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Are you a wanderer who is planning to Travel to Japan or anescapist who wants to pay a virtual tour on maps? Interested in itspeople, culture, art, history, cuisine, flora and fauna? Want toget complete Guide for the exquisite places of Japan like AquaWorld Ibaraki Prefectural Oarai Aquarium, Dazaifu Temmangu Shrine,Hirakata Park, kotee Tenko Museum, Kashima Jingu, Shimogurinosato,Takeshima Aquerium, Awaji City Nakahama Minoru's Cat Art Museum,Horaibashi Bridge, Hofu tenman-gu. Want to speak like a native inJapanese or plan your route on the map? If yes, then this Travel& Explore app is just for you! All features and images in Japancountry Guide are available offline. This Travel app is for theglobetrotters who go by the quote, “All journeys have secretdestinations of which the traveler is unaware”. With Japan- Travel& Explore, Unveil the Veiled places, Connect with plethora ofpeople, understand culture, art and history, Speak with natives intheir language, relish the authentic food and take delight in thefestivities. Apart from this, Japan- Travel & Explore guidesyou Why, When and How to visit various places in Japan with preciselocation on the detailed Map. There are three ways to explore thisapp - Category view, City view and EduBank favorite places view.Pin your destinations and get the routes on the Map. Not only this,you can see exactly how the places look like with Street Viewintegrated in this app. The app also has a feature to Rate andwrite Review/Experience regarding entity(s) through Facebook Login.Your Travel experience and rating will help the user community.Japan- Travel & Explore is divided into the followingcategories:- *Art & History Aficionados *Carnivals &Festivals *Nature Nomads *Spiritual Sanctuaries *WildlifeWanderings *Celebrities Cells *Business Boulevards *TransportationHubs *Cuisine *Routes *Historical Events *Entertainment *Flora*Fauna *Sports *Geo & Socio Outlook *What's News *Lingo Sense*Facts *Educational Excellence Main Features:- * The app worksoffline. No internet connection needed to Explore! * Routes notonly take you to the destinations but show other fascinating placesalso. * Separate section for main Attractions! * Informs aboutAirways, Roadways, Railways and Waterways for a hassle free Travel.* Rove through the Wildlife Wanderings! * Not only taste but learnto cook mouth-watering delicacies. * Get updated with live news! *EduBank is here to save all your favorite entities! * A phrasebookto learn the basic Japanese phrases. * Know facts from the factfilepop-ups! * Communicate in the country from your own Language!Japan- Travel & Explore is all that you need to Travel inJapan. The virtual trip is so mesmerizing that you will go for thereal one! We make SMARTY apps, “Simple Masterly Approach to RefineThinking" for YOU. Connect with us on:- Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/edutainmentventures/ Twitter-https://twitter.com/Edutainment_V Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/edutainment_adventures/ Website-http://www.edutainmentventures.com/

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World History Dictionary 1.2.2 APK
“History is our attempt to reconstruct the past from the evidencethat remains”. World History Dictionary App is a gateway to exploreall Historical terms, events and facts. The app has Categories,Historical Events, Glyph Translator, Search and Quiz. UnderCategories, there are more than 5000 Historical terms, events andfacts. Historical Events can be searched Date-wise. In GlyphTranslator, one needs to choose the language. Whatever the usertypes in English will be converted to that language. With Search,the user can search for any word he wants, whether it is relatingto a ruler’s name, war, dynasty, empire and more.This offline WorldHistory Dictionary will introduce you to historical rulers, civilwars like American Civil War, major revolutions like Frenchrevolution, important Historical Events, World War, Greek andIndian History etc. This app gives you an opportunity to test yourlearning with its series of History Quiz.World History Dictionaryapp is categorized as:-* Modern History (After 1500)* Rulers /Historians* Economic Reforms* Ancient History* Legal Acts /Activities* Political Reforms* Cultural Reforms* Wars* MedievalHistory* Major Dynasties* Proxy Wars* Wars of Independence* OtherWars and Conflicts* Open Field Battles* World War* HistoricalConflicts* Military Conflicts* Invasions* Civil War* BorderConflictsAdditional Features of World History Dictionary are:-*Contribute - If you find that something is missing from this appregarding History, contribute it now and it will be updated.*EduBank℠ - EduBank is a safe deposit of your learnings. Save ithere to refer anytime!* Quiz - Challenge your learnings aboutHistory with exciting Quiz.Rewind the time with major HistoricalEvents and Facts. World History Dictionary App is all you need toget everything about History on your tips.We make SMARTY apps,“Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.Connect withuson:-Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/edutainmentventures/Twitter-https://twitter.com/Edutainment_VInstagram-https://www.instagram.com/edutainment_adventures/Website-http://www.edutainmentventures.com/
