1.3 / September 8, 2017
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Here we bring you love calculator. This is an interestingapplication designed for people who are in love. Love CalculatorPro - Prank application is especially designed to have fun, pleasenote that the results are random.Once our Love Calculator Pro -Prank is installed on your mobile phone, you can start checkingyour love compatibility with your loved ones. This application canhelp you check the love compatibility between you and your lovedones. Don't you think it's fun to check the compatibility throughthe various methods available in the application?Compatibility onthe Android phone screen shows the percentage. The usage of LoveCalculator Pro - Prank is very simple.Here are the ways tocalculate your love compatibility.Name compatibilitySelect thisfeature to check the compatibility of your love by entering yourname and your lover name, allowing the app to calculate thecompatibility of the percentage as a percentage. This can help youcheck the love affinity for your loving companion. Once you clickthe Calculate tab, the results will be displayed on the screen.Allyou need to do is just enter the name to check the compatibility oflove.Match the Date of BirthYou can check your love compatibilitywith the help of you and your loved one's birth date.Please enterthe date of birth of men and women to check the compatibilitybetween the two. Once you click on the calculate button, theresults will be displayed on the screen.Photo MatchYou have anotherfeature to check for compatibility with your photos. With the helpof Love Calculator Pro - Prank, you only need to select the photosof the lovers and click on calculate to check the compatibility ofyour love.Finger scannerThis is another way to check thecompatibility of love by using a finger scan. This is a veryinteresting feature to check the love of the love seekers lovecompatibility.All you need to do is place your finger on the phonescreen and allow the phone to scan your fingers. Once the fingerhas been scanned, the result will be displayed on the screen.Pleasenote that our love calculator Pro - prank is just for fun. It'sjust a prank application that creates some fun for your life. Alsonote that the results shown are random and may not be true. May weask you to choose your life partner without depending on theresults. Love is the relationship between heart and heart. Solisten to your heart.Love Calculator Pro - Prank does not require avalid internet connection and is available free on Google PlayStore.One of the best love calculator apps in the play store.So,install our Love Calculator Pro - Prank application on your phoneand start having fun.Please note that this is just a prank andmeant only for fun.

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    Love Calculator Pro - Prank
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    September 8, 2017
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    Android 4.0.3 and up
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Mobile anti theft alarm helps you not to lose your mobile at anypoint of time. Specially designed to protect your mobile phone frommobile lifters and theives. Now a days, almost everyone is usingsmart phone with loads of features and confidential information intheir mobiles. Hence it is pertinent and very important to protectyour mobile. Hence we suggest you to try and equip your mobile withanti theft alarm. This will help you save your mobile from mobilelifters. This way you can minimize chances of losing your mobile.Once the mobile anti theft alarm is installed and enabled on yourmobile, you can be rest assured that your mobile is in safe hands.You tend to lose your mobile in below circumstances. Keeping yourmobile on charge in a location outside your house. Keeping yourmobile on your office desk and forgot Leaving your mobile in caretc.. In such situations, you may choose to activate the mobileanti theft alarm feature on your mobile to save your mobile. Withthe help of motion sensor in your mobile, the feature gets enabledand blows a loud siren alerting you. You may use this feature toavoid others to touch your mobile in order to protect your privacy.Once the anti theft alarm is activated, the motion sensor getsactivated. The moment someone try to fiddle with your mobile, aloud alarm blows from your mobile and gives you an alert. The sirenwill not stop until you key in the PIN No. set by you. They willnot be able to even reduce the sound. Hence they will get caught.Once alarm is activated on your mobile, someone try to touch yourphone, the siren blows loud and alert you. This way you can avoidyour mobile phone theft or someone try to misuse your mobile phone.You may also set an alert message showing on your mobile (Ex."Don't touch my phone"). Please note that the alarm gets activatedin10 seconds after you you click on activate You have an option togenerate your PIN number. The siren would stop blowing only ifsomeone enter the correct PIN number. You may choose to de-activatethe PIN feature if you wish to. This is helpful during nights whensomeone try to play mischief with your mobile phone or stealvaluable information from your mobile or someone spying on yourmobile. You may get rid of mobile thieves during shopping of inrestaurants. It is very very user friendly and easy to use. Verysimple to switch ON/OFF this feature on your mobile phone. Oncethis feature is activated on your mobile, no one dares to play withyour mobile. You can also avoid kids handling your mobile phonewithout your knowledge. Protect your mobile phone from theft Saveyour mobile Do not lose your mobil any time. Very useful app tosave your mobile PIN protected. Needs PIN to unlock your mobile
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Flash on Clap is a simple to use application.The flash on yoursmart android mobile gets on or off just by a clap. I am sure youfind it a unique way to turn ON/OFF flash. No need to browsethrough your mobile to switch on the flash. This application saveslot of time and is a simple app. Once this application is installedon your smart phone, all you have to do is.. just clap to switch onor off your mobile. This helps you when you suddenly encounter apower cut and end up in a dark place. If flash on clap is activatedon your phone, you just need to clap and the flash turns on. On aclap the flash light on your mobile turns on. You may have to clapagain to turn the flash off. How does this work?Open the Flash onClap app on your phoneActivate the feature with just a click on thescreen. Close/minimize the application and just forget it. To turnon flash, you just clap and your mobile responds to your clap andimmediately turns on the flash torch light on your mobile phone.
