features ✸ ★ Live life of flyingPolice superhero car!★ Earn Point, Make High Score in limitedTime.★ Drive & Fly around in the 3d kingdoms like city★ Becomethe best Police driver & Pilot ever!★ It will Train you asBadAss Police Officer★ FREE download , Have Fun★ No Wifi NoProblem!✪ Free Play Simulation Game ◉ Contain Ads ✪ Have endlesscriminal chase fun and fly your police muscle car to mark thebeginning of new era in flying simulation futuristic car games.