Mechanical Engineering Dictionary 1.2.1 APK
With more than 4000 Mechanical Engineering terms, this MechanicalEngineering Dictionary will sure cement your conceptual basics ofMechanical Engineering. This app contains various types ofMechanical Calculator to get rid of difficult numerals. This app isfull of numerous QUIZZES to brush up your knowledge and challengeyour learning.This app divides Mechanical Engineering Dictionaryinto following branches:-• Structural Analysis• Thermodynamics AndThermo-Science• Design And Drafting• Instrumentation AndMeasurement• Manufacturing Process• Mechanics•Electrical-Mechatronics And Robotics• Physics and Chemistry•Automobile Engineering• MiscellaneousUse the various calculatorsfor:-• Bernoulli Theorem• Differential Pressure• Torque Power•Milling Speed & Feed• Young’s Modulus• Vehicle EngineHorsepowerMain Features:-• Calculators - Various MechanicalCalculators to get rid of difficult numerals.• Contribute - If youthink something’s amiss, contribute it!• Quiz - Test your mettle inthe various fields of engineering.• EduBank℠ - Save most frequentterms you need.• Autoplay - Listen to all the engineering relatedterms and its meaning.Download Mechanical Engineering Dictionarywhich will be your handbook of Engineering Guide and always therefor help. Install now!We make SMARTY apps, “Simple MasterlyApproach to Refine Thinking" for YOU.Connect with uson:-Facebook-https://www.facebook.com/edutainmentventures/Twitter-https://twitter.com/Edutainment_VInstagram-https://www.instagram.com/edutainment_adventures/Website-http://www.edutainmentventures.com/
Prep Guide for TOEFL IELTS GRE 2.1.1 APK
Are you tired of preparing for the TOEFL, IELTS and GRE from theinternet or by turning the pages of the books. Enhance yourlearning experience in the form of handy and easy to use pocketguide. It includes reading, writing, speaking and listeningexercises in the form of quizzes. With more than 10,000 words indifferent categories, study anytime and anywhere as per yourconvenience. Are you a non-native English language speaker wishingto enroll in universities using English as the medium ofcommunication? Practice now with important english words for yourTOEFL Preparation. Unlike other apps which provide you mundaneflashcards, this vocabulary builder app makes learning fun throughgames and puzzles. Start your offline test practice today by usingthis app which will change the way to learn and practice for anyenglish language exam. Build a strong vocabulary with synonyms,antonyms, etymology and usage of words. Practice better withinteractive games like Scramble, Match It and Army of Synonyms.Play quiz and score better with every attempt to score the best inTOEFL ibt preparation, IELTS and GRE.Main Features *Homonyms: Newseries of Homonyms added to quiz. Now elevate your learning. *Freepractice for reading, listening, speaking.*Staples: This featureallows you to add your most practiced words for quickreference.*Potpourri: This gives you every field of a particularword like meaning, synonym, antonym etc. in one table.*Revise &practice for the quizzes you have played to enhance yourmemory.*Prepare to be baffled with our Jumbled Sentences.*Challenge yourself further with our Passage Construction.
All Indian Food Recipes Free - Offline Cook Book 2.0.8 APK
Authentic taste! Rich curries! Yes Indian Foods is the answer. AllIndian Food Recipes is an app which provides a vast collection ofrich and delicious Indian Recipes. Satisfy your tingling taste budswith the rich Indian Curries, spicy Samosas, lip smacking Paranthasand crispy fritters and many more. Know about the Indian cuisine,the culinary ethics and more. The app provides you to snack ontasty recipes with instructions and methods. Cook the recipes incorrect pan and also known the serving size. Try your hands onpopular Indian Foods like:- • Baked Paneer in Spinach with TomatoGravy • Chicken Tikka Masala • Keema Samosa • Rogan Josh • CheeseMushroom Omelette • Chum Chum • Kalmi Kebab • Curryvaepilai DosaiTo enjoy the feast Download Now For Free! Categories under IndianRecipes are:- *Taste Buds - Spicy, Salty, Tangy and more. *Courses- Appetizer/Starters, Entree, Soups and more. *Cooking Type - Fry,Boil, Bake, Roast and more. Application Features:- *NUTRITIONALvalue of all recipes and all ingredients. *Cook “Hands-Free” byjust listening to the ChefChili’s instructions. *TurboSearch℠ -Search by Type of diet, Taste buds, course, eating time and muchmore. *EduBank℠ - Bookmark your favourite recipes. *TIPS - Food,Beauty, Wellness and Household Remedies. *LOOKUP By recipes oringredients you want to cook with. *MENU PLANNER - To plan yourmeals. *FILTER - To ignore what you don’t want to come in search.*CONTRIBUTE - Any Indian Recipe you have cooked with its image andshowcase your skills to the user community. We make SMARTY apps,“Simple Masterly Approach to Refine Thinking" for YOU. Connect withus on:- Facebook- https://www.facebook.com/edutainmentventures/Twitter- https://twitter.com/Edutainment_V Instagram-https://www.instagram.com/edutainment_adventures/ Website-http://www.edutainmentventures.com/