My Name Ringtone Maker 1.7 APK
My Name Ringtone Maker is an innovative customizable ringtonemaking application that uses simple text. Your Android phone willhave many ring tones with different sounds and different modes.Some ringtones may sound like melodies, some of which may soundloud, some ringtones may have music values or songs. There is anevery possibility that you get bored with regular built-inringtones from your Android Mobile Phones. Our idea behinddeveloping My Name Ringtone Maker application is to give you somemore innovative ringtones that are exclusively created by you. Asimple text message will be converted to a ringtone. You can createspecial ringtones and custom ring tones according to yourrequirements. You can also make a personalized ringtone from MyName Ringtone Maker. These ringtones can be melodiius, loud, funny,etc. Just make your own ringtone with My Name Ringtone Maker. Andall this at your fingertips. My Name Ringtone Maker works as below:My Name Ringtone Maker is definitely not a complicated application.A very simple and user-friendly application that can be used byanyone. Very few steps to start ... just open the app and enter thetext you wish and the same gets converted into a ringtone. Once thetyping section is complete, you can test the ringtone. If you likea ringtone with a text, you can save it and set it as yourringtone. The best thing is that you can create many interestingringtones. We believe you will have the fun of our My Name RingtoneMaker You can create as many ringtones as possible and save it. Youcan use them regularly, or you can continue to change the ringtoneaccording to your mood. All at your fingertips. You can just lieback, choose the ringtones that are created and invented by you andhave a lot of fun.
Clap to Find My Mobile Phone 1.10 APK
Very innovative app designed to track your mobile phone. Helps youfind your misplaced mobile phone. All you do is just clap and findyour phone. Imagine tracing your mobile with a simple clap. Clap tofind my mobile helps you find your misplaced or hidden mobilephone. You may enable this feature once you enter a zone where youtend to lose your mobile.... party area or gaming area etc.,Activate this feature and be safe. All you do is just clap if youwish to see where your phone is.. Features: 1. Flash mode to findphone in dark 2. Vibration mode if you wish not to disturb othersand still search for your phone 3. You have an option to customizeringtone when you clap. Note: This feature works only in shortdistances.
Selfie With Lovely Girls 1.7 APK
Selfie with Lovely Girls is an designed for fun with images Nowtaking selfie with girls is not a difficult task. This applicationhas very user friendly interface. You may just select an image fromthe given images and insert your desired image and adjust in theslot exactly so that it looks real. You may either take an image inthe same manner and fit it in the image or you may select imagesfrom your gallery. You have an option the change the Selfie withLovely Girls frame if you wish to do. All you have to do is:Browseyour gallery and pick a best pic. Now select your favorite Selfiewith Lovely Girls Frame from the list of frames available. You mayclick the best pic from your phone camera which fits in the frameproperly. You have a choice to take a picture or select from thegallery. You can even insert colorful text on the frame fromvarious types of fonts available. All this can be done very easilywith the available options. You can edit the Selfie with Lovelygirls frame by adjusting brightness, zoom in and zoom out etc., Youneed to click on “Save” once you are done with editing. You canshare the final Lovely pic with your family and friends throughFacebook, Whatsapp, twitter or you can email the pic to someone whodoesn’t have a social media account. Please note that “Selfie withLovely Girls” app is absolutely free app available in the playstore.
Compass - Directions on Maps 1.8 APK
Compass - Directions on Maps is a simple and user-friendlyapplication for daily use and yet times very useful to find thedirection we are heading to. Compass - Directions on Maps is a easyto install app in any GPS enabled smart android mobile phone andwith the help of GPS Navigation, finding directions North, East,West and South is very easy with our Compass - Directions on Maps.Compass - Directions on Maps helps you to find directions orientedto North. This feature works with he help of GPS when enabled onyour android mobile phone with the help of magnetic sensor. You mayjust install our Compass - Directions on Maps, open the compass appand place the mobile on a flat surface facing the roof or hold itparallel to the surface. Now your mobile works like a regularcompass showing all directions North East West and South needlepointing to North. Please note that the direction needle by defaultpoints towards North like any other compass through which otherdirections also can be determined. This works on GPS to be clear.The direction needle swings very smoothly giving you minutedetailing. Compass can be used with the Google maps background intwo different modes Google Maps mode and Google Maps Satellite modeenabling you to know the accurate direction from your location.Please note that Compass app works only if your mobile is equippedwith a magnetic sensor for the optimum usage. FeaturesDirectionneedle swings smoothly and show you the directions using themagnetic sensor.Longitude and Latitude of your location isdisplayed on your mobile screenDecimal bearing display for accuracybecause a small movement would change the direction by manydecimals. Additional Features Compass can be used in differentmodes. Standard Mode: In standard mode, without any background, thecompass indicates the direction (GPS to be enabled) Camera Mode: InCamera mode, the compass will be displayed through your currentview needle pointing North direction from your location throughwhich other directions also can be determined. Helpful in checkingVastu (GPS to be enabled) Telescope Mode: In telescopic mode, onlythe direction needle is visible showing you the direction as theneedle always points to North. (GPS to be enabled)Google Maps(Normal Mode): In Google Maps Normal Mode, the compass is displayedon the Google Maps showing your current location with directions(North,East,West & South) on map. (GPS to be enabled) GoogleMaps (Satellite Mode): In Google Maps Satellite Mode, the compassis displayed on the Google Maps showing your current location withdirections (North,East,West & South) on maps in satellite modewhere real images are displayed helping us to find out where we areplaced and which direction we are heading on the maps. (GPS to beenabled) Night Mode: In night mode, the compass shall be used inthe nights when you are struck in an isolated location in the dark.In the same screen, you have an option to switch on the flash torchlight icon readily available on the screen. You have a togglebutton to ON/OFF the flashlight of your mobile. Please note thatthe Compass app is effective only if your mobile is equipped withmagnetic sensor. However in today’s scenario, almost all latestsmart android phones have this as a built-in feature.So you mayjust relax and start enjoying our Compass - Directions on Maps
Tattoo Maker Camera 1.4 APK
Tattoo Maker Camera is an invention based on people’s desire to gettheir body tattooed. This is a boon to tattoo lovers. You may trynumber of tattoos on wherever you want on your body without anypain and please note this is only for picture but not a realtattoo. You may take a selfie while using camera tattoo maker. Youhave various options to choose… you may enlarge or reduce the sizeof the tattoo based on your body part. Features:- You may use bothfront and rear cameras from this app. - Personalize all the tattoodesigns and adapt them to your body.- Save photos in your SD CARDor phones gallery.-Select your favorite tattoo design from thetattoo list-Rotate, shrink, enlarge, brighten, darken the selectedtattoo.-Take a picture and share with your friends
IPL 2017 Schedule 1.2 APK
For IPL 2017, I am sure all of you are geared up for IPL 2017.Loads of active cricket, Tons of Boundaries and Sixes. We know youcan't wait for it. Hence we bring this amazing app IPL 2017 app foryour which acts as a ready reckoner for IPL 2017. IPL 2017 givesyou details of all teams and match schedules with timings and venuedetails. IPL 2017 is all about cricket and fun. We all know how bigcricket is in India. IPL 2017 is like a cricketing festival whichis celebrated at par with all major festivals in India. IPL 2017 isconsidered to be favourite cricket tournament which come every yearwith loads of fun FOURs and SIXES. This is super enthusiasticcricketing that happens like a never ending entertainment game. Inour app, IPL 2017, we give you the details of Teams & Schedulewith venue details. The most important feature we have in our appis notifications to all our users before the match about the matchdetails. This will help you not to miss any of the matches. Andonce the IPL 2017 starts, we will keep you posted with the pointstable which will be handy with our app IPL 2017. Now start enjoyingthe IPL 2017 Season 